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Wetmore: The Case for and Against Molitor, Mientkiewicz,...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:00 PM
1500espn's Derek Wetmore noted the pros and cons of the three candidatesbelieved to be in the running for Twins manager.    It'...
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Article: Joe Maddon is Out in Tampa. Could Twins Get Him?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:43 PM
A compelling new twist was added to the Twins' managerial search on Friday, when it was announced that Rays skipper Joe Maddon has opted...
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Melotakis had Tommy John surgery

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 10:25 PM
According to the Pioneer Press's Mike Berardino, LH RP prospect Mason Melotakis underwent Tommy John surgery last week.    The...
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Article: An Open Letter to Terry Ryan

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:14 PM
Dear Mr. RyanLet's start out on some common ground. The last four years have been very disappointing. We've heard these numbers in one fo...
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Article: How "Different" Is Paul Molitor?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:20 PM
In many ways, Paul Molitor is an easy sell as the next manager of the Minnesota Twins. He is a Hall of Famer who has been involved in pro...
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TwinsTrain, Territory Train, Bus Driver Ed, and Scott Stahoviak

[COLOR=#373737][FONT=Helvetica Neue]Hello again, everybody.
[COLOR=#373737][FONT=Helvetica Neue]For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the TwinsTrain operation over the last couple of years, don't feel left out; it's never too late to sync up with our touring outfit and join the excitement this summer.

In a nutshell, we package weekend trips to follow the Minnesota Twins on the road, with game tickets, hotel, and premium bus transportation. For more information, you can head over to http://territorytrain.com. For veterans of TwinsTrain, read on.

The little road trip business you’ve known and continue to love is roaring back for more this 2012 season — and we certainly hope the Minnesota Twins, after such a difficult season, are ready for the action as well.
[COLOR=#373737][FONT=Helvetica Neue]The hometown team has made some significant changes this offseason, and TwinsTrain is no different. This winter, the Train decided to expand its range of destinations to the minor league circuit, adding a weekend celebration of the Twins low-A minor league affiliate Beloit Snappers. But perhaps our biggest change will take place over the next few days: as of Friday March 2, 2012, we will no longer be TwinsTrain. We will be [COLOR=#FF0000][FONT=inherit]Territory Train.
[COLOR=#373737][FONT=Helvetica Neue]The timing of this name change may strike you as curious. So, let us give you a rundown of how we arrived at this point.
[COLOR=#373737][FONT=Helvetica Neue]As it was, two weeks ago, we received a letter from the Major League Baseball legal department asking us to discontinue the TwinsTrain name for fear of trademark affiliation with our favorite team.
[COLOR=#373737][FONT=Helvetica Neue]I’ll tell you this much: the hair on the back of my neck stood up when I read their detailed request. Because you know what? We’re on Major League Baseball’s radar. We’ve arrived, folks.
[COLOR=#373737][FONT=Helvetica Neue]Territory Train will be about everything you knew about TwinsTrain. Fanaticism. Enthusiasm. Celebration. Bus Driver Ed. Great seats. Comfy lodging accommodations. And wonderful stories that will last many generations of Minnesota Twins baseball.
[COLOR=#373737][FONT=Helvetica Neue]But, yes, everything will continue to be the same as you’ve known it before. We will continue to dedicate our collective enthusiasm to make every stadium our territory as we continue with our new name. And there’s no better place for it than Territory Train.
[COLOR=#373737][FONT=Helvetica Neue]Please adjust your Facebook, as we will no longer be found at http://www.facebook.com/twinstrain. All of our social coverage can be found on both Twitter (@TerritoryTrain) and the new Facebook page.
[COLOR=#373737][FONT=Helvetica Neue]Our new home, if you haven’t already found it, will be http://www.territorytrain.com.

We also plan on logging some of our adventures on the Twins Daily site as we go along here, as well. So stay tuned.
[COLOR=#373737][FONT=Helvetica Neue]Thank you so much for your patience during our time of reconstruction and rebuilding.
[COLOR=#373737][FONT=Helvetica Neue]Your conductor,
[COLOR=#373737][FONT=Helvetica Neue]Scott Povolny | Territory Train Owner

PS -- We like to give away stuff to our fans, so 'like' us over at our new Facebook site, where we will be having a drawing for both a $100 and $200 Territory Train gift card once we arrive at 250 fans and 300 fans respectively.

Tell your friends. Tell your mother. And for goodness sakes, send Scott Stahoviak a text.

[/FONT][/COLOR]Attached Image: tt_bus.png [COLOR=#373737][FONT=Helvetica Neue]

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