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Target Field - music between pitches

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Fun With Numbers - 2020 Season

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Royce Lewis on YouTube

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Marlins: 14 positive Covid cases, home opener cancelled...

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2020 Twins Transactions

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There haven't been many yet, but I'll start this today...   The Twins just announced that Zack Littell (hamstring) has been placed o...
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Ranking the Twins Best Pitches

Minnesota’s pitching staff seemed primed for a year unlike any other. A dominant bullpen and an improve starting rotation made it easy to get excited about watching the Twins in 2020. So which pitchers have the best pitches on the Twins staff? The answers may surprise you.
Image courtesy of © Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports
Best Fastball: Trevor May
FBv: 95.6, wFB: 17.4
With Brusdar Graterol no longer on the roster, there’s a new sheriff in town. Trevor May was supposed to evolve into a middle of the rotation starter when the Twins traded for him, but now he has become a shutdown late-inning relief pitcher. One of the biggest reasons for his improved performance… a lights-out fastball that has continue to improve since he switched to the bullpen.

Back in 2014 May was a starter, trying to find himself on a struggling Twins squad. His fastball wasn’t hitting 93 and it didn’t seem like the rotation was a spot where he would thrive. Fast-forward to 2019 and his fastball has jumped to 95.5 mph and he is using it almost 62% of the time. The transition to the bullpen can be tough for some players, but opponents compiled a .150 batting average against his heater and most fans will take that every day of the week.

Honorable Mention: Jake Odorizzi (20.8 wFB), Jose Berrios 11.5 (wFB)

Best Slider: Taylor Rogers
SLv: 82.3, wSL: 7.4
Taylor Rogers is good. Let me restate that, Taylor Rogers is really good, and I don’t think the rest of baseball realizes how good he was last season. One of the biggest changes for him last season was using his curveball less often and relying more on his slider. Spoiler alert… his slider is unhittable when paired with his other off-speed pitches.

Outside of Jose Berrios, Rogers might have been the most enjoyable Twins pitcher to watch last season. His calm demeanor on the mound separates him from more recent Twins closers, but his pitching repertoire certainly puts him in the same class as his successors. Having a shortened 2020 season is depriving fans of another stellar year from Rogers.

Honorable Mention: Sergio Romo (wSL 3.6), Lewis Thorpe (wSL 3.9)

Best Curveball: Devin Smeltzer
CBv: 76.6, wCB: 3.0
Smeltzer doesn’t have the velocity most would expect from a big-league pitcher, but the movement on his pitches helps to separate him from others on the staff. Fans are constantly in awe of the movement he is able to create from his lanky frame, especially when the pitches aren’t coming in at triple-digits on the radar gun. One of the biggest reasons for his success is his ability to change pitches and alter the batter’s vantage point.

Last season, his spin on his curveball ranked in the 80th percentile across baseball. He only threw the pitch 24.5% of the time so it could be a pitch that see increase usage in the years ahead. Smeltzer is never going to blow away other batters. He has to rely on movement to be successful and he could rely on his unique abilities to be a back of the rotation starter.

Honorable Mention: Jose Berrios (wCB -1.8), Tyler Duffey (wCB -0.8)

Best Change-Up: Michael Pineda
CHv: 87.2, wCH: 4.9
Twins fans might not appreciate how good Michael Pineda was for the team last season. He was once a top prospect, but he has evolved as a pitcher with more big-league experience. His fastball and slider might be below league average but his change-up is on another tier. He threw it more with the Twins than in any other season during the StatCast era.

Opponents were held to a .238 batting average and a .253 WOBA on his change-up last season. Compare that to previous seasons and opponents were hitting over .290 with a .318 WOBA. Granted he missed a season due to Tommy John, but it takes nothing away from how he was able to adapt last season.

Honorable Metnion:Trevor May (wCH: 2.2), Sergio Romo (wCH: 1.6)

Do you agree with these rankings? What is the best pitch in the Twins organization? Leave a COMMENT and start the discussion.

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I have always understood that Tyler Duffey had our best curveballso I am surprised by this rating.  

Am I right in thinking that we have a couple minor leaguers who are going to take May out of the fastball rating?

I have always understood that Tyler Duffey had our best curveballso I am surprised by this rating.  

Am I right in thinking that we have a couple minor leaguers who are going to take May out of the fastball rating?

As I understand it, Duffey moved from a traditional curve to more of a power curve or slurve. Some have called it a slider but my understanding is more of an adaptation of his curveball, which he used to throw 2 variations of.

Alcala throws consistently in the mid 90's, right around May's velocity, but cranks it up to the high 90's. Colina, Chalmers and Duran do the same, though the hope at present time all 3 can remain in the rotation, especially Duran who is right there with Balazovic for top rotation arm hopefulls.

First, thank you for introducing Pitch Type Liner Weights to me. That is a stat I was not familiar with. Very cool!!!


And now, with that said, I feel like wPT/C would be better for an exercise like this, since it is a rate stat while wPT is a counting stat.


I doubt it changes any of the leaders except maybe the changeup. It would like demonstrate further just how good Trevor May's fastball really is. Cuz damn, that is a dominant pitch!

This was a super rad article. Thank you!!! 

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