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Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:52 AM
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Kyle Gibson optioned

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:50 AM
Well, it appears that Bartolo Colon will continue to pitch after his five inning, three-run outing on Monday night in LA. The club announ...
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Article: 5 Reasons You Should Love The Jaime Garcia Trade

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:50 AM
Allow me to set the stage.The year is 2011, and a young left-hander by the name of Jaime Garcia is establishing himself as a frontline st...
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Haley Outrighted, Sent Back to Boston

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:52 AM
Justin Haley has spent most of this season on the Disabled List as the team's Rule 5 pick. However, his 30-day DL stint comes to an end o...
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Twins Draft Preview: Mock Draft v.3.0

This is the third and final (as of now) mock draft in advance of this weekend's MLB draft. You can view the first mock and second mock as well.
Attached Image: mlb-draft.jpg
Before I get into it, I'm going to post what I believe is the Twins draft board (explanation to follow):

1) Brady Aiken, LHP, California prep
2) Nick Gordon, SS, Florida prep
3) Alex Jackson, C/OF, California prep
4) Tyler Kolek, RHP, Texas prep
5) Sean Newcomb, LHP, Hartford
 [/HR]I think, talent-wise, that Carlos Rodon, LHP, NC State should be included, but I don't get the feeling that the Twins are confident they could fit Rodon into their budget. While Boras represents Rodon, I don't think that really matters; Rodon doesn't appear to be willing to settle for anything less than Top 2 money.

I'm also not entirely confident that Kolek, Newcomb and Aaron Nola, RHP, LSU (who would be #6) are in the correct order. In essence, any one of those guys could be #4 on their board. As it is, if the Top 3 (plus Rodon) are off the board when the Twins go on the clock, they might just pull the trigger on Newcomb, who could be #1 on their board and immediately know they'll be able to aim higher for the rest of the draft.

But enough about the Twins (even though that's why you're here). There are four other teams ahead of them that could really mess things up. Let's get right into it...

1. Houston - Brady Aiken, LPH, California prep - I'm going to leave this one alone, for the simple fact that I have no reason to change it. My mind says Aiken; but my body, my body is telling me Alex Jackson. I think this will be debated in the Houston draft room until the clock starts ticking. (Last week: No change)

2. Miami - Alex Jackson, C/OF, California prep - I actually switched this to Rodon, did the write-up and talked myself out of it. The deciding factor for me - and it may mean nothing - is giving up that Comp pick last weekend (and the money attached to it). If they knew it was going to take extra money to get Rodon done, wouldn't they have used some of that money on Rodon, if that's what it took? Yeah, plus the Marlins owners are dumb. So who really knows. (Last week: No change)

3. Chicago White Sox - Carlos Rodon, LHP, NC State - I've had Kolek in this place the previous two times, but it sounds like teams are getting cold feet when it comes to drafting a guy that, essentially, only has big velo. Unprecedented really, but a big risk. If they roll with Kolek, the Rodon drop could get long. (Last week: Tyler Kolek, RHP, Texas prep)

4. Chicago Cubs - Kyle Schwarber, C, Indiana - Not necessarily the first, second or third direction I'd go here, but I can't ignore the late buzz despite my better judgment telling me it's a smokescreen to drive down the money demand from Nick Gordon. (Last week - Carlos Rodon, LHP, NC State)

5. Minnesota - Nick Gordon, SS, Florida prep - Gordon goes here because he's the top-ranked player left according to the board above. Honestly, the Twins would love for it to play out this way. People are going to hate on passing on Kolek. Not this guy. (Last week: Aaron Nola, RHP, LSU)

6. Seattle - Sean Newcomb, LHP, Hartford - (Last week: Nick Gordon, SS, Florida prep)

7. Philadelphia - Aaron Nola, RHP, LSU - (Last week: Sean Newcomb, LHP, Hartford)

8. Colorado - Kyle Freeland, LHP, Evansville - (Last week: No change)

9. Toronto - Trea Turner, SS, NC State - (Last week: No change)

10. New York Mets - Tyler Kolek, RHP, Texas prep - Once the tumble starts, there's no telling where it will stop. While I could see Kolek going to Colorado, the drop could continue to at least San Diego at 13. If it's Rodon that falls - with Kolek going at #3 - this should also be his floor. (Last week: Michael Conforto, OF, Oregon State)

11. Toronto - Touki Toussaint, RHP, Florida prep - (Last week: Jeff Hoffman, RHP, East Carolina)

12. Milwaukee - Grant Holmes, RHP, South Carolina prep - (Last week: No change)

13. San Diego - Michael Conforto, OF, Oregon State - (Last week: Touki Toussaint, RHP, Florida prep)

14. San Francisco - Luis Ortiz, RHP, California prep - (Last week: Tyler Beede, RHP, Vanderbilt)

15. LA Angels - Tyler Beede, RHP, Vanderbilt - (Last week: Max Pentecost, C, Kennesaw State)

16. Arizona - Max Pentecost, C, Kennesaw State - (Last week: Monte Harrison, OF, Missouri prep)

17. Kansas City - Kodi Medeiros, LHP, Hawaii prep - (Last week: Sean Reid-Foley, RHP, Florida prep)

18. Washington - Jeff Hoffman, RHP, East Carolina - (Last week: Bradley Zimmer, OF, San Francisco)

19. Cincinnati - Brandon Finnegan, LHP, TCU - (Last week: Kyle Schwarber, C, Indiana)

20. Tampa Bay - Bradley Zimmer, OF, San Francisco - (Last week: AJ Reed, 1B, Kentucky)

21. Cleveland - Casey Gillaspie, 1B, Wichita State - (Last week: Erick Fedde, RHP, UNLV)

22. LA Dodgers - Sean Reid-Foley, RHP, Florida prep - (Last week: Derek Hill, OF, California prep)

23. Detroit - Nick Howard, RHP, Virginia - (Last week: Nick Burdi, RHP, Louisville)

24. Pittsburgh - Monte Harrison, OF, Missouri prep - (Last week: Brandon Finnegan, LHP, TCU)

25. Oakland - Ti’quan Forbes, SS, Mississippi prep - (Last week: No changes)

26. Boston - Derek Fisher, OF, Virginia - (Last week: No change)

27. St. Louis - Jacob Gatewood, 3B, California prep - (Last week: Kodi Medeiros, LHP, Hawaii prep)

28. Kansas City - Erick Fedde, RHP, UNLV - (Last week: Jacob Gatewood, 3B, California prep)

29. Cincinnati - Michael Kopech, RHP, Texas prep - (Last week: Spencer Adams, RHP, Georgia prep)

30. Texas - Michael Chavis, 3B, Georgia prep - (Last week: Jack Flaherty, RHP, California prep)

31. Cleveland - Derek Hill, OF, California prep - (Last week: Jacob Lindgren, LHP, Mississippi State)

32. Atlanta - Michael Gettys, OF, Georgia prep - (Last week: No change)

33. Boston - Spencer Adams, RHP, Georgia prep - (Last week: Luis Ortiz, RHP, California prep)

34. St. Louis - Forrest Wall, 2B, Florida prep (Last week: Justus Sheffield, LHP, Tennessee prep)

35. Colorado - A.J. Reed, 1B, Kentucky

36. Miami - Luke Weaver, RHP, Florida State

37. Houston - Nick Burdi, RHP, Louisville

38. Cleveland - Justus Sheffield, LHP, Tennessee prep

39. Pittsburgh - Foster Griffin, LHP, Florida prep

40. Kansas City - Mike Papi, LF, Virginia

41. Milwaukee - Alex Blandino, 2B, Stanford

42. Houston - Jacob Bukauskas, RHP, Virginia prep

43. Miami - Josh Morgan, SS, Florida prep

44. Chicago White Sox - Matt Chapman, 3B, Fullerton

45. Chicago Cubs - Brian Anderson, OF, Arkansas

46. Minnesota - Cody Reed, LHP, Alabama prep

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