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Free Agency / Re-Signings 2020-21 Offseason

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Comments on 41 MLB baseball I visited with 5 to go

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Twins Announce Plans to Extend Netting at Target Field

Fan safety has been a concern in recent years with many MLB organizations extending netting down both baselines. Some clubs have gone as far as to extend netting from foul pole to foul pole in an effort to give as much protection as possible to fans. Now the Twins and Target Field have announced plans to continue their efforts to put fan safety as a top priority
Image courtesy of Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
Minnesota will be making multiple changes to their safety netting prior to the start of the 2020 season. Besides extending netting down both foul lines, the height of the netting above the dugouts will also be raised.

According to the Twins, the following Target Field seating areas will be covered by fan safety netting:
· Dugout Box (Sections 1, 16 and 17)
· Dugout Box Infield (Sections 2-6 and 11-15)
· Thomson Reuters Champions Club (Sections 7-10)
· Diamond Box (Sections 103-104 and 124-125)
· Infield Box (Sections 105-108 and 120-123)
· Home Plate Box (109-119)

Extensions to the current netting will extend 85 more feet down the left field line and 65 feet further down the right field line. Minnesota had made previous netting changes before the 2016 and 2018 seasons. With the additions, netting now extends 255 feet down the right field line and 275 feet down the left field line. Four feet were added to the top of the dugouts to raise the height from 12 feet to 16 feet. Also, both foul lines added a minimum of seven feet in height at their tallest point.

In a release to season ticket holders, the Twins said…
“All Target Field fan safety netting uses state-of-the art technology, with thin strands and a knotless intersection to deliver a minimally obtrusive viewing experience. The netting is also composed of a combination of green hues, allowing it to blend with the playing field and provide greater visibility. Ensuring the unique baseball tradition of pregame player interaction remains part of the Target Field fan experience, the new netting is designed to be detached at the base and rolled up, providing a specific fan access point down each foul line during batting practice.”

What are your thoughts on extending netting at Target Field?

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Is this the news we have been waiting for?Is this the December move?

    • PDX Twin likes this

In a somewhat related story they also plan on extending their record setting streak of not having a playoff worthy SP rotation.....


...What?!Too soon?

Does this count as a team improvement transaction?

Since we can't fill our rotation its for the protection of our fans when the other team is batting - the netting will extend to the outfield seats.  

    • jkcarew and Huskertwin like this
Dec 04 2019 09:44 PM

There goes my ammo for getting the older kids off SnapChat so that they actually watch the game.


It also means the younger ones who haven't been to a game yet don't have to go through my old first game hazing ritual.That old "Here's a ball to the face, so you know what it feels like and pay attention" is sooo 2009.Time to reallocate some of the ice and dentist bill money to another part of the family budget.

    • 70charger, USNMCPO, jrod23 and 1 other like this
It seems like the right thing to do. Quite a few of the games I went to last season, I participated in the Game Thread. Not paying as close attention to the game as I should have.
    • flags and Nine of twelve like this

It seems like the right thing to do. Quite a few of the games I went to last season, I participated in the Game Thread. Not paying as close attention to the game as I should have.

So you’re saying they extended the nets because of you...
    • Puckett34 and Sconnie like this

Makes me feel like I'm at a zoo.I went to one minor league game in the Carolinas with extended fencing all the way down (Carolina Mudcats).Couldn't stand it.Completely made me feel segregated from the game.I get it though.A screamer down the line is dangerous.Just sucks.

    • 70charger likes this



according to this article hundreds of people have been injured by balls going into the stands and a 79 year old mother of three and grandmother of seven died as a result of those injuries


but as others have pointed out here, the twins extending the netting is meaningless because they haven't yet signed a big free agent by december 4th

    • adjacent likes this
Dec 05 2019 01:29 AM

I'm all for extending the netting. It definitely fills some holes that became evident as the season wore on. Especially with the new rules coming into effect next year, having the extended netting will be a big plus. You sometimes need to spend a little money if you want the netting to remain competitive. Look at Houston, they extended the netting in mid-season this last year and they had a wonderful playoff run. I couldn't find any stats on netting extension in fangraphs, but I'm sure Houston as a team benefited immensely from extending the netting. This NY Post article sums it up nicely: 




It's good to see that the Twins are thinking of following in the Astros' footsteps. The Twins may be a step behind the Astros when it comes to netting, but the extension would be welcome news indicating how serious the FO is about closing the gap. Let's hope they are really serious about this extension! I don't want to be going into next season scouring other ballparks' junkyards trying to find decent netting. I'm tired of not having the world-class netting this club needs to compete, so I don't really care what it costs. If the netting turns out to be not as good as we imagined, at least we can say we tried to improve.


One caveat though, let's get the netting under team control for at least four years. If we're going to spend that kind of money, I don't want it to be for a one-year rental.

    • USAFChief, 70charger and jrod23 like this

I wish they would keep the frigging tarp off the field unless the weather looks questionable. No need for these damn tarps to be on the field at all most games. As for the netting...... amazing we all survived this long. If your face is in a screen instead of the game, you might deserve a wake up anyway.

I suppose it's inevitable, and perhaps even warranted. But a big part of me hates this. The nets definitely impact viewing the game.
    • jbissell, SockNet and jkcarew like this

So you’re saying they extended the nets because of you...

I can’t take “all” the credit/blame

Conspiracy Theory: A small part of the reason for this change is less foul balls/bats into the stands and into the "Game-used" booth where they can sell for $50-100 each. 

    • jbissell, 70charger and MMMordabito like this

I'm happy they're extending the netting. I have two young kids, and have avoided tickets in the first few rows down the left field line due to no netting. We were over there one game, and believe me, a Sano foul line drive comes at you pretty quick -- even if you are paying attention. It goes beyond paying attention/not paying attention.


    • raindog and Shaitan like this


I suppose it's inevitable, and perhaps even warranted. But a big part of me hates this. The nets definitely impact viewing the game.

This. To me, there are seats that I wouldn't pay a penny for if NOT behind a screen...and then there are seats I wouldn't pay a penny for if they WERE behind a screen. I suppose everyone is going to disagree on this...or at least disagree on where that line is. FWIW, I draw that line well short of the foul polls. But, exit velo, phones, etc....I guess it was inevitable.

    • USAFChief, Twins33 and 70charger like this

I'm all in on extended netting. Goof for them.

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