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Twins Trade Lewin Diaz for RHP Sergio Romo, 2 Minor Leaguers

According to Jeff Passan of ESPN.com (And now many others), the Twins and Marlins are nearing a deal that would bring veteran relief pitcher Sergio Romo to the Minnesota Twins.

Twins first base prospect Lewin Diaz is heading to the Marlins in return. The Twins will also receive a minor league pitcher Chris Vallimont and a Player to be Named Later in return.
Image courtesy of Jeff Curry, USA Today
The Twins and Marlins reached an agreement. The Twins will send 1B Lewin Diaz to the Miami Marlins in exchange for veteran Sergio Romo.

Per Passan: "The Minnesota Twins are deep into talks with the Miami Marlins on a deal that would send reliever Sergio Romo to Minnesota, sources with knowledge of the situation tell ESPN. The expectation is a trade will soon be finalized."

Moments later, Passan tweeted: "One Marlins source says the deal should be completed soon. It would add a much-needed bullpen piece to the Twins, who continue to be aggressive in pursuit of help to their pitching staff."

The 36-year-old Romo is in his 12th MLB season. He has 17 saves this season in 18 opportunities and a 3.58 ERA.

Want a Winner? Romo was part of three World Series championship teams with the San Francisco Giants.

Romo is excited to join a team that is making a pennant push.

Lewin Diaz had a tremendous 2019 season, returning to his prospect status. He began the year in Ft. Myers and has continued to mash since being promoted to the AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos.

Chris Vallimont is a 22-year-old right-handed pitcher who was 4-4 with a 2.99 ERA in 13 starts with the Clinton LumberKings. He has now made six starts for Jupiter, the Marlins High-A Florida State League affiliate, and is 2-3 with a 3.75 ERA. Combined, he has 122 strikeouts in 105+ innings this year. He is likely to join the Kernels in Cedar Rapids. He was the Marlins 5th round pick in 2018 out of Mercyhurst.

ANALYSIS... OK, Opinion

While I believe that Lewin Diaz can be a solid MLB 1B starting sometime in 2020, I don't have any problem with this trade.

Diaz has had a nice bounce-back season in 2019 after a disappointing 2018 ended early with an injury. However, he is behind CJ Cron, Miguel Sano, Brent Rooker, Zander Wiel and Alex Kirilloff in the Future 1B pecking order.

Sergio Romo isn't dominant, by any means, but he is a successful veteran who has won a lot of games and even three World Series championships (if you think that matters anymore). He's not a hard-thrower anymore, but he is crafty and gets the job done, especially lately.

Chris Villamont is an intriguing prospect. He can throw pretty hard, especially if he were to be moved to the bullpen at some point. He may be a similar prospect (Ranking-Wise) to Diaz, and yet he doesn't need to be added to the 40-man roster for two more years.

And hey, if he goes to the Miracle, it's possible that they could lose a starting pitcher or two over the next four days.

Finally, the Twins will also get a Player to be Named Later, a lottery pick, if you like.

So to summarize, for Diaz (who likely wouldn't have been added to the 40-man roster this coming offseason), the Twins will get 2+ months of a competent, quality veteran reliever, a hard-throwing pitcher currently starting in the Florida State League after being drafted just a year ago, and another minor leaguer.

Hard to argue with that.

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Jul 27 2019 06:35 PM
Don’t care for this move at all. Seems like what we already have in may, Duffey, and Harper which are fine 6th and 7th inning options. Has an xFIP of over 5, which means he is probably due for some negative regression. I guess it’s a fine move if he isn’t the only arm we are adding, which I’m guessing is the case. One thing I’ve learned so far is to trust their decision making with arms!
    • Dman and MNT1996 like this
Not going to help much.
    • MNT1996 likes this
Dislike this bullpen add, too soft a tosser to be effective in American league. Typical Twins type of move, doing a move just to say they did something.
    • David HK, bighat, D.C Twins and 2 others like this
Homer Hanky
Jul 27 2019 06:43 PM

I like this add... lots of good WS experience... and better option then Parker

    • nokomismod, Oldgoat_MN, gagu and 2 others like this
I don't understand this. He's not great, and, ummm.
    • jokin, Dman, D.C Twins and 1 other like this
Kind of so-so on Romo, but he is in near the top on hard hit rate and exit velocity against. Also another player, believe a MiLB pitcher, is coming from Miami according to Joel Sherman.
Jul 27 2019 06:54 PM
He will pitch worse than at least one of the three the Twins have just DFA’d. This is not the playoff caliber reliever they need.

I would have preferred Belisle who would not cost Diaz.
    • David HK, D.C Twins, Doctor Wu and 1 other like this

If the Twins consider themselves a team that can improve pitchers upon acquiring them, then I think this move can work out. What do I mean? Well, check out what the Rays did with Romo in 2017 after they got him in a trade after the Dodgers DFA'd him:




We were all mad when the Twins signed Anibal Sanchez, but then he went on to have a very good season elsewhere. I think our pitching staff could make Romo better than what he was in Miami.


Oh, and losing Lewin Diaz doesn't mean much, he was going to need a 40 man spot and the Twins likely weren't going to give him one.



    • Jerr, Twins33, Homer Hanky and 3 others like this
Second player is supposedly Chris Vallimont, big righty in FSL at Jupiter. Looks like good K numbers. Drafted last year in 5th round.
    • Homer Hanky, nclahammer and LeePinLee like this

It's hard to see Sergio Romo of the soft toss at age 36 really adding anything to the relief arsenal for the Twins. Maybe it extends your bullpen and adds some veteran presence, but I hope the additional minor league pitcher we're supposedly getting from the Marlins is a prospect of some hope. Lewin Diaz can hit and will be a major league player. If this is the cost for Romo now, I'm not keen to find out what it costs to really improve the squad at this time.


Welcome to the Twins Mr. Romo and may all your pitches be swanky and elusive.

    • David HK likes this
Homer Hanky
Jul 27 2019 07:02 PM

This was a fantastic trade... GREAT JOB! 

    • Lunger, LeePinLee and lurker like this
operation mindcrime
Jul 27 2019 07:03 PM
I feel like we won this trade! Good luck to Lewin Diaz!
    • Jerr, Lunger, Homer Hanky and 4 others like this


Marlins fleece us again. Nice job FO.


OK didn't see they got the pitcher in the deal earlier.That makes this look better.Guy has a really nice WHIP so he definitely goes after guys and doesn't walk a lot of guys.That definitely evens this up some.Also he was 2018 pick so no worries about rule V for the next three years. 


It llooks like he is number 23 in the Marlins top 30 so not just a throw in but a guy with decent potential.Pen looks like his floor. MLB says he has had control problems but has been better this year.


I think the Marlins will be very happy with Diaz and we have no place for him on the 40 next year and too many guys in front of him.He is also too good to hide now. I am OK with this deal and actually think I like it now.

    • Jerr, brvama, beckmt and 8 others like this
People like Romo to help this team?

Because they need to help this team, not just the future.
    • BBAM and LeePinLee like this

Hate giving up Diaz after his resurgence, but the Twins are facing a 40 man roster crunch and with Rooker and Lanarch, I suppose he was expendable.  


That said, Romo better not be the only addition to the pen, because that is a meh acquisition.

    • USAFChief, birdwatcher, Blake and 7 others like this

As long as this isn't the only move they make, I'm fine with it.Give up a guy that you'd probably end up parting with anyway for help now, and it sound like they will also get a PTBNL.It's hard to be too unhappy with this.

    • birdwatcher, Blackjack, IndyTwinsFan and 4 others like this

People like Romo to help this team?

Because they need to help this team, not just the future.

As the third or fourth best deadline pickup? Yes.
He improves our bullpen.
He does so more by lifting the floor rather than the ceiling, but there is still plenty of time to get a couple of better pitchers.
    • Jerr, alarp33, Twins33 and 8 others like this

"the Twins, who continue to be aggressive"



    • gil4, jokin, notoriousgod71 and 7 others like this

People like Romo to help this team?

Because they need to help this team, not just the future.

Yes. He is still a good pitcher. You’re disappointed because he’s not a Giles type, but he’s better than what they currently have in the pen
    • Homer Hanky, gagu, Shaitan and 2 others like this
Romo’s last 15 games—14.2 IP, 12 H, 1 ER, 1 W, 12 Ks, 0.89 WHIP
    • glunn, birdwatcher, Jerr and 20 others like this

Vallimont is my favorite piece in the deal.Romo does little for me

    • Homer Hanky likes this

"the Twins, who continue to be aggressive"


Any reason you left off the rest of the sentence? The part that gives it it's context?

How plugged in are you to dispute whether or not they've been aggressive "in their pursuit of upgrades"?
    • Jerr, alarp33, gagu and 3 others like this
Isn’t 17 of 18 saves good?
    • Oldgoat_MN, Danchat, gagu and 3 others like this
As mentioned in the rumors thread, if this is the only bp move, I’m pissed.

If this was the third best reliever acquired, I’m happy
    • SQUIRREL, USAFChief, IndyTwinsFan and 2 others like this

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