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Tell me if you've heard this before

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:22 AM
Lavelle E. Neal wrote an article about Miguel Sano's off-season plan. That he's dedicated to playing 3B full-time, and looking to lose 20...
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What big named Free agent pitchers are available this off...

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Just curious, is there anyone out there that could be that difference maker that the Twins could just go out and buy??A new GM may get a...
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Article: Can Derek Falvey Be The New Andy MacPhail?

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The Minnesota Twins of the early-1980's were bad... like really bad... like almost as bad as the Twins of the last handful of years. Ther...
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Article: Penciling A 2017 Starting Rotation

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:22 PM
The first and most important objective for any incoming baseball ops chief, in terms of roster construction, will be assembling a rotatio...
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Can the Twins Afford to Release Mauer?

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:06 PM
Obviously they need to pay him $46mil through 2018, no matter what.Whether it is due to concussion related issues or other physical malad...
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YOUR Target Field Food Tour

I know this comes as a shock to a lot of you, but I like to eat. And drink. And I like baseball. And especially outdoor baseball. So when I find out there is a Food Preview at my favorite outdoor baseball park, there is roughly a 3050% chance the I'm going to be there, with or without access. That's how yesterday played out, but I was conscientious enough to at least tweet about it and take a bunch of pictures. Let's roll through them and you can pick out for yourself what you're craving this year at the ballpark...
[FONT=courier new]Buckle up kids! Its time for #Twins #TweetNEat! First up: BUFFALO MAN N CHEESE! Talk about a leadoff hitter!

[/FONT]This was the dish I was most excited about at the ballpark and it ended up being the first one served. I loved it, however, The Voice Of Reason thought it was too oniony. I agree, actually, but I love onions, so it still ranked near the top of my list. [FONT=courier new]

New Hrbeks Sloppy Joe = Chris Parmelee. Not high end, but surprisingly good, solid.

[/FONT]Attached Image: 002.jpg It turns out is was a BACON Sloppy Joe and it was, hand down on both our lists, the best new item at the ballpark. I can only hope for as much from Parmelee. The next picture and tweet speak for themselves:

[FONT=courier new]Have you ever seen anything so beautiful in all your life? #Surly

[/FONT]Yes, Surly will now be served at Target Field. So will Fulton's Sweet Child of Vine. I'm thrilled by this, but for the record, this is still only ranks as "a good start." The Twin Cities has half a dozen great micro-breweries, and I would LOVE for the Twins to be a bit of an ambassador for them. Considering the sponsorships that major breweries can produce, that's probably a bit pie-in-the-sky. But this is a huge step in the right direction.

BTW, they had Cynic and Bender on tap when I was there. I don't know what they'll have on tap during game - I just forgot to ask. That's my bad, because they NEED Furious on tap. [FONT=courier new]

[/FONT][FONT=courier new]For when you want to walk. But you also want a taco.[/FONT]

Attached Image: 004.jpg That was for the "Walk A Taco." What can I say? It was good. If you're looking for authentic Mexican, it's probably not what you're looking for. But if you're looking for authentic Mexican, why the hell are you ordering something called a "Walk A Taco?" I anticipate I will have these again before the year is over. [FONT=courier new]

[/FONT][FONT=courier new]Again, Have you ever seen anything so beautiful....[/FONT]

Yeah, these Garlic Fries alienate the poor people sitting next to you, but I, for one, am not going to care. These were awesome. As in, better-than-the-State-Fair awesome. My second favorite food.

[FONT=courier new]Baked potatoes the size of a beef football. #Twins #TweetNEat http://pic.twitter.com/UXXUO4XL[/FONT]

Somehow, I lost this picture so I can't show it to you here, but you can click on the link. That's like a 20 oz cup next to them. Suffice to say, you will not be disappointed in the size of the baked potatoes. By the way, my view of baked potatoes is that they're nothing more than a vehicle for the stuff you put on them. And the Twins have four varieties that include all kinds of bad stuff for you.

[FONT=courier new]I'm not a pickle guy, but I'm getting a big thumbs up on the new fried pickles[/FONT]

Attached Image: 005.jpg The Voice of Reason is a pickle person, and loved them. But at $7.50 per, she's not sure she's going to be able to justify them. [FONT=courier new]

Mini donuts this year are from SuperMoms? I'm not sure I approve. #IWantHotNGreasy #notaeuphamism #MaybeALittle

[/FONT]If they're just rebranding the mini-donuts, fine. But if this means I'm getting my mini-donuts out of some pre-baked kitchen, I'm going to go all Bruce Banner on this decision.

[FONT=courier new]New Minneapolis Millers shirts! #Approved Also good news for Washburn kids![/FONT]

A) I love these shirts.

B) Just as one of the Minneapolis Public High Schools is rising like a Phoenix from the ashes, they also accidentally get a line of designer shirts? Go Millers!

Attached Image: 006.jpg [FONT=courier new]I sure hope @anneursu / @batgirl is getting some royalties for these.[/FONT]

If you don't get this tweet, I'm sorry. You missed it. It was like Camelot. And you missed it.

[FONT=courier new]Vegetarians will want to check out the @LeeAnn Asian wok. (Carnivores too.)[/FONT]

If you're a fan of the Asian Wok that has been at Target Field, don't despair. It's still there. It appears that it was just rebranded. If you aren't, you should try it, especially if you're looking for a little spice to your food. It's been sort of a secret go-to food of mine for the last couple of years.

[FONT=courier new]A 10 oz meatball stuffed with cheese. #NeedISayMore?[/FONT]

Attached Image: 009.jpg
OK, I'll say more. They're baseball-sized, meatloaf consistency and have a golf-ball of cheese in the middle. You won't go home hungry if you have one of these. They were basically the grand finale of the concourse tour and I heard a lot of raves about them. I liked it a lot, but it didn't end up in my top 5.

[FONT=courier new]Now THAT'S a party favor. #Twins pubs are becoming the @2gingerswhiskey pubs.[/FONT]

Attached Image: 012.jpg I'm not a whiskey guy. But if you are, I would think you would like hanging out at what used to be the Twins Pubs. And I approve of anyone that gives me free alchohol.

[FONT=courier new]@fultonbeer Sweet Child Of Vine will be served in Townball Pub! #TweetNEat #Twins http://pic.twitter.com/nV120xoa[/FONT]

I raved about this beer in Twitter just a couple of weeks ago when I was fortunate enough to find it at the Auto Show. It's another step in the right direction.

It's called Ice Cream Lava "for Two." And if the "two" are both 3rd world nations, they're right.

Attached Image: 014.jpg
I don't know that this picture does justice to just how large this thing is. It's about the size of a volleyball. I don't know if that's actually going to be the size that they serve, but if it is....

...and I mean this as a compliment....

I don't think I'll be able to eat one by myself.

[FONT=courier new]Nothing says "ballpark food" like calamari and panko crusted zucchini. #Twins #TweetNEat

I don't know what panko is, but from now on I want all my zucchini to be crusted with it. #Twins #TweetNEat

[/FONT]Attached Image: 016.jpg

Twitter was kind enough to inform me that panko are tiny Japanese bread crumbs. Whatever. If they can make a gourd vegetable taste like that, they need a lot better name.

In summary, I think you're going to like a fair amount of the new food (and beer) that Target Field has to offer. The baseball might just become a secondary offer. But probably not.

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