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Game Thread: Twins vs Tigers, 4/18 @ 12:10pm CT

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:15 AM
Since I have too much time on my hands of late, I thought I'd get this game thread started early. Once there's a lineup, it's game thread...
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Article: Questions About Miguel Sanó's Return

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:54 PM
Miguel Sanó is nearing his return to full-time activity. After going through so much since being named an All-Star, I don’t think there’s...
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Article: TOR 7, MIN 4: Rosario Homers Twice as Twins Drop...

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:54 PM
After three encouraging starts to open the season, Michael Pineda was pounded in his fourth start today. He gave up as many runs in the f...
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So....Time to make a call to Kimbrel?

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:34 PM
I know it’s being discussed in the game thread but figured why not give it one of its own. Prety sure there haven’t been any prior thread...
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Article: Twins Minor League Report (4/16): Graterol Shine...

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 10:05 PM
A Triple A doubleheader added an extra game to a full slate of action on Tuesday night, and if not for a hit parade from Cedar Rapids, pi...
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The Metrodome: Friday's Game 'Would Have Been Played. Period.'

The former multi-purpose home of the Minnesota Twins sat down for a wide-ranging, sometimes combative Q&A with Twins Daily's RandBall's Stu. This interview has been edited for clarity and a potentially libelous claim by the stadium about former Twins pitcher John Smiley.
Image courtesy of Flickr/Chris Yunker
RandBall’s Stu: This freak April blizzard caused the Twins to postpone Friday evening’s game well over 24 hours before the scheduled first pitch.

Metrodome: Huh. Is that right?

RS: You sound like you’re being sarcastic.

MD: You know what would have happened if the game was in the Metrodome?

RS: I mean, I sup—

MD: The game would have been played. Period.

RS: How can you say that, though?

MD: I’m saying it. I’ll say it again for you right now: The game would have been played.

RS: But your roof was notorious for collapsing and tearing during particularly nasty storms like this one.

MD: *deep sigh* Listen. A few incidents over 30 years of service does not make it notorious. You’re using isolated incidents to paint a picture that simply isn’t accurate.

RS: But you have to admit, this is the kind of storm that would have made you cross your fingers.

MD: I’m a stadium. I don’t have fingers.

RS: It’s a metaphor.

MD: Good for your English degree, cha-cha. Tell you what: Even if the roof collapsed or there was a tear in the fabric, you know what we would have done? We would have gotten the sewing machines and the air compressors out and gone to work. If you want to sit here with your metaphors and your internet weblog and sit in judgment of hard-working Minnesotans and a stadium that came in under budget for the taxpayers, feel free, but you’re wasting my time and yours.

RS: I apologize if you feel that way, but—

MD: That’s not an apology, but go on.

RS: Changing topics, then. What is retirement like for The Metrodome?

MD: It’s been great. I hang with some of the other retired multi-purpose stadiums. Three Rivers Stadium, Veterans Stadium, and Riverfront Stadium, we all meet for coffee every morning. Veterans Stadium has the best stories.

RS: That’s the old Philadelphia ballpark, right?

MD: Right. You know all those awful stories about Philly fans? They’re the tip of the iceberg. The depravity is remarkable. And that’s just the players! Tug McGraw, Lenny Dykstra…my God. My God.

RS: Go on.

MD: Are you kidding? And get sued? Anyway, you’re going to want to wait until…what’s Oakland’s stadium called this year?

RS: It’s back to Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.

MD: Wow. Everything old is new again. Like I was saying though, she’s been writing everything down. Raiders fans, Charlie Finley, raw sewage. Everything.

RS: That sounds incredible.

MD: There’s a story about Vida Blue and Lyle Alzado trying to buy a speedboat with cigarette coupons that’ll make your hair stand up straight for a week.

RS: I know your time is limited, so I just wanted to ask you: You know how the revolving doors were like a vacuum and a wind tunnel at the same time?

MD: Oh friend, do I ever. Saw a kid get a soiled Dome Dog wrapper blown right into the face once. Best night of my life except for Game 6.

RS: Do you think you could ever show other stadiums how to do that? That was so cool.

MD: Took that one with me when Minneapolis built that shark fin on top of me. Gotta bounce. Peace.

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Apr 12 2019 08:25 PM


Indoor baseball: if I'm going to watch a game inside, I'd rather it were on television(at least the game I'm watching might be outside).


The sounds(echo), smells(cleaning fluid), are sights(pure artificial light) are all off in a dome.


There was nothing worse than going to an afternoon game at the Dome when it was 70 outside with a blue sky and puffy white clouds. Painful.

I hear that. 


Apr 12 2019 08:34 PM


Those of us around and aware at the time may recall the long discussions about what type of stadium to build. Old Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington was notorious for slow drives to the game, rain postponements in spring, great baseball in summer, decent football in the fall, and then football in snow during winter. I remember as a child sitting in a sleeping bag during a Vikings game when it was -10F. I loved it. The Vikings won, while the other team huddled around propane heaters. 


Well, Minnesotans finally had enough of ritual suffering, and decided to build a new stadium closer to the middle of town. Everybody knew the best kind of stadium to build was a retractable dome, but that was twice as expensive as an inflatable dome. So penny-wise Minnesotans opted for the Metrodome, despite the earnest protests of "real baseball fans" like local TV anchorman Dave Moore. 


It didn't take long to discover that the playing field was too hard. It was murder on football players, and it created a new way of getting a hit in baseball, pounding a pitch into the dirt for a super-high bounce. A few years later people noticed that the dome material started to darken from cigarette smoke and indoor air pollution. The dull gray tinge made it very difficult to track a high fly ball to the fence. Twins players became experts at that very niche skill. 


By the time the Hump was torn down, pretty much everybody hated it. However, the inside structure of the place was in almost perfect condition. A brand new inflatable dome could have been installed, plus a new playing surface, for far less than the cost of a new stadium of any type. There were even proposals to retrofit the Hump to be an outdoor stadium, or even an outdoor stadium with a retractable roof. Architects these days!


Nawww, said the billionaire owners. That's not expensive and vain enough! They wanted separate new stadiums with hyper-pricey, enclosed box sections for millionaire fans of the Vikings and the Twins, or they'd all leave town! Took about ten seconds for the legislature to fold on both threats, and here we are...rain postponements again, just like in the old days at Metropolitan Stadium. 


I never went inside the new Vikings stadium, but I've been to several Twins games at Target Field. A standing room ticket goes as low as $12 bucks some days, and you can post yourself almost right behind home plate at a hot dog stand. Beautiful field, but those TVs and PA system are too much noise and distraction. My dad hated them, before he died, but I think a younger version of him would have liked the place. Dave Moore would have liked it, too. 


So you're the guy chopping on the hot dog while blocking the isle? LOL jk but seriously I think they took a little more than 10 seconds to get the stadium funding ok'ed. I hear you on the rich owners. They had us over the barrel. 


Apr 12 2019 08:36 PM

They could avoid all this bad weather by playing instead of taking days off early in the season. That would be the schedule makers. Why do we get screwed 2 years in a row?

Apr 12 2019 08:47 PM


You could say the Metrodome played a significant role in the winning of said World Series...way to go Teflon white/dingy white roof!


Every stadium is different. Boston plays there games on a soft ball field and every one loves it Oakland has enough fall territory for 2 fields. The metro dome wasn't the only indoor stadium. The bigger question is I thought the Vikings new stadium was supposed to convert for baseball when the weather got bad. I wonder how much more that would've cost. 


Some of you'se aren't getting the spirit and intent of Randball's articles.

I suppose a hallmark of good satire is the number of people it inadvertently lures into genuine conversation. Maybe that's even healthy. :)
Personally, I don't think HHH is being bitter at all. I just think he's feel a bit lonely, even with his new coffee/beer drinking buddies. I have not reached retirement age yet, still many years away, assuming I, or anyone can truly "retire" in today's world, but I have witnessed enough retirees to knkw there is an adjustment period to your new life.

Despite being a Minnesota native, he may simply not enjoy fishing, hunting, and the such. I think he's still in an adjustment phase of his retirement. There is nothing wrong with taking stock of your life's work and experiences and reflecting on them. Soon, he will reflect on all he did, and all he offered and experienced, and bask in incredible moments such as two WS and playoff experiences and record setting seasons, not to mention a plethora of special events. And he will bask over coffee and brews with his brethren, and recount happy days.

I offer up a genuine THANK YOU, HHH, for all you did and provided. Now go out to pasture and recount your worth with honesty, and just the right amount of hyperbole, and bask. Just don't be afraid to offer a welcoming Teflon hand to your brethren when they join you and the others at the corner hangout.
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Apr 14 2019 11:21 AM

I feel like the Metrodome attracted Twins fans and Target Field still brings out people who want to say they went there or want a non-baseball experience. And that really annoys me.

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