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  1. The Rock Cats and Affiliation: Part II

    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]
    I'm partial, of course, but am hoping
    to still see this logo in New Britain
    next season
    Last week, I wrote about an interesting promotion whereby Rock Cats fans could meet New York Mets prospects prior ...
  2. Tuesday Rock Cats Report: Diary of a First Place Team

    Rock Cats catcher
    Chris Herrmann
    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    The New Britain Rock Cats won what ended up being a fairly close game last night, 10-7, over the Binghamton Mets. It was 10-2 going into the 9th inning, but Daniel ...

    Updated 05-22-2012 at 08:39 AM by Twins Fan From Afar

  3. A Tale of Two Rookies: Harper and Dozier

    Brian Dozier, new Twins shortstop
    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    One player you probably have heard of since he was 15 years old. Between the prodigious 500 foot home runs as a teenager, the eye black that could be mistaken for ...
  4. Strange Goings On In New Britain, Connecticut

    Is 2012 the last season that the Twins organization will
    call New Britain the home for their AA team?
    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    Something is amiss.

    Something doesn't feel quite right to this blogger.
  5. Wednesday's Twins Minor League Daily

    The Twins had a big victory tonight, 11-7, over the Tigers. Everyone except Erik Komatsu was involved in the hitting, and that's a great sign. It's tough not to be excited about Brian Dozier. True, it's a small sample size, but he has exceeded expectations so far, including a big 3-run home run early in tonight's game. But enough about the current Twins. Tonight's focus is about the Future Twins. All the minor league affiliates were in action tonight, and here's a recap of what transpired.
  6. Dave St. Peter Press Release: Twins "All In" on 2013 #1 Overall Draft Pick

    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    From the confines of his Target Field office this morning, Minnesota Twins President Dave St. Peter issued the following press release:

    "Twins Fans. It's been a rough start to 2012. We here at the Minnesota Twins are especially disappointed by the way this season has gone, especially after having sat through ...
  7. Monday Morning Rock Cats Update

    Wilkin Ramirez is not long for AA if he keeps up
    his 1.228 OPS
    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    Like their parent club, the Rock Cats split a 4-game series over the weekend against the Reading Phillies. I attended Thursday night's game, ...
  8. Anatomy of a Rock Cats Loss: Beyond the Box Score

    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    The Rock Cats lost big last night, 10-3, against the Reading Phillies. You can read a good re-cap of the game by Seth Stohs here at TwinsDaily, and here at the Rock Cats' website, but I thought I'd try to provide you with a few things that won't show up in the box score, which you can check out here.

  9. Wednesday Twins Minor League Daily

    The Twins lost again, 6-2 tonight. I had hope that they would win this series against the Angels, especially after impressive performances last night by Brian Dozier and Scott Diamond, but it was not to be. Josh Willingham, with a home run and a double, continues to swing the bat well, but with the offense mustering only 6 hits, the chances of victory were slim tonight.

    Here's a look at how the Twins' minor league affiliates fared Wednesday night.

  10. Trading for Prospects: What Arrival Time are We Looking For?

    In exchange for Denard Span,
    should the Twins be targeting
    MLB-ready talent, or guys set
    to contribute in 2014 and beyond?

    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    There has been a lot of fun and interesting talk ...
  11. Tuesday's Rock Cats Report

    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    New Britain had an unscheduled night off Monday, and maybe that was a good thing. At 18-12, the Rock Cats are just 1.5 games out of first place in their division, but are 5-5 over their last 10 games, and had lost 2 of 3 to the Portland Sea Dogs over the weekend before Monday evening's contest against the Binghamton Mets was rained out. So it's a good time to take notice of a few things.

    First, player movement. If you ...
  12. Time to Question Mauer's Health Yet?

    Since taking a foul tip to the knee
    last week, Joe Mauer hasn't been
    the same

    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    Since Joe Mauer dinged his knee taking a foul tip on April 29, he has not been the same player. Yes, he ...
  13. The Mystery of Safeco Field

    The Twins have not realized much success
    in Seattle lately
    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    There are some teams that, for no reason in particular, the Twins seem to struggle against on the road. No, I'm not talking about the Yankees ...
  14. Wednesday Minor League Daily

    The Twins conclude their 3 game series against the Angels tonight. Here's the link to the TwinsDaily game thread. Hopefully Liam Hendriks can right the ship for Minnesota, without Justin Morneau (who hopefully will be back for Friday's game against Seattle) and Danny Valencia (back stiffness). It would be good not to be swept by the Angels. It would also be good to keep Albert Pujols from doing any damage. It's not looking good so far (6-0 Angels in the 4th, and the Twins have no hits), but perhaps ...

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