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Derek Falvey Interview on 1500 ESPN

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Non-Twins Off-season news, tidbits and transactions

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CJ Cron or Justin Bour?

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Article: Standing Pat as a Strategy

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'As we speak cruel time is fleeing. Seize the day, believing as little as possible in the morrow.' – HoraceBy all appearances, this is go...
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Twins Acquire Jake Odorizzi From Rays For Jermaine Palacios

According to multiple reports, the Twins have acquired RHP Jake Odorizzi from the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for shortstop prospect Jermaine Palacios.

Michael Pineda moved to 60-Day Disabled List to make room on the 40-man roster to make room for Odorizzi.
Image courtesy of Derek Hamilton, USA Today
One day after Twins fans were frustrated by the signing of Anibal Sanchez, the Twins have acquired a hard-throwing right-hander from the Tampa Bay Rays.

Odorizzi went 10-8 in 2017 with a 4.14 ERA for the Rays. In his four full major league seasons, he has had ERAs between 3.35 and 4.14. After compiling a 9.3 K/9 rate in his first full season, he has averaged 8.0 K/9 exactly in his last three seasons.

The Twins acquired a guy who will be fit well at the top of the Twins rotation with Ervin Santana and Jose Berrios.

Tweet from Twins PR director Dustin Morse:

The Twins gave up shortstop Jermaine Palacios. The shortstop had a return to prospect status in 2017 after a disappointing and injury-plagued 2016 season. He was just outside of the Twins Daily Top 20 prospect rankings, but was in most Top 30s.

But the Twins have strong shortstop depth throughout the organization. Jorge Polanco is in the big leagues. Nick Gordon should spend most of 2018 in Rochester. And Royce Lewis and Wander Javier are high-ceiling prospects in the lower levels.

Posted Image

Jermaine Palacios was appreciative of the Twins and excited about this trade. Here is what he told Mariana Guzman after the deal.

One day after the Sanchez signing frustrated Twins fans, the Derek Falvey/Thad Levine Twins pulled off what appears to be a very good trade on its surface.

What are your thoughts?

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This, I like

    • PseudoSABR, laloesch, nclahammer and 1 other like this
For Palacios?!
    • nclahammer and bcs4 like this
Feb 17 2018 08:59 PM

Solid move especially if Palacios is the headliner in the deal. Welcome to the Twins, Jake!

    • Dozier's Glorious Hair and caninatl04 like this
Feb 17 2018 09:00 PM
Curious who all the prospects are. Palacios could be a good player but that seems like a good trade depending on the other pieces.
Old Twins Cap
Feb 17 2018 09:00 PM

Palacios is the headliner?


Didn't the Rays just re-assign their pretty-good RF LH Corey Dickerson?


Are you sure Kepler is not involved?

Hoping it rounds out with more bats and not too many arms
Not a front of the rotation improvement, but the middle looks a lot better.

Curious what the full package of prospects entails

Still kinda frustrated about Sanchez
    • Hosken Bombo Disco, laloesch and caninatl04 like this
We keep Gordon and Javier. I like it.
    • howieramone2 and caninatl04 like this

Looks like it was an 1 for 1 trade and Palacios was it.He was number 20 in my Twins' prospect list.


I think that the Twins are not done dealing, since their 40-man roster is now up to 42.They could put Hughes and Pineda on the 60 day DL, but not sure that they will do that for Hughes.


Great 1-1 deal for the Twins

    • glunn, Blake, Danchat and 4 others like this
JUST Palacios?!?!?!
    • glunn, gil4, PseudoSABR and 1 other like this


JUST Palacios?!?!?!

yes.The Twins official Twitter confirmed

    • glunn, Dave The Dastardly and caninatl04 like this
Hosken Bombo Disco
Feb 17 2018 09:09 PM
I've always liked Odorizzi. Not earth shaking but not a bad get, especially if it's just Palacios.
    • beckmt, Danchat and mikelink45 like this
Carole Keller
Feb 17 2018 09:09 PM

I'm okay with this ... especially after yesterday's move ... but I still think it's not the pitcher we need, but will be better than some of the 4 and 5s we put out there last year. I'm not sure I'd say he's a front of the rotation pitcher as indicated above, but will slot well for us. We'll see ... 

    • Blake, Jerr, frightwig and 4 others like this


JUST Palacios?!?!?!

Me likey.

    • Dantes929 likes this
I have enjoyed watching Palacios via stats and minor league write ups, but if it is Odorizzi for Palacios 1-for-1, I think the Twins did well. Well done.
    • Twins33 and bluechipper like this

yes.The Twins official Twitter confirmed

The Rays just got FLEECED!!!! Wow! Our #20 Prospect (Top 25 on most lists) for a SOLID #2 SP. Great work to the Twins' front office! Just wow!
    • laloesch, HitInAPinch, howieramone2 and 2 others like this
Feb 17 2018 09:11 PM
Its not the level of arm we need, but its great value.
    • Carole Keller, USAFChief, glunn and 15 others like this
Feb 17 2018 09:11 PM

Patience is paying off.

All hail Falvey

    • RaymondLuxuryYacht, howieramone2 and Original Whizzinator like this
Good start. Now something for the top.
    • Sam Morley likes this
Okay. So sources say we didn’t ante up enough for Archer. I’m curious. Just Palacios for Odorizzi. What wasn’t enough for Archer? Everyone who knows Twins baseball was like, “...just Palacios?”
Brock Beauchamp
Feb 17 2018 09:14 PM
I wanted something better than Odorizzi but straight up for Palacios?

lol yes every day
    • diehardtwinsfan, gil4, Twins33 and 13 others like this

Don't even give up Gordon!  Great!

    • howieramone2 and Dozier's Glorious Hair like this
I'm wondering if Santana will join Pineda on the 60 day to make room for all these starting pitchers

I'm pretty skeptical Odorizzi is anything above a number 5 starter anymore, but for Palacios, sure, why not. 

    • mikelink45, Vanimal46, d-mac and 1 other like this

I'm pretty skeptical Odorizzi is anything above a number 5 starter anymore, but for Palacios, sure, why not.

Why? He has been solid since he entered the league, he is a 3/4 imo.

Great trade though.
    • SwainZag, Danchat, bluechipper and 4 others like this

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