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Uncertainty Continues To Follow Sano

Questions have circled Miguel Sano throughout most of the off-season. Will he be suspended following assault allegations? Will he start the year on the DL after off-season surgery on his leg? Can he be an All-Star caliber slugger like fans saw in the first half of 2018? Many of those questions remain unanswered.

With a less than a month until Opening Day, Sano and the Twins are still uncertain about what the future will bring.
Image courtesy of Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Last week, Miguel Sano spent four hours being interviewed by investigators from Major League Baseball. This comes two months after Sano was accused of unwanted advances by photographer Betsy Bissen. The incident in question allegedly occurred after an autograph signing back in 2015. Sano has denied the allegations from the beginning and there’s still little known about when MLB will make any final decision about a possible punishment for Sano.

Many believe Sano’s interview was the final step in the investigation process. This may indicate that the commissioner’s office is ready to make a decision in the coming days. The two-year-old policy covers domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. Previous punishments under this policy have included suspension, fines and/or sensitivity training. However, police reports have usually been included in those previous cases.

For example, Yankees closer Arolids Chapman was suspended 30 games in 2016 after he allegedly choked his girlfriend and fired eight shots in the garage of his home. He was never prosecuted because there were conflicting accounts of the events and not enough evidence.

Other questions have also followed Sano this off-season. He had a roughly 18-inch titanium rod placed in his left-leg back in the middle of November. This meant there was part of the off-season where he was immobilized and this could have led him to packing on a few more pounds than the team wanted to see from their budding slugger.

Sano’s play on the field so far this spring has continued the trend of uncertainty. He’s started two games at third base but he has yet to record a hit. He is 0-for-8 with 3 Ks including a pair of three-pitch strikeouts on Sunday afternoon.

On the defensive side of the ball, there have been limited chances for Sano. In his first play at third base, he was slow to field a chopper and then missed a throw to Joe Mauer. The play was ruled an infield hit. Later in that first game, he had to charge a ball and make a barehanded play. In Sunday’s game, his only defensive opportunity came on a pop-out to third.

It's hard to read a lot into two spring training starts for Sano. He’s working his way back from injury and there is still a month for him to get his bat back into shape for the 2018 season.

With that being said, uncertainty continues to follow Sano. The organization and Sano have no idea when Commissioner Rob Manfred will make the final ruling in his assault case. Until that time, Sano is going to continue to try to figure things out on the field.

Are you worried about Sano’s start so far this spring? Leave a COMMENT and start the discussion.

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Mar 05 2018 05:46 PM

i'm guessing there is always a reasonable amount of uncertainty towards any player that's had a titanium rod inserted into their leg during the  off season, although I think 8 AB's and a handful of games in March is a bit too early to be concerned about it much. 

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the Sano decision will need to be fair, credible and transparent, and they can't release hardly any information about it due to privacy laws. 



FWIW, this is not true.Information that the MLB uses to make employment decisions is not protected by any privacy laws, since it is not USDOJ info (privacy act of 1974) because no police report was ever filed, social security/financial info (Sarbanes Oxley), or personal health information (HIPAA.)


They can release everything they can, and they should, in order to be transparent. So far it is a she says, he says information that lacks any (named or outed) witnesses (and the 2 other individuals involved - memorabilia shop owner and agent - suggested that they did not observe anything because they were not in the area at the time...)


Deduno Abides
Mar 06 2018 12:01 AM

I'm for trading Sano for an ACE. Never been a fan of the long ball hitters.

Yeah, after that, an ace or really any kind of bandage.

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