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Game Thread: Twins vs. Yankees 5:10 pm PST (7:10 pm CST)...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:40 AM
After the exciting win yesterday, and after perusing the game thread yesterday, I came to the conclusion some of theTwins faithful needed...
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Article: Series Preview: Bronx Bombers Come Knocking

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:24 AM
Fresh off a series split against the Oakland Athletics the Minnesota Twins welcome the New York Yankees to Target Field. If there’s a fra...
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Article: Buyer Beware: Avoiding a Chris Archer Trade

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:32 AM
Amid one of the toughest parts of their schedule, Minnesota fans are clamoring for the Twins to make a trade. With just over a week until...
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Article: Leading Off Podcast With Cooper & Matt: Obje...

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:15 PM
It seems like the Indians are gaining ground on the Twins every day with their surge during the Twins slump. Should we be worried?The tra...
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Article: Twins Minor League Report (7/22): Contreras Prov...

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 11:09 PM
Twins v. Yankees… Always entertaining and always fun to see the Twins win! Rochester wasn’t scheduled to play on Monday, and Ft. Myers an...
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The Lighter Side


Cleveland Starts 3-Game Series Against Team of Only Babies

Soft schedule gets softer for the AL Central’s defending champs.


Minnesota Sports Fan Unable to Choose Between Panic, Dread

The upcoming Cleveland series functions as a measuring stick for the rest of the Twins season. One Cokato man knows this all too well.


Joe Mauer Buys Fireworks at His Local Target

It’s been years since Joe Mauer didn’t have to work on July 4th. Now that he’s retired, the Twins legend found himself with the entire day off to enjoy America’s birthday. In a Twins Daily exclusive, the St. Paul native tells us how he celebrated.


Disappointed HR Employee Reminds Twins They Weren’t Approved For Overtime

Minnesota’s second marathon game in ten days, an 18-inning loss to Tampa, not only exhausted the team’s bullpen, but also put the AL Central leaders in the crosshairs of HR administrator Joe Talbott.


Diehard Twins Fan Admits to Self, Cat That He Didn’t Know Who Sean Poppen Was Either

Lino Lakes man talks a good game at work on Thursday, but later, in the quiet of his living room, reveals that he knew better.


Royals Fan Tired of Your Complaining

You vented to your friend from Kansas City about some of the Twins' recent struggles. He's not having it.


Area Man to Let Bullpen Ruin His Family's Weekend

In an otherwise ideal season, the Minnesota Twins' glaring weakness remains their bullpen. And at least one man is going to let it wreck the next few days.


Rejected Taglines for the 1981 Minnesota Twins

As the local media test drives nicknames (Bomba Squad, SotaPop, The Strapping Young Men from Where The North Loop Meets Downtown But It’s Kind of The Warehouse District Too) for the powerful 2019 Minnesota Twins roster, Twins Daily offers an exclusive look at some of the rejected talking points for the 1981 squad.


Twins Fan Ready to Overreact to 3-Game Losing Streak

Karl Paulson is enjoying the Twins’ astonishing 2019 as much as anyone. He’s also prepared to lose his damn mind at the first sign of a minor setback.

“I’m going to freak the entire hell out if they lose three in a row,” said Paulson. “If I can buy an actual, physical panic button, I will purchase it and smash it with my fists.”


Channeling Larry King with RandBall's Stu

As a certified Old, I remember with not a little fondness Larry King’s column in USA Today, wherein he would just ramble all over the map with pithy observations like “For my money Angie Dickinson should be on Mount Rushmore, tell Roosevelt to shove it” or “Broccoli is nature’s toilet.” Since this was back before the internet and hedge funds destroyed the newspaper business, he was probably paid $400,000 per column.


Local Contrarian Reveals ‘Twins Are Hitting Too Many Home Runs’ Take

Unlikable Chaska man shares opinion on Minnesota’s hot start.

Barry Daniel is well aware of the Twins’ MLB-best record, and the power surge that’s propelled it. He’s not about to let anyone within his radius feel good about it.


Local Woman Debates Telling Friend Where The Twins Play Next

Aidan Lynch was ready to celebrate on Thursday. After watching the Twins bury the Houston Astros 8-2 in person, he and his friends left Target Field to toast the team’s AL-best 19-10 record at a nearby pub.