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Twins Sign Belisle: What Does This Mean?

On Tuesday afternoon, the Minnesota Twins announced that reliever Matt Belisle had signed with the Twins after being released a day earlier by Cleveland. Infielder Gregorio Petit was Designated for Assignment to make room on the 40-man and 25-man rosters. It was a minor transaction, in the big picture, but it certainly created a ton of discussion. What does this signing mean for the Twins? Let’s try to figure it out.
Image courtesy of RIck Osentoski, USA Today
When the news came out that the Twins had signed Matt Belisle, my level of surprise was fairly low. I don’t know why. It just seems like what we would have always deemed a “Twins” type of move. The DFAing of Petit was also not a surprise.

But as I gave it more thought, my mind raced in several different directions, and at the end of the day, I’m much calmer, but I can’t say that the move makes any more sense than it did eight hours ago. It still begs several questions.

1.) What Does Matt Belisle Have Left?

Matt Belisle got off to a very slow start last year with the Minnesota Twins, but he turned it on in the second half. He pitched well and did a nice job as the Twins closer after the Brandon Kintzler trade at the deadline.

Late in the offseason, he signed a one year, $1.5 million deal with Cleveland. He made the Opening Day roster. He began the season with three scoreless outings before giving up runs in his next three outings. He responded with two scoreless outings. Cleveland DFAd him. Belisle became a free agent, but soon re-signed with the team. He was released on Sunday and signed with the Twins on Tuesday.

In his 10 2/3 innings, he posted a 5.06 ERA. He walked one and struck out just four. In nine outings (and also 10 2/3 innings) for Triple-A Columbus, Belisle posted a 4.22 ERA with one walk and 11 strikeouts.

In other words, he shouldn’t be a late-inning reliever, but the 38-year-old can probably be a solid big league pitcher still.

2.) What Does It Say About The Front Office’s Opinion of the AAA Relievers?

This was my first thought, and I know it was the thought of many others. First and foremost, it is inexplicable to me that Alan Busenitz isn’t pitching in the big leagues. Of course, that was my opinion before the Belisle signing. He pitched well late in the 2017 season for the Twins and became a reliable arm for Paul Molitor.

While Busenitz didn’t make the Opening Day roster, he was promoted in mid-April. He then pitched in four of the next six games. The Twins were struggling and needed arms, so Busenitz was sent back to Rochester. In 14 games for the Red Wings, He has posted a 0.38 ERA. In 24 innings, he has given up 15 hits, walked five and struck out 28. The 27-year-old has nothing to prove in AAA, and he still have some upside.

But Busenitiz isn’t the only reliever in Rochester who has to be wondering what the Twins front office is thinking.
  • Tyler Duffey was just sent down over the weekend to make room for outfielder Jake Cave. Duffey had pitched well in limited duty since being called back up. That said, it did make sense to want a fourth bench bat. So, three days later, adding a bullpen arm and going back to three bench bats has to make him think. In 26 innings over 11 outings for the Red Wings, Duffey has posted a 1.38 ERA. He’s walked seven and struck out 26 batters.
  • John Curtiss has the pitches to be a dominant reliever. While his short stay with the Twins earlier this season wasn’t pretty, it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) limit anyone’s idea of his potential. Coming into Tuesday, he had a 1.61 ERA in 22 1/3 innings. In that time, he had 31 strikeouts, but ten walks.
  • Luke Bard has 19 strikeouts and six walks in his 17 innings (11 games) since his return to the Red Wings after his stint with the Los Angeles Angels. His big fastball, slider and spin rates are pretty much big league ready.
  • Nick Anderson has given up nine earned runs in his last three outings (2 2/3 innings) which raised his season ERA from 1.16 to 4.15. So, as rough as this current “slump” is, it’s important to think about the first 14 games and 23 1/3 innings. In his 26 innings, he has walked 12 and struck out 39.
  • Jake Reed remains in the organization. He missed time earlier in the year and has struggled somewhat in his return. In his 15 2/3 innings over ten outings, he has walked seven and struck out 14 batters.
  • While he’s left-handed, Gabriel Moya has also pitched well in his five weeks with the Red Wings after being optioned at the end of April. He’s posted a 2.11 ERA in 21 1/3 innings. In that time, he has walked eight and struck out 29 batters.
  • Trevor May is working his way back from Tommy John surgery. As his rehab stint ended, the Twins optioned him to Rochester and he has worked out of the bullpen since. At some point, he’ll be ready as well.
That is a lot of quality options who all were just told that they have been pushed down the line another spot with the Belisle signing.

The team likely calls it "depth." Hopefully the players will consider it a challenge. The other option is that they get overly upset and don't handle it well.

3.) What Kind of Leader is Belisle? (And What Kind of Leadership Does This Twins Team Need?)

Matt Belisle likely isn’t going to be a difference maker for the Twins bullpen (which, frankly, has been pretty solid most of the season). The Twins have pitchers at Rochester who are just as talented, if not more talented, and younger. What we keep hearing is that the Twins are bringing in Belisle for his leadership in the clubhouse.

Fair enough. There were plenty of good stories in 2017 about the role Belisle played for the team, particularly in a leadership role.

However, when the Twins signed Fernando Rodney, there was some conversation about him being brought in as a leader for the pitchers. Then Zack Duke was signed, and we heard about how great of a teammate he is. And, when they signed Addison Reed, his leadership was again mentioned.

I don’t mean to downplay the value of veteran leadership. It is important. But there are a lot of veterans, and there are a lot of veterans who are touted as leaders, and there are several indications that the clubhouse is not a happy place right now. There are issues. The team is five games under .500, not at all where they felt they would be at this point,

Can Matt Belisle’s leadership push the Twins to more wins? That is to be determined. Can he help the Twins offense score more runs? That would also be helpful. As would getting more of the regulars back on the field and healthy.


So at the end of the day, this is a minor move. Matt Belisle probably has a little left in the tank. Maybe he can help out. Maybe he can eat some of the innings that are currently constantly going to Addison Reed and Ryan Pressly so that they don’t reach 100 games pitched this year. Trevor Hildenberger is starting to take more and more of those opportunities, and Matt Magill has pitched well enough to earn those opportunities as well.

We have also seen what Paul Molitor likes from his bullpen. He trusts Addison Reed and Ryan Pressly. In the first half last year, he trusted Taylor Rogers and ran him into the ground by the second half. We saw that somewhat in the second half last year when he used Trevor Hildenberger most every day over the final couple of months. My guess is that Molitor will not be afraid to use Matt Belisle late in games because of how well he did in the role last year. Trust.

I also suspect that this is one move that the front office is giving Molitor and the team, a veteran, in an attempt to win this year. The trade deadline is about seven weeks away. By mid-July, the front office will have some big decisions to make. Most important, will they believe that the Twins could still make the playoffs this year? As Nick wrote yesterday, it’s not yet time to give up on this year.

What this signing appears to me to be, in the big picture, is a message to the team and its veterans that they have a little over a month to turn things around and put themselves in a position to compete for a playoff spot. If not, all bets are off and at that time, we can start discussing which veterans could be on the trading block and which players will come up to take their places.

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What you are seeing as blowing 1 run leads I see as variance, statistical noise. This is a really good bullpen, overused, but really good. At least a lot better than the team we're chasing. If there's a problem with the bullpen moving forward it's because Molitor is about as advanced in his decision making as a 1980s college coach.
I would have already fired him for his bullpen management. Ask Addison Reed whether he regrets signing with the Twins. I guarantee Pressley wants out too.

Maybe you have that backwards. Ask the Twins if they regret signing Addison Reed. He has had a pretty damaging couple weeks.
Jun 13 2018 10:39 PM


Maybe you have that backwards. Ask the Twins if they regret signing Addison Reed. He has had a pretty damaging couple weeks.


Sure. That's possible. I just think it's a lot more likely that we had 2 elite relief pitchers that were Thibodeau'd and now they can't get anyone out. You can't be thrilled with their Usage % right? It's unheard of in the modern era. I'm almost certain that within the last couple weeks the FO told Molitor that he needed to change his usage. It was cringeworthy.

Molitor only trusts “veterans (old farts), and obviously can’t relate to younger players. This has been the MAIN criticism of him in his tenure with the Twins. I think it’s pretty obvious he cannot manage a major league pitching staff.
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I just threw up again tonight when I thought about the Belisle signing........

Jun 14 2018 03:00 AM

This means we are sellers and will patch together a lineup/bullpen using whatever we can find to make it through the rest of the season while players are traded away.They did something similar last season and we were in a better position then, than we are now.


If they activate Mauer soon (he just started a rehab assignment for Rochester yesterday), this also means the only move they can really make is sending down LaMarre or Cave (barring another injury in the meantime). So gone is the CF platoon, and say hello to Robbie Grossman, exclusive 4th outfielder again.

That last sentence has given me a splitting headache!

Jun 14 2018 06:36 AM
Or, they could subtract a pitcher. Magill hasn’t pitched in 10 days now. They obviously have too many. Maybe that’s a great idea. DL Reed for 10 days now. Put Pressly on the DL when he gets back.

As baffling as this move seems, there is only one thing that the return of Belisle could mean: the second coming of Bartolo Colon to the Twin Cities!

I really don't have that strong of an option on whether...or how realistic it might be...that Belisle is in a position to help more than Duffey or Busenitz over the next month.Although, I think it more likely that Molitor is simply more likely to actually USE Belisle than he would the other two.So, I guess that would be the good part of this...if you want to call it that.


Mostly though, it's a frustrating move to me simply because it takes a 40-man roster that already seemed absurd...and makes it seem...well, absurder.24 spots consumed by pitchers...at least 10 of which are not being considered...or apparently even that close to being considered, for the active roster...and of course that doesn't count the pitchers on the 25-man that the manager doesn't want to use.Has to be some kind of a record.

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