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2020 MLB (non-Twins) Postseason Discussion Thread

Other Baseball Today, 07:40 AM
Feel free to chime in here about any of the (non-Twins) 2020 MLB postseason games!
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Nelson Cruz wants 2 years

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:20 AM
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MLB.com report on instructional league prospects

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 10:30 PM
In case you haven't seen it, mlb.com has published an article on the prospects at instructional league camp and their progress.   ht...
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YouTube TV Drops Fox Sports Regional Networks

Other Baseball 23 Oct 2020
Does MLB and its TV affiliates (mostly Fox Sports channels) realize how idiotic they are being by not being available to be watched on ma...
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Blyleven Admits ‘Downward Plane’ Isn’t Real

"I don't know what it means either."
Image courtesy of Flickr/WEBN-TV
Longtime Twins color commentator Bert Blyleven signed off after 25 years in the booth with Dick Bremer on Wednesday night, but not before revealing a startling secret about one of his favorite pitching aphorisms.

“The downward plane isn’t real,” said the Hall of Fame pitcher. “I made it up just to see if (Twins play-by-play voice Dick) Bremer would repeat it. Totally worked. Totally worth it.”

Longtime viewers will no doubt recall Blyleven’s constant exhortations for pitchers to “maintain a downward plane” as they offered up a fastball. It appears that it was another ruse in the prank enthusiast’s arsenal.

“’Maintain’ and ‘plane’ sound good together, but beyond that it’s nonsense,” said Blyleven. “I came up with it the same day I…left a present in Dick’s suitcase in Kansas City.”

[Unconfirmed reports say the present in question was a human poop.]

Bremer could not be reached for comment on the revelation, although sources close to the veteran broadcaster said he has been staring into the middle distance for hours as a single tear slowly rolled down his cheek, an unlit cigarette dangling from the left corner of his mouth.

“25 years (of Blyleven) takes a toll on anyone,” said one person close to Bremer. “On (Justin) Morneau’s first night in the booth, Dick asked him when he was going to give him a hotfoot, or if he planned to ‘press ham’ on the driver’s side window of his Honda Civic in the employee parking lot. Justin was perplexed. Dick just assumes anyone who is in the booth with him is going to engage in an unrelenting, multi-front prank spree. It’s why he’s in therapy.”

For his part, Blyleven says he’s grateful that his addition to the baseball lexicon became so pervasive.

“If just one kid learns that he can torture a co-worker with goofs and fart noises spanning decades, man, that’s the dream,” said Blyleven. “Lots of people come up to me and say they grew up watching me on TV. And you can just tell that they’re going to put their partner’s hand in a glass of lukewarm tap water while they sleep. I just hope they remember to put peanut butter in their shorts. Never let up.”

Image license here.

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Going to miss the Dutchman.I might be reading durring a broadcast and I'll hear a new Bert-ism and think "WTF did he just say.I must've heard that wrong."


Watching the 2am re-broadcast usually confirms that I was right in what I thought I heard...

The rain in Spain maintains a downward plane.

    • ashbury, Platoon and Nine of twelve like this

The rain in Spain maintains a downward plane.

By George, he's got it.

Sep 05 2020 12:47 AM


The rain in Spain maintains a downward plane.

The Rhine inclines mein stein to down fine wine?


I guess i'm not cut out for broadcasting...


Now tell me about these "pranks" he talks about?

I've always wanted to ask him to describe in detail what he meant by an "inside-out swing" and "He got good extension on that swing."

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