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Twins Game Recap (9/16): Berrios tosses a strong 7.1 innings

After a big series win in Cleveland, the Twins welcomed the White Sox to town Monday night. The lineup continued to get healthy as Marwin Gonzalez returned to the lineup and Jose Berrios looked good again as the Twins won 5-3.
Box Score
Starter Jose Berrios: 7.1 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 8 K, 69% strikes (65 of 94 pitches)
Bullpen: 1.2 IP, 1 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 2 K

Home Runs: None
Multi-Hit Games: Luis Arraez (3-for-4), Mitch Garver (2-for-3)

Top 3 WPA: Mitch Garver (.205), Jose Berrios (.204), Luis Arraez (.182)
Bottom 3 WPA: Jake Cave (-.197), Eddie Rosario (-.109), Sergio Romo (-.002)

It took Jose Berrios some time to get locked in, resulting in the White Sox taking an early 2-0 lead. The first coming off of a sacrifice fly from Jose Abreu and the second from a Jame McCann home run.

That lead didn’t last long as the Twins strung some singles together to get runners on base and tie the game up 2-2 after a Jorge Polanco sac fly and a Nelson Cruz single. It was from that point on that Berrios settled in and wouldn’t allow the White Sox to produce any more runs off.

A Garver RBI double in the fifth and the strangest two-run single by Luis Arraez put the Twins up 5-2 after six innings. That lead backed Berrios as he continued to pitch well with good velocity and made it into the eighth inning before giving way to the bullpen.

Romo giving up a home run late is depressing but all in all a solid game by the Twins. It was fun watching Marwin play again especially his reaction to the successful pick-off from Berrios.

The big take away as we look to the postseason is that Berrios is looking more and more like a pitcher who can help lead the team in some big games. And apparently the Twins don't need to hit home runs to win games. Who knew?

Postgame With Baldelli
Coming Soon

Bullpen Usage Spreadsheet
Click here for a review of the number of pitches thrown by each member of the bullpen over the past five days.

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Remember when?


D. SpanCF
O. Hudson2B
J. MauerC
D. YoungLF
J. ThomeDH
M. Cuddyer1B
J. KubelRF
  J. RepkoPR-RF
D. Valencia3B
  M. TolbertPR-3B
J.J. HardySS



Box score from last time Twins played a playoff series in 2010.


That was a decent starting lineup. Valencia hadn't quite gotten it together yet and Hardy had an off year, but that lineup deserved to be division champs.

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Berrios looked good last night. It was pretty fun listening to Joe Mays come in the booth and marvel at the movement on his curve, nice little interlude but also added something to the broadcast. (and refreshing contrast to the "in my day, everyone was tougher/better/smarter" stories you sometimes get)


Arraez just keeps on hitting. He's not going to be a power bat, but I think he'll be able to shoot enough balls into gaps to maintain a respectable enough slugging % to go with a mighty high BA & OBP. He's an absolute keeper at 2B.

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That was a decent starting lineup. Valencia hadn't quite gotten it together yet and Hardy had an off year, but that lineup deserved to be division champs.

Valencia hit .311 that year.Hardy was decent as well at .268. It was a very good lineup but the big bummer was Morneau had an OPS of 1.055 after 81 games before going down with concussion.  

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That hit by Arraez looked like one of those hits when I was kid playing at Rocket Park in Anoka, MN. You never knew when a batted ball was going ricochet off a stone or hardened clump of mud.


I saw the video from a couple of angles. Moncada completely guessed correctly. The ball just seemed to have a mind of its own.

"I am a base hit gosh darn it, and you can't do anything to stop me."


The most fun single of the season.

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I agree but it's not gonna matter anyways. The Twins don't have the starters to compete with any of the playoff teams at this point. Anything is possible i guess, but i just don't see it when you have to rely on Gibson and Perez who have both been awful down the stretch here.

Take a look at the Yankees starters and tell me we can't compete with them with what we have. One guy barely under 4.00 ERA. Their strength is their offense and their bullpen. So is ours. Houston is a different story. We have about as much chance against them as our 87 team did against the Tigers. No sarcasm or snarkiness intended there.They had 9-0 Doyle Alexander with a 1.53 ERA, Jack Morris in his prime and two good other starters.We were 4-8 against them during the regular season.Twins were not likely to beat them. If anything this team has a better chance against the Astros.  

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I liked the camaraderie on the field after the game. No big celebration but guys just hangin' and enjoying the win. Polanco and Arraez ... Sano and Gonzo... looked like family (send in the memes).

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Toss a good game against a quality team and I will be impressed. Glad we got the win.

He did in his last start, against Washington.

Also, there are no more good opponents this season. Be prepared to remain unimpressed, I guess.

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I liked the camaraderie on the field after the game. No big celebration but guys just hangin' and enjoying the win. Polanco and Arraez ... Sano and Gonzo... looked like family (send in the memes).

Also took notice of those shots at the end of last nights game.Just love the chemistry of this team.That's the reason I am fearful should they trade any of the top 10. 

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Sep 17 2019 10:23 AM


The Twins need Jose Berrios. He appears to be back on track after turning in another strong start tonight.


So messed up there for a while that some of us had forgotten what he looked like.Back in form in the nick of time.

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