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Cleveland MLB team reportedly considering name change

Other Baseball Today, 07:06 PM
This is an AP article I lifted from the StarTribune web site.   https://www.startrib...sure/571623572/
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Player Opt-outs

Other Baseball Today, 06:44 PM
While we think about if a season happens or not.I started thinking about the opt out clauses by players, and what they will do.I tried to...
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Pineda Is Getting A Raw Deal If Something Doesn't Change

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:48 PM
I know this was discussed previously before MLB and most of the world stopped spinning in a normal fashion. But after baseball for 2020 a...
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I think I miss baseball

Other Baseball Today, 03:39 PM
So I just picked up OOTP 21 on the Steam Summer Sale, and I played my first game.   It was a 21 inning game.I played it pitch by pit...
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Watch the Live Play-by-Play of the Virtual Twins Playoffs

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:57 AM
With the real Twins around the corner, I have elected to sim to the playoffs to try and tease how the real club will do this fall, and as...
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The Last Days of My Beautiful Twins Zubaz

I just asked my wife if my Twins Zubaz still existed.

I have to ask. They’ve seen better days. Their greatest wound is an inch and a half ripped seam in the crotch, rendering them useless for anything public. I’ve thought about mending the tear, but the rest of the Zubaz are worn so thin I imagine they’d tear in ten other places like ice crackling during a spring thaw.
Do I wear them expecting they’ll bring me closer to the Minnesota Twins as I slumber? Absolutely. Pajamas should always be a bridge to pleasant dreams.

In truth, I often dream of going to Twins games. Usually I’m just wandering Target Field, trying to meet up with some group of people I’m supposed to join at the game. Once, despite being in my early forties, I dreamed I was the first runner-up to be the Twins ball boy. They asked me to field a grounder and toss the ball to the coach. When I failed as miserably as I would while I was awake, the other dude got the job.

I actually made the team one evening, but it was a nightmare. Sure, I was excited to be a Minnesota Twin. But I also knew I suck at playing baseball. In my dream, I was taking up a roster spot with no skill. The dilemma - do I tell Coach I shouldn’t be there or wait until he figures it out and drink in the joy of baseball?

Maybe my Twins Zubaz are like a dreamcatcher in reverse, letting out the best parts of baseball dreams and sealing in the existential doom of regular living.

Whether or not your dreams come true, it’s fun to play pretend you’re on the team. If you’ve got your own version of my Twins Zubaz, share some details in the comments. How far do you go? Some nights, I break out the Twins socks and a TC t-shirt and when I wake up, I’m still a guy in his early forties. A guy in his forties with the smile of a goofy twelve-year-old.

My wife will probably kill the Zubaz when I’m not looking. They’re one hole away from being invisible and she preys on weak and wounded clothing. When that day comes, I’ll have to get a new pair immediately. The new pair won’t be as soft and worn-in. They’ll get into game shape in no time, though. It’s spring training for sleep slacks, too.

Pleasant dreams, Twins Territory.

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RIP In Peace, Zoobz. My Dad had a pair of "weekend Zubaz" that he wore every Saturday & Sunday through most of the Nineties. Mom ended up ironing on several dozen patches over the years. That's love.

Mar 02 2020 04:58 PM
We need to return to the days when a person can wear Zubaz in public without fear of public humiliation. Zubaz are the bomb. I don't wear my Twins Zubaz to Target Field as often as I should.
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Fantastic Axel! My wife killed my Bull Dozier shirt.... I need to find me some Twins Zubaz! Man those were great!


Fantastic Axel! My wife killed my Bull Dozier shirt.... I need to find me some Twins Zubaz! Man those were great!



You're welcome

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You're welcome

I don’t trust you, it’s probably shoes
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In the early ‘90s, one of the Twins clubbies sold Zubaz. They were made by a company owned by Hawk & Animal, The Road Warriors. As visiting teams came through The Dome & saw Twins players & clubbies wearing them, they starting buying them. I’m not even joking when I say that an awful lot of American Leaguers in the early ‘90s wore Zubaz. And it was all due to your Minnesota Twins.
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I don’t trust you, it’s probably shoes

lol ... it's really a pair of Minnesota Twins zubaz on eBay ... not shoes

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I held onto my Denard Span shirsey way past its expiration date. There was a hole in the armpit that I happily ignored... the logo and filling on the number 2 were chipping away with each cycle in the washing machine... It finally got decommissioned into dust rags last season.

What I’m trying to say is... I feel your pain. R.I.P. Denard Span shirsey 2008-2019.
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and welcome to America, where a "Medium" fits a size 27-43 waist.

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I have a Byron Buxton Cedar Rapids Shirsey... The Dilemma, do I wear it and enjoy it (which I do sometimes) or try to keep it pristine by taking it out, looking at it from time to time and putting it back on it's shelf for fear of wearing it out (which I do sometimes)

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I have a Mauer shirt that's at least 12 years old.I'll never let it go.......

I have a Mauer jersey that my wife probably paid way to much for (Christmas present I think?) that I've had for probably 5 years now and have worn twice. 


It's actually a really nice one, and it's really funny because the longer I have it, the less and less likely I am to wear it.  

I feel for you for your impending loss. I wore my "Santana/Nathan 2004" long sleeve from the Batgirl site until long after the neck hung down to my chest. 

The first thing I thought about when I saw the headline was "Wait... they're not doing Zubazpalooza this year?"


Fret not for your Zubaz.The Minnesota Twins got you covered.

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