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Make Every Night "Obscure Twins Jersey" Night

Maybe you got carried away with Tsuyoshi Nishioka. Maybe you (okay, me) were a little too excited about Jeff Cirillo. Maybe you bought a Buddy Boshers jersey in a Rumplemintz-fueled haze. Whatever.

It’s time to embrace that crazy. Last night on Twitter an obscure Twins fan (ok, me again) proposed that next year Target Field have an Obscure Jersey Night. Twins fans wear the jerseys they have relegated to the back of their closets, giving those players one last moment in the bright lights of Target Field.
Image courtesy of © Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The comments are a gold mine. Byung-Ho Park. Kurt Suzuki. Joe Crede. Jose Offerman. Brendan Harris. Clete Thomas. That third baseman who hit .400 for part of a season so Ron Gardenhire wouldn’t sit him. Was that Luke Hughes? Who knows? I’m blocking it out.

Rich Becker. Kirby Puckett was bumped out of center field by Rich Becker!?! I don’t even have a problem with that; I just find it amazing we don’t talk more about Rich Becker. Who was replaced by Otis Nixon. Who I vaguely remember losing two fly balls in the Metrodome’s teflon roof in his first home game with the Twins. Yet someone out there has a Nixon Twins jersey. I’m sure of it.

Jeff Reboulet. Orlando Hudson. Livan Hernandez. Vance Worley. Ryan Doumit. Bombo Rivera. (Ok,that’s me again. I have a Bombo Rivera jersey. It was custom made. No regerts.) Rondell White. Chris Colabello. Jon Rauch. These are major leaguers who are not going to get a number retired or a Hall of Fame ceremony. Some of them will be lucky if they’re invited back to TwinsFest. They deserve a night like this.

So do the people who bought their jerseys. In fact, obscure jerseys don’t just deserve a night; they deserve every night. They deserve a mini-series. If the Twins make this event happen, I vow Twins Daily will do a series about the players about whom we all lost our collective heads.

(This site was made for that series. Forget the majors – we could do one on the minors. We could do one on each level of the minors. I mean, I was Ride or Die on Micheal Nakamura in 2002. We could probably do a story just on players with a surname of Mike. Nakamura. Restovich. Lamb. Pelfrey.)

So let’s make this happen. The Twins can work on the event for next year, but we have one homestand left. Let’s quit denying our past and acknowledge it. Wear your obscure Twins jerseys to the games this week and declare, loud and proud “It’s OK to love and lose!”

(But it’s also OK to love and win, too.)

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This is a great idea that could go MLB-wide. It’s fantastic. I’m only sad that I have no Jersey to participate.

Where did you get the custom made Rivera jersey made? Was it on a jersey of the era? I could go for a Willie Norwood jersey.
    • Sconnie and David HK like this
Sep 17 2019 06:27 AM
I'm sad that Boof Bonser or Brett Boone weren't mentioned.
    • nicksaviking, Sconnie and David HK like this
Sep 17 2019 06:43 AM

I knew there would be at least one reason that I should have bought a named jersey.Can I draw a picture of a name and pin it to the back of my jersey like that young Vols fan?


Hmmm ...Motter or Heston


I knew there would be at least one reason that I should have bought a named jersey.Can I draw a picture of a name and pin it to the back of my jersey like that young Vols fan?


Hmmm ...Motter or Heston


I think you better...


"Twins Daily commenter bullied by other Twins Daily commenters for homemade jersey receives season tickets from Twins and authentic autographed Thad Motter jersey."

    • woolywoolhouse and PDX Twin like this

I'd so break out my Delmon Young jersey for that night.

And yes I have a Delmon Young jersey...

    • Steve Lein, nicksaviking, 70charger and 5 others like this
Sep 17 2019 07:23 AM

This is your annual automated reminder that Drew Butera is still a big leaguer. Time to hit eBay up for a Sweet Drew throwback...

    • David HK and FlauerPauer like this
Sep 17 2019 07:29 AM
I'm out, I give my old jerseys to charity. Heck, my Mauer jersey is already blessing the less fortunate. Great idea, though.
    • nicksaviking, PDX Twin and David HK like this

Would absolutely scour Ebay for a Jason Tyner or Caleb Thielbar jersey 

    • Sconnie and David HK like this
Sep 17 2019 07:49 AM

Hmmm, should I crack out the Sam Deduno jersey for this, or the Scott Diamond?......decisions, decisions. 

    • John Bonnes and nicksaviking like this
Sep 17 2019 07:58 AM

James Baldwin.

Henry Blanco.

    • John Bonnes and nicksaviking like this
Boots Electric
Sep 17 2019 08:28 AM

Why not do this as a twins daily event or for the pub crawl. 

    • Parker Hageman, nicksaviking, twinsnorth49 and 4 others like this
I love this idea. I once saw a Bret Boone Twins jersey -- jersey, not a shirsey -- at the Dome. A friend of mine has a Nishioka one he got on clearance somewhere for a couple bucks.

Personally, I have Carl Pavano and Bartolo Colon shirseys that I wear regularly, along with my more standard Johan Santana one.
    • nicksaviking likes this

I took my son to a game back in the day, and the only disappointment of our day was the inability to score a Mike Lamb t-shirt jersey.

    • tborg and David HK like this

The way to do this, is to go with the classics...with a twist...


4 - not Bob Allison or Paul Molitor...instead: Chip Hale

6 - Vic Wertz (the one who hit the 430-foot out to Willie Mays) - 1963

7 - Jimmie Hall; or two-time world series champion Greg Gagne

14 - Glenn Borgman

28 - Vic Power (62-64)

29 - George Mitterwald (1966)

34 - Jose Morales (late 70's)



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I was at a game recently and saw a Lyman Bostock Jersey. That was a cool one to see. I would love to break out a Gene Larkin Jersey.

Maybe we could have a disgruntled former Twins Jersey night and pull out our David Ortiz, Chuck Knoblauch, etc... Jerseys. That could be fun too...

    • Longdistancetwins and David HK like this
Sep 17 2019 09:30 AM

Around the year 2000, I was at the Twins Pro Shop, pining over the thought of getting a jersey, but not feeling like I could justify the purchase given that we didn't have gobs of money and had two young kids.


I've also always been reluctant to get named stuff, since there's such a good likelihood of guys getting traded. As I flipped through the rack, however, I came across one with my name on it. I'd forgotten that I share a surname with a relatively unknown relief pitcher of the era. I went ahead and bought it, and still have it hanging in my office. People assume I had it custom-made.

    • David HK likes this

Wish I had bought that discounted(still like $90) Joe Vavra jersey at the proshop a couple years ago.Didn't know they made jersey's for the coaches.  


Full disclosure, I almost did buy it anyway. My wife and I bought the best dog ever from him just as he got hired by the Twins.It always seemed like he(the dog) would recognize him every time he popped up on TV.


Second random thought...I remember once Jeff Reboulet wearing a shirt in the locker room that said "Forget Mike, I Want to Be Like Puck".I searched everywhere for that shirt.

Tried to buy an Alexi Casilla shirt for my daughter, who was in middle school and thought he was really cute. The woman at the Target Field counter looked at me like I was crazy.
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    • nicksaviking and David HK like this

Would absolutely scour Ebay for a Jason Tyner or Caleb Thielbar jersey

If you come across a Vance "Vanimal" Worley Twins jersey holla at your boy!
    • nicksaviking likes this

Did Jaime Garcia jerseys ever get made? I can't imagine they went through production and were shipped to the team store in time for anyone to buy one while he was still a Twin.

    • 70charger likes this

I have Span and Liriano, both are right on the brink of obscurity these days. 

Rich Becker would be classic...follow that up with some Scott Stahoviak action...Rich Robertson from the pitchers side...because of his son you gotta find a Pat Mahomes jersey right?So many roads to travel that would be a blast to see!!!

    • David HK and Bomba2026 like this
Sep 17 2019 11:48 AM

When Nishi was signed I bought 5 t-shirts for me and family members.If the Twins are playing horribly, I will don the shirt when I attend a game, to punish the team for its poor playing. Haven';t worn the Nishi shirt once during this season. 

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I took my son to a game back in the day, and the only disappointment of our day was the inability to score a Mike Lamb t-shirt jersey.

I actually have a Mike Lamb shirsey!The 24 is pretty faded...