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I can no longer say I want the Twins to emulate the Astros. Bush league maneuver to use cameras in order to steal signs.
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Twins Super (Bowl) Predictions

Apparently there is a big football game on Sunday in Houston. The Super Bowl will pit the Atlanta Falcons against the New England Patriots.

That has nothing to do with the Twins, or really even with baseball, but like a million-billion people are going to watch it. They watch it for the football, or for the commercials, or maybe even just for the halftime show. But everyone has an opinion.

So, I reached out to a ton of current, former and future Minnesota Twins players to get their thoughts on the big game.
This page will be updated frequently throughout the day, right up until the start of the Super Bowl.

Below you will find the picks of over 70 Twins-related people. Be sure to post your predictions in the comments below. Let's get to the picks:

Seth Stohs - Twins Daily

Falcons 37, Patriots 20

This is a tough one. First, I will always root for whoever Tom Brady and the Patriots are playing… But, I also would love to see Roger Goodell have to hand over the Lombardi Trophy to Robert Kraft and Tom Brady. But I also think that the Falcons offense will dominate a lot.

Jeremy Nygaard - Twins Daily

Falcons 28, Patriots 20.

Eric Pleiss - Twins Daily

Falcons 27, Pats 24

Juan Gamez - GCL pitcher and 2016 draft pick

Patriots are winning it 24-21! Tom Brady is by far the greatest player in NFL history!

Zack Granite - Chattanooga outfielder, Twins Minor League Player of the Year

The final score will be 31-26 Patriots. As good as Atlanta’s offense is I think the Patriots slow them down. My MVP is LaGarrette Blount as he rushes for 146 yards and 3 touchdowns. Book it

Lean Marrero - GCL Twins outfield prospect, 2015 draft pick

33-20 Patriots, Brady 320 yards, 3TD

Casey Scoggins - Kernels outfielder and 2016 draft pick

I'm tired of New England winning, and I'm not a fan of them even though Brady and his squad are solid. I think Matt Ryan and Atlanta have something special this year. So I'm going to say: 35-28 Atlanta wins on a late score in the 4th.

Aaron Whitefield - GCL Twins prospect from Australia

I'm going Patriots, cause Brady is a stud but low scoring game! 20-7.

Travis Blankenhorn - Kernels 2B prospect and 2015 draft pick

I'm going to have to go with 28-24 Patriots.

Trey Cabbage - Elizabethton 3B prospect and 2015 draft pick

I'm rooting for the Falcons, but I think Tom and the Pats will pull it out. 31-23 Pats.

Ryan Walker - Lookouts infield prospect

ATL 38 NE 23.

Hank Morrison - Elizabethton outfielder and 2016 draft pick

I am a Steelers fan so I definitely want the Patriots to lose. I think the Patriots will lose, but I think it will be very close 24-17 Falcons!

Justin Hazard - GCL Twins catcher and 2016 signee.

My predictions for this Super Bowl is Falcons win 24-20. They just have too many weapons on offense and look for Sanu to have a big game with a lot of attention being paid to Julio Jones.

Brandon Lopez - Kernels shortstop prospect and 2016 draft pick

My prediction is 24-17. Pats take it home!

Tyler Wells - Elizabethton RHP prospect and 2016 draft pick

I predict that the Patriots will win by a score of 34-28

Kevin Garcia - Kernels and Miracle catching prospect

I got the Patriots! It's hard to beat tom Brady although Matt Ryan will put up a fight I still believe the Patriots will come on top.

DJ Baxendale - Red Wings RHP prospect

My prediction for this years’ Super Bowl is the same prediction as the beginning of the NFL season. Sir Thomas Brady will lead the New England Patriots to another Super Bowl victory!

David Hurlbut - Red Wings LHP prospect

I have the Patriots over the Falcons 24-21. Tom Brady will seal the deal. But it will be a dogfight with Matt Ryan leading the Falcons.

Randy LeBlanc - Miracle RHP prospect

31-27 Pats. Who dat!

Daniel Kihle - Miracle outfield prospect and 2015 draft pick

I think it's going to be a shootout with the two quarterbacks. My guess is a lot of action with the Falcons winning it late in the 4th quarter. 35-31 Falcons.

Alex Kirilloff - Elizabethton outfield prospect and 2016 first-round pick

28-21 Falcons.

Tom Hackimer - Kernels RH RP prospect and 2016 draft pick

I've got Patriots 42, Falcons 27.

Logan Darnell - free agent LHP, spent years with the Twins

O'Rourke is going to hate me for this. Falcons 30 - Pats 21.

Zack Jones - Lookouts RH RP prospect

I want the Falcons to win, but I have the Patriots winning 31-23.

Kolton Kendrick - GCL Twins 1B prospect and 2015 draft pick

It's really a hard question because I want the Falcons to win, and it's going to be a great game. But I see the Patriots winning 31-24 and the Falcons jumping up early in the game.

Pat Light - Twins RH RP prospect

Patriots 37 Falcons 21 … Never bet against Tom Brady.

Patrick McGuff - Elizabethton Twins RH RP prospect, 2016 draft pick

Patriots, It would feel wrong to pick against the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.

Shane Carrier - Elizabethton outfield prospect, 2016 draft pick

I've got Atlanta 27, New England 24.

Ryan O’Rourke - Twins Left-handed relief pitcher

Pats 34,
Falcons - thanks for coming.

Keaton Steele - Miracle RHP prospect

Brady is 4-0 all-time against Atlanta. With that being said, all streaks must come to an end just like the Cubs this past year. I've got Atlanta by a field goal.

Zach Strecker - GCL Twins RH RP prospect, 2016 signee

I'm hoping the Falcons win like 50-0, but I don't see that happening. But, more like a 34-31 Falcons instead is more realistic.

Jake Reed - Red Wings RH RP prospect

I got the Falcons! Tight end Levine Toilolo went to the same high school as I did and it would be great to see him win a championship.

Travis Harrison - Lookouts Outfield Prospect

Patriots 31, Falcons 28.

Jeff Manship - Former Twins pitcher, recently signed to play in Korea

I'm predicting the Falcons because they are such a high powered offense. Plus, I really want them to win because I like Matt Ryan and I'm sick of the Patriots always being in the Super Bowl.

Hector Lujan - Elizabethton RH RP prospect and 2015 draft pick

I'm taking the Patriots winning by a score of 24-17.

Luke Bard - Lookouts RH RP prospect

31-27 Pats. Can't bet against Tommy.

Sean Miller - Miracle infield prospect, 2015 draft pick

Can't go against Tom Brady. I think it'll be a good game, but I'm taking the Patriots!

Mitchell Kranson - Elizabethton C/3B prospect, 2016 draft pick

I have the Patriots winning 35-30.

Tyler Benninghoff - Twins RHP prospect, 2016 draft pick

I got the Pats winning 31-17!

Stephen Gonsalves - Lookouts LHP prospect, Twins Minor League Pitcher of the Year

Atlanta 28-24. Matty Iceis going to take care of business.

Anthony Slama - former Twins pitcher, Slama Time!

Patriots 31-24. Ryan throws one interception, Brady throws one interception. New England will win coin toss and defer.

Cody Stashak - Miracle RHP prospect

I'm going to have to go with Atlanta over New England, 34-31.

Callan Pearce - South African, GCL Twins RH RP prospect

I'm not too clued up on the points system, but I'll have the Patriots winning 34-24.

Cory Provus - Twins Radio Voice

34-24 Falcons.

Austin Malinowski - Minnesotan and former LHP in Twins system

Patriots by 14. Tom Brady Super Bowl MVP!

Brice Zimmerman - The Voice of Miracle baseball

38-31 Falcons. #RiseUp!!!!!

Dallas Gallant - Former Twins RH RP prospect

Patriots win 27-20.

Matt Fiedler - Minnesotan, former Gopher, Big 10 MVP, Cardinals 2016 draft pick

I got the Pats winning 21-17!

Alex Wimmers - Twins RH RP prospect, debuted in 2016

I'm rocking with the Patriots. I can't go against Tom Brady in Super Bowls. Even though he went to Michigan... He just plays well in big games and the Atlanta defense won't know how to stop them. The Patriots will shut down Julio and the Falcons won't make the right adjustments in which they need to. I got Patriots 31, Falcons 17 with Matt Ryan throwing a Pick-6 at the end of the game when they are trying to mount a game-tying drive at the end of the game.

LaTroy Hawkins - former Twins pitcher, spent 21 years in MLB, Twins Special Assistant to Baseball Operations

I'm rooting for Brady and the Pats, 27-21. Can't wait for the Commissioner to hand that trophy to Brady/Kraft.

Ryan Mason - Elizabethton RHP prospect, 2016 draft pick

My prediction for Sunday's Super Bowl:
Patriots 27-24 over the Falcons.
Go Brady!

Josh Rabe - former Twins outfielder, current head coach and Quincy University

Patriots 34, Atlanta 31 -- Brady and Bill will find a way.

Terry Doyle - former Twins Rule 5 pick

I think the Patriots win a close one. 27-24 is my guess.

Dan Osterbrock - former Twins LHP prospect

Patriots 31, Falcons 24. Tom Brady is the MVP and secretly spits in his hand before shaking Roger Goodell's hand (just like we used to do in Little League after a loss).

Steve Blevins - former Twins RH RP prospect

31-28 Patriots.

Chris Colabello - former Twins DH, recently signed with Cleveland

I'm not a big prediction guy because I think the team that scores the most points will end up winning... haha (that's why they play the game)

With all the bias in the world, as a Pats fan… Pats 37-21 with a garbage time TD by Atlanta. But, I actually hope it's close because Super Bowls are way better when they're down to the wire.

Matt Albanese - Twins outfield prospect, 2016 draft pick

Pats got it ..... Bill and Tom are winners.

Todd Van Steensel - Australian, Twin RH RP prospect

I reckon Patriots will win 34-17.

Ethan Mildren - former Twins RHP prospect

I'd like to see the Patriots lose for my beating my Steelers, but I think they are going to win 24-17.

Steve Singleton - former Twins 2B prospect, currently Miracle hitting coach

Atlanta 35-31.

Sean Johnson - Twins Direction of Scouting

I'll go 35-31 Patriots. Hard to not bet on Brady. Atlanta puts up some points but won't quite get it done.

Tim Shibuya - former Twins RHP prospect

Patriots win 24-17.

Brian Dinkelman - former Twins 2B/OF, current Kernels hitting coach

I'm going Patriots 27-23 . Late TD by Pats wins it.

Austin Tribby - Elizabethton LH RP prospect, 2016 draft pick

I think the Patriots will win... Tom Brady is the GOAT, and unfortunately I don't think it will be a close game. I'm calling 42-20.

Dalton Hicks - Lookouts 1B prospect

I think my man Tom is going to have a good day. They are going to win 24-17 ! Go Dolphins!

AJ Pettersen - former Twins infield prospect, current head coach Chanhassen HS

I'll take Patriots 28-17!

Jake Proctor - former Twins OF prospect

Pats have been there-done that far too many times. Falcons come out hot with an early lead, but Tom leads a late comeback to remind people. He's the GOAT. Patriots 31, Falcons 28.

Isaiah Aluko - GCL Twins outfield prospect, 2016 signee

Yes, I am. My prediction is that the Falcons will win 27-24 on a last minute field goal. #Riseup

Jacque Jones - former Twins outfielder, current Nationals assistant hitting coach

Don't really care who wins. Just wanna see an exciting game.

Tyler Beardsley - Kernels RHP prospect, 2016 draft pick

Patriots 34-31.

Chris Mazza - former Twins RHP prospect, currently in Marlins system

Falcons 36-27, and Jones will have over 150 yards receiving and 2 TDs.

Griffin Jax - Twins RHP prospect, 2016 draft pick

I really do not care who wins. I just love watching football and am excited for a good game!

John Curtiss - Miracle RH RP prospect

I think the Patriots are gonna win! I like Brady a lot, respect that guy.

AJ Achter - former Twins pitcher, currently with the Detroit Tigers

I'll go Pats 28-24. As much as I dislike them because I'm a Bills fan, I can't go against Brady, the best QB of all-time, and I believe he will get his 5th ring.

Niko Goodrum - Lookouts IF/OF prospect

Of course I'm riding with my home team. Falcons all day, every day!

Trey Vavra - Miracle 1B prospect

They destroyed the Packers... my heart is broke. Go Falcons! 27-23.

Austin Diemer - Miracle OF prospect

31-28 Patriots... going to be a competitive game but Brady won't let his boys lose!

Logan Lombana - Miracle RH RP prospect

Pats 34-31!

Trevor Plouffe - former Twins 3B, recently signed with the Oakland A's

Patriots 38-35

Dave St. Peter - Minnesota Twins President

New England 30, Atlanta 27 (Overtime)

Robby Incmikoski - former FSN reporter, now at Root Sports in Pittsburgh

Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are playing in their own world right now and everyone else is just a spectator, and it's fun to watch! But here's the rub: I have a REALLY hard time betting against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. I predict a high-scoring, entertaining game.....and a 34-31 Patriots win!

Trevor Hildenberger - Lookouts RH RP prospect (two-time Twins Daily Minor League Relief Pitcher of the Year)

I think the Pats win by a touchdown or 2. When you give Belichick time to prepare, it helps the Patriots take away what the other team does best. I think the Pats slow down the Falcons enough to win

Tommy Watkins - former Twins player, current Kernels manager

Patriots 24-21.

Will Hurt - former Twins infield prospect


Michael Theofanopoulos - Miracle LH RP prospect

I have Falcons 34, Patriots 28.

LaMonte Wade - Miracle outfield prospect

Pats 28 Falcons 21.

This page will continue to be updated until the Super Bowl starts late Sunday afternoon. As of right now, here is how our picks are leaning.

Patriots 59, Falcons 25

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Halsey Hall
Feb 04 2017 07:45 AM

Pats are favored by 3, but I'll take the Falcons straight up as they win the turnovers.

In no world are the Falcons beating new England by 17 points.
I'm really struggling to understand what you're thinking there Seth.


In no world are the Falcons beating new England by 17 points.
I'm really struggling to understand what you're thinking there Seth.


I guess we'll find out. Maybe it's wishful thinking... 

Feb 04 2017 11:58 AM
Being a Vikings fan and remembering how the ghetto Falcons destroyed our 1998 dream season, my heart says Patriots. However, my brain says the Falcons offense is too much. Falcons 41, Pats 31.

In no world are the Falcons beating new England by 17 points.
I'm really struggling to understand what you're thinking there Seth.

Hey, go big or go home :)
    • Oldgoat_MN likes this
I predict I'll be up at 3, getting a brisket into the smoker.

As to the game, I predict a NE win. 31-27 sounds about right. Somehow, Belichek will find a way to bend the odds slightly in his favor in a technically legal but entirely questionable way.
    • Oldgoat_MN and Vanimal46 like this
Bark's Lounge
Feb 04 2017 03:39 PM

NE will win and the score will be somewhere in the 24-17 area. NE's defense will do enough and Brady will do enough to get the job done.

Feb 04 2017 04:41 PM

I'm surprised so much of the money is going on the Pats. 2 weeks ago a lot of folks were talking about the ATL - GB matchup almost like it was a formality on the way to a Rodgers -  Brady showdown at the SB. That Falcons offense is good. Like, better than the '99 Rams good.

5dimes has the Falcons at +138, that seems like a solid bet to me.

In 2013 Austin Malinowski had a 1.091 WHIP with 9.6 SO/9 as a 20 year old. Sure it was rookie ball, but it was only his second year. How could he ‘retire’?
Can we get him to join the Lookouts? Even if he likes the Pats.

Feb 04 2017 06:50 PM
My standard line is, "Football and basketball are just something to have on TV until baseball comes around." The best part of the Super Bowl is that it means it's only about a week until pitchers and catchers report.

That said, I think it speaks highly of this site that so many players and others responded. Thanks again for all you do to make this a great distraction from the stuff I SHOULD be doing.
    • SQUIRREL likes this
Feb 04 2017 10:01 PM


I predict I'll be up at 3, getting a brisket into the smoker.

As to the game, I predict a NE win. 31-27 sounds about right. Somehow, Belichek will find a way to bend the odds slightly in his favor in a technically legal but entirely questionable way.


31-27 Pats is my prediction as well.

Pats win 28-13

Danny Amendola- 3 TD's, 180 yards receiving.

Vote here: 



I predict I'll be up at 3, getting a brisket into the smoker.

As to the game, I predict a NE win. 31-27 sounds about right. Somehow, Belichek will find a way to bend the odds slightly in his favor in a technically legal but entirely questionable way.

My buddy is currently smoking brisket as well.... WAY more excited for the grub tonight than the game.

Menu tonight:

BBQ chicken sliders
Pizza dip
Spinach dip
Cookies and other assorted desserts

Defense will play a bigger role than people think.  20 - 17 Falcons.

Pardon My Dinger
Feb 05 2017 04:04 PM
Do you guys know who I think is going to win tonight?
Pardon My Dinger
Feb 05 2017 04:49 PM
Pardon My Dinger
Feb 05 2017 04:49 PM
I got a real hot take.
Bark's Lounge
Feb 05 2017 05:29 PM


Do you guys know who I think is going to win tonight?

Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen?

Pardon My Dinger
Feb 05 2017 05:48 PM
Close. The fans. I was gonna say the fans.

Heh... good fun, Seth, this was a treat.


Personally, I gotta go with Dan Osterbrock's comment! Nyuk, nyuk!  


Merican football


Ah, cool, the Super Bowl is here.


Which means baseball season is just around the corner.


Which matters far more than the Super Bowl.

In no world are the Falcons beating new England by 17 points.
I'm really struggling to understand what you're thinking there Seth.

I'm officially an idiot.
Halsey Hall
Feb 05 2017 09:53 PM

Huge choke job, just sucked.


    • Vanimal46 likes this
Bark's Lounge
Feb 05 2017 09:59 PM

Holy ****! I cannot believe the Pats won this one. Wow!

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