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Take Landis Name off the MVP Award

Other Baseball Today, 01:23 PM
Barry Larkin, former MVP, has been calling for removing the Kenesaw Mountain Landis name from MVP awards.Personally, until I read the art...
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Miguel Sano Denies Kidnapping Allegation, States He's...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:41 AM
William Aish, sports editor for El Nuevo Diario, Tweeted last night about a complicated situation involving Miguel Sano. Here's Hect...
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Spring Training 2021

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:37 AM
No matter what kind of patch work 2020 season MLB comes up with, if anything at this point, it will amount to no more than a glorified pr...
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Virtual Twins Baseball Megathread

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 04:56 PM
Moving forward this will house every game-thread in the comments below until real baseball hopefully comes back. I should have done this...
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Neal: Twins Radio Broadcast Team Will Not Travel

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:23 PM
https://www.startrib...ason/571529672/   LaVelle Neal also wrote that the Twins radio broadcast crew (including Cory Provus and Dan...
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Wait, Ryan LaMarre Is On the Twins Again? And He's Starting?

How did that happen? Am I being pranked?

OK, this is nuts, but I swear that I just saw the starting lineups for tonight, and Ryan LaMarre is starting for the Twins in center field. Now, I’m aware that Byron Buxton is out for the season and the rest of the outfield is hurt, slumping or both (Hurlumping? Slurting?), but this can’t be right, can it?
Image courtesy of © Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
I’ve done some Googling, and there are definitely stories saying that the Twins reacquired him from Atlanta, but I’ve also seen stories on those “deepfake” videos that make you think Bill Hader is Tom Cruise, and the latter honestly seems more likely. Someone would have said something. Not to brag, but I’m friends with John Bonnes. Not to double brag, but I text back and forth with him from time to time. He’s an avid Twins fan. And he didn’t say a damn thing to me about this.

What I think happened was, the last time the Twins were in a pennant race, Ron Gardenhire had Jason Tyner bat in the middle of the order. Now, Jason Tyner is known for three things:
  • Having a middle name that’s just a backwards spelling of his last name;
  • Having his bobblehead day called off because he was demoted; and
  • Not being the kind of hitter one would normally see in the middle of any playoff-contending team’s batting order. He had one career home run. One.
And yet, here he was, batting fifth in games that mattered. On television, where children could see it!

My theory is that the Twins are finally back in a real playoff battle, and are paying tribute to this unprecedented event in Twins history. Since bringing back Tyner, now 42 and retired, would make it too obvious that it was a bit, the Twins are using a more recent “oh yeah, that guy, the one with the 5 o'clock shadow at 10 in the morning” to have some fun with their fans. I applaud their effort and look forward to seeing who is really getting the nod in center tonight!

UPDATE, FRIDAY MORNING, 9:07 AM: This was not a bit. They also played Ronald Torreyes. I don't understand anything anymore.

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Realistically, we have a bunch of guys who can't play, and whether it's Alejandro De Aza, Ramon Flores or Ryan LaMarre being called upon to take major league at bats; it's a crap shoot. I think Luke Raley might have been the most ready (since Jaylin Davis was traded), but he's another wounded warrior.


We're in a tough spot, but the Twins have been pretty resilient this year. If Schoop is truly swinging a hot bat right now the cleanup spot might not be a bad idea. I'm looking for La Tortuga to pull some bat magic too. If prayers have any influence, we got your back guys.

Realistically, we have a bunch of guys who can't play



Ambiguous phrasing. :)

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Ace I believe Lew Ford is still in game shape from playing on the Dominican National Team. A quick plane ride from Santo Domingo.
I'm curious as to why no one has snapped up Scooter Gennett since SF released him. I mean the Twins don't need him because they have Schoop and Arraez but dang you'd think someone would grab him. He hit .310 last year and OPS'd .847. 23 Hrs, 30 2Bs and 181 hits. You'd think someone would want a shot at that??

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