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Twins Add Three Players To 40 Man Roster

On Monday night, the Minnesota Twins (and teams around MLB) needed to add players to their 40-man roster. By adding these players, they will not be eligible to be selected in the Rule 5 draft next month. They will be at Twins MLB spring training.

The Twins added left-handed pitchers Lewis Thorpe and Stephen Gonsalves and right-handed pitcher Zack Littell.
Image courtesy of Kelly McGlohon
Pitching was the theme of the Twins 40-man roster additions. Adding three pitchers to the roster continues the front office's theme of finding and retaining quality pitching.

Stephen Gonsalves was the easiest choice of the group. The lanky left-hander from California has been the Twins Daily Minor League Starting Pitcher of the Year in 2016 and 2017, and he was the runner-up in 2015. He was invited to spring training in 2017. He had a 9.7 K/9 rate in 2017 in AA and AAA. He will be 23 years old through the majority of the 2018 season.

Gonsalves was excited to learn that he had been added, but knows it comes with more work. He told Twins Daily, "I'm very thankful for the call I received this morning, but this is only a stepping stone to my dream to become a big leaguer. Now it's time to push even a little harder and fight for a jersey."

The Twins acquired right-hander Zack Littell from the Yankees in a late-July trade for Jaime Garcia. On the season, he went 20-1. He went 9-1 with Tampa in the Florida State League. He went 5-0 for Trenton, the Yankees AA team, and then he went 5-0 with Chattanooga. That's 19-1, so I included a playoff win that he got to make it an even 20. His combined ERA was 2.69 and he averaged 8.1 K/9. Littell will be 22 through the 2018 season.

Littell was also excited to learn that he was added to the roster. "It’s awesome to get this news, and I couldn’t be more excited about this year. Obviously this isn’t the end goal, but this step feels really good to have accomplished and motivate me even more to keep going."

Injury always makes 40-man decisions interesting, and the Twins had a couple such decisions. One made the roster.

Lewis Thorpe was a Top 10 Twins prospect as a 19-year-old after a nice showing in Cedar Rapids. Unfortunately, he missed over two seasons due to a Tommy John surgery and a bout with mono. He returned this year, and moved up to Ft. Myers, and he looked good again. He posted a 2.94 ERA in 77 innings in Ft. Myers. He walked 31, but he struck out 84. Thorpe will turn 22 on Thursday.

Thorpe was a little surprised when he got the call today. "It felt awesome when I️ got the call today. I️ was in shock and was just so excited." He continued, "After having two-and-a-bit years out of the game, it’s just a relief they still believe I’ve got what it takes to still get there. I’m very excited for 2018, to see what it has to offer me. I’ve still got to work hard because I️ haven’t made anything yet."

So, there are several players who are more likely to be selected in the Rule 5 draft including Nick Burdi, Jake Reed, Lewin Diaz, Kohl Stewart, Luke Bard, Ryan Eades, Brian Navarreto and Mason Melotakis.

What do you think of the Twins decisions tonight?

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I think Reed is selected for sure, and was slightly surprised he wasn't added. With his past injury concerns and current injury situation...despite his potential...i just don't see Burdi being selected. It just wouldn't make sense, IMO, to grab someone you have to rehab, and then almost assuredly send back anyway.

I'd like to see Stewart back to see if another year and changes in team philosophy can help him make a step forward in 2018. But if you are another team...bad or rebuilding...you can see some potential there, but a mediocre and short AA season with mediocre SO numbers is someone you want to hide in the pen to maybe place at AAA in 2019? I think that's questionable but he could be selected.

A team selecting Diaz from A ball to sit on the bench all season, and probably flounder, just doesn't make sense. I don't see him being selected.

But we always to remember, even if selected, doesn't mean these guys would necessarily be "gone". Any or all selected could be returned.

Based on performance to date, Stewart would not even be in the discussion.We are concerned only due to his draft status.In 5 years he has not done anything to warrant the concern.Losing Rodriguez as a minor league FA was a much bigger deal.I put the likelihood of Stewart being drafted at 75+% and being returned at 50%+.He is the perfect type of prospect for someone to take a flyer on.If he shows something out of a bullpen maybe he sticks with someone.If not, its only a $25k cost.With Diaz, keep in mind that not only does he have to stay on the 25 man all of 2018, but he has to stay on the 40 man indefinitely after that.Removing him would expose him to waiver claims.He is likely 3 to 4 years away from being a contributing major league hitter, so he will be a roster dilemma for years.

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