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Keeping the Band Together

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:07 PM
Here's a look at one possible 6 year scenario where the core young guns (Buxton, Sano, Rosario, Berrios, Polanco) are extended (had to sa...
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Gardenhire set to manage Tigers?

Other Baseball Today, 06:05 PM
This was posted on the Strib website:   Ron Gardenhire reportedly set to become Detroit Tigers' new manager By Mike NelsonOCTOBER 19...
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Article: Sizing Up The 2017-18 Offseason

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:03 PM
Turnarounds like the one we saw from Minnesota this season are rare, but not unprecedented. Derek Falvey knows this as well as anyone.Fre...
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Go Bold: Trade for Gerrit Cole

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:29 PM
As we're all discussing ways to improve the pitching staff, one name seems to be forgotten around here... Gerrit Cole.  The Pirates...
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Rosenthal: Gardy to be the new Tigers manager

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:16 PM
According to Ken Rosenthal, the Tigers have chosen Ron Gardenhire to be their next manager, pending the completion of a contract. ...
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Twins Hangouts, August 5: Episode 36

Seth and Jeremy are back on Tuesday night for their regularly scheduled Hangout at 9pm. Our goal is always to cover everything you need to know in 90 minutes. But we want you to know more and we tend to run over. So come early or late and enjoy all the baseball talk.
We're into August - and though the trade deadline has passed - there is still the waiver trade period to contend with. It's unlikely the Twins make any moves soon, but this roster is likely to continue to change.

We'll cover the majors and minors and the activity of the past seven days.

The links for tonight's show are available here: Our event page and our video page.

Join us then, but first, ask us questions that you'd like answered. What else would you like to hear covered?

If you want to catch up on any previous shows, visit here: our webpage or download from iTunes.

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Aug 05 2014 07:47 PM

1) With the highest BA in the FSL last year being .289 (with anyone above 125 games) - How does that reflect on the difficuties hitters have in the FSL and how some numbers may be skued?


Does leading your team in HRs by 12 and RBI by 23 deserve a promotion?ABW

*Have you ever heard of a player accomplishing that type of lead over teammates and not recieving a promotion? In the history of the Twins minor leagues?In the history of baseball? When does a dog get a bone?

Aug 05 2014 07:53 PM

Who are your AFL picks (7) and why?


Consider Puerto Rico releases Vargas and Rosario to play.Does this change your picks?

Now that the minor league seasons are winding down maybe it's time to start re-assessing prospect status.  


Name 2 or 3 guys who started the season as legit major league prospects but because of sub-par play this year are in danger of losing that status.


Conversely, name a couple guys that started  the season off the radar but have vaulted themselves into consideration to surface with the big league club someday.

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