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Cleveland MLB team reportedly considering name change

Other Baseball Today, 06:21 AM
This is an AP article I lifted from the StarTribune web site.   https://www.startrib...sure/571623572/
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Twins remove Calvin Griffith statue

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 03:03 AM
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Virtual Twins Baseball Megathread

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 04:03 PM
Moving forward this will house every game-thread in the comments below until real baseball hopefully comes back. I should have done this...
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Neal: Twins Radio Broadcast Team Will Not Travel

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 04:52 AM
https://www.startrib...ason/571529672/   LaVelle Neal also wrote that the Twins radio broadcast crew (including Cory Provus and Dan...
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Take Landis Name off the MVP Award

Other Baseball Yesterday, 02:40 PM
Barry Larkin, former MVP, has been calling for removing the Kenesaw Mountain Landis name from MVP awards.Personally, until I read the art...
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Let's Remember Some Twins

Deadspin is terrible now, but it used to be somebody. The old, good Deadspin ran a segment called Let’s Remember Some Guys, wherein they would open a pack of old baseball cards and remember some guys. Like Steve Jeltz. Steve Jeltz!
Image courtesy of Flickr/afronie
Since everything is objectively terrible, and we are sorely lacking in dumb sporting events to distract from how objectively terrible everything is, I’m going to remember some Minnesota Twins off the top of my head. They are not ranked in order of preference or ability or grit or hustle or WAR. They are listed in the order I remembered them after three beers while sirens wailed in the St. Paul night. I hope this helps you in some way, because it sort of helped me.
  • Jarvis Brown
  • Dave Goltz
  • Paul Thormodsgard
  • Rob Wilfong
  • Mike Maksudian
  • Scott Stahoviak
  • Houston Jimenez
  • Doug Corbett
  • Tom Nieto
  • Hosken Powell
  • Willie Norwood
  • Geoff Zahn
  • Glenn Adams
  • Dave Engle
  • Butch Huskey
  • Joe Crede
  • Dave Hollins
  • Rick Sofield
  • Lenny Faedo
  • Mike Cubbage
  • Keith Atherton
  • Frank Pastore
  • Craig Kusick
  • David West
  • Kenny Landreaux
  • Willie Banks
  • Ken Schrom
  • Rusty Kuntz
  • Gary Ward
  • Matt Lawton
  • Todd Sears
  • Michael Restovich
  • Eric Soderholm
  • Steve Brye
  • Disco Danny Ford
  • Bombo Rivera
  • Midre Cummings
  • Chris Latham
  • Mark Portugal
  • Neal Heaton
  • Andre David
  • Jason Pridie
  • Jesus Vega
  • German Gonzalez
  • Shane Rawley
  • And last but certainly not least, Dan Naulty
If you want to remember some Twins, please leave their names in the comments. And yes, we remember Junior Ortiz. Everyone does.

Image license here.

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Good Old What's His Name

Wait, Wait, It's Right On The Tip Of My Tongue



Those are the three players who come to mind right now. One of them played center, didn't he? Unless it was short.

Tony Batista

Craig Monroe



PS God I miss Deadspin. 


Oh, sure, I'll play.


Joe "Emory Board" Niekro


Doug Mientkwzrzchzwskch (I refuse to look up the proper spelling, but everyone knows who I mean and remembers his glove work)


Jose Morales, pinch-hitter extraordinaire.


Chip Hale, pinch-hitter extraordinaire, part 2.


Butch Wynegar


Mike Cubbage


Shannon Stewart...saved a season...what a great trade that turned out to be.


Bobby Kielty


Don Baylor


Christian Guzman.Never became as good as we hoped he would be, but boy it was fun to watch him run when he hit one into the gap.







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South Dakota Tom
May 29 2020 12:48 PM

My favorite baseball card ever - 1969 George Mitterwald.

    • David HK and nclahammer like this

Dan Serafini

Jason Maxwell

Marcus Jensen

Danny Ardoin

Jay Canizaro

Warren Morris

Javier Valentin


That turn of the millennium era is full of guys to fill a list like this.

    • Longdistancetwins likes this
May 29 2020 02:36 PM

Alex Cole. 


I wish I could have seen what she saw wearing those massive glasses.

    • nclahammer and Tom Froemming like this
Ebby Calvin Laloosh
May 29 2020 02:58 PM

Lewwwwwwwwwwwww Ford

    • Longdistancetwins and nclahammer like this
East Coast Twin
May 29 2020 03:50 PM

Glenn Borgmann
Jim Holt
Vic Albury
Ray Corbin
Dick Woodson
Joe Decker
Grady Alderman

    • nclahammer likes this
Lyman Bostock
Larry Hisle
Jim Eisenrich
Mickey Hatcher
Tim Tufeul
Les Straker
John Castino
Mark Funderburke
Luis Rivas
    • nclahammer likes this
Nine of twelve
May 29 2020 06:36 PM

Wow, some of these names are even spelled correctly!

Nine of twelve
May 29 2020 06:37 PM


Glenn Borgmann
Jim Holt
Vic Albury
Ray Corbin
Dick Woodson
Joe Decker
Grady Alderman


    • David HK and VivaBomboRivera! like this
Tom Froemming
May 29 2020 07:04 PM

I recently took some time to remember Mike Marshall over on my YouTube channel.

    • mlhouse, David HK, nclahammer and 1 other like this
East Coast Twin
May 30 2020 05:06 AM



I was wondering if anybody would catch it.:D

Bombo Rivera

Rich Chiles

John Candelaria

Terry Felton

Ron Jackson

Pete (Where the) Redfern (Grows)

Bob Gorinski

    • VivaBomboRivera! likes this
May 30 2020 06:49 AM
Nice to see the U's 1979 Student Body President Runner Up getting mention. Let's throw Ron Washington into the mix.
    • Longdistancetwins likes this
May 30 2020 08:34 AM

Bobby Randall

    • VivaBomboRivera! likes this
May 30 2020 09:09 AM

Bobby Castillo

Darrell Jackson

Al Williams

Jack O'Connor

Brad Havens

Jim Eisenrich

John Castino

Pedro Florimon

Adam Everett

Mike Lamb

Kevin Luckow
May 31 2020 01:06 PM
Otis Nixon
Bob Tewksbury
Paul Sorrento
Tim Drummond
Brett Merriman
Gary Wayne
Feed Manrique
Carmelo Castillo
May 31 2020 03:26 PM

DanMonzon (died in an auto accident in the '90s.RIP)

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