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Article: The Artist Currently Known as Taylor Rogers

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Let’s get this out of the way from the beginning; Taylor Rogers is good. Despite parting with one of the best relievers in baseball in Ry...
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Game Thread Twins @ Angels 8:07pm CDT 5/22/2019 AD

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A get-away game thread intro...The theme for today is getting away with things.I'm tempted to end here and see if i get away with it, but...
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What to do with Arraez?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:33 PM
My goodness, what a pleasant surprise this kid has been. With his minor league numbers, I figured he could do well in the bigs, but going...
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3 Things

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:54 PM
I like the "3 Things" bit in the game thread introductions-so I am going to borrow it and use it for its own topic.   1) With starte...
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ANNOUNCEMENT: Game Thread Intro Signup!

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:48 PM
Hurray! The Twins are in first place. We have had a game thread for each game so far, but some of them have started near game time. After...
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Trevor May Wants You to Get Loud

Trevor May is out to recruit a hype man, but he may have his work cut out for him. The 29-year-old relief pitcher/DJ/E-Sports entrepreneur is searching for a dedicated Twins fan to come and make a lot of noise at Target Field next season. The problem? Minnesotans are a notoriously reserved bunch.
Image courtesy of © Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports
May originally floated out his idea to introduce a drum or similar noisemaker on Twitter Tuesday evening, and even offered up a ticket to the volunteer drummer for every 2019 home game.

When you think about a drummer in a baseball stadium, Progressive Field in Cleveland immediately comes to mind. Indians fan John Adams has pounded a bass drum at every single home game since 1973. But May’s inspiration was actually drawn more from the fans in Oakland.

“I’ve been there (in Oakland) when they weren’t very good, obviously their attendance was lower than now, but those Bleacher Creatures are always there,” May said. “As a player, you notice it.”

Those dedicated Bleacher Creatures at the Coliseum are a group of rowdy fans who occupy three sections. Even during their down seasons, this group consisted of 30-40 fans waving flags, shaking cowbells and just generally making all sorts of noise.

“I know that me, personally, I feed off that,” May said. “It adds all kind of stuff to my game and I live for that. It makes the game more fun.”

Scrolling through some of the responses May received to that original Tweet, you can see about a 50/50 split between people who love the idea and people who loathe it. Several people showed interest in joining the band, other’s threatened to boycott the stadium.

May was the driving force behind creating “FortDay” at Target Field, an event that brought together a couple hundred fans of the video game Fortnite to watch May and some of his fellow E-Sports competitors play on the stadium video board, so he has some experience with the ins and outs of how things work. He acknowledged there were some logistical issues and security concerns to address.

“It’s bringing them in that’s the problem, bringing extra stuff in,” May said. “I don’t think the noise itself is the problem, I think it’s when you open up to letting people bring that stuff in. My idea was to have a drum and keep it here … I’m talking about putting them way up in the right field stands.”

Unlike his days as a starting pitcher, May has enjoyed being able to get hyped up and let things loose over shorter bursts out of the bullpen without having to think about conserving energy.

“I love that. I think that’s why I really like relieving,” May said. “I struggle to keep that adrenaline going, that atmosphere going in my own head when I’m starting.”

May mentioned former White Sox starter Jake Peavy and current Nationals ace Max Scherzer as a couple of rare examples of starting pitchers who are able to maintain a high-level of intensity and adrenaline over the course of a long start, but those types are a rare breed.

May expressed gratitude for the support he’s received at Target Field, but that last trip to Oakland has him wondering what could be.

“It just got me thinking about how to engage fans a little better,” May said.

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That's pretty cool.


Side note, looks like May doesn't want to go back to starting.

There has to be a reason to be loud and this team, this year, has not provided it.

I hope the ticket May provides this fan is at the other side of the ballpark from wherever I happen to sit at my next game at TF. :) His idea is 100% fun. From a distance.

Sep 28 2018 05:39 PM

The fans will be engaged when the team is. Both groups have a way to go in my humble opinion.

Love the idea in principal. Like it even better if, as in Oakland, there was maybe a section of fans who created their own "Twins Time" location so other fans could feed off the energy but not be directly disturbed by the noise of the drum scenario.
I think a drum would have to be in the of bleachers. Also he could make his walk up song one that promotes yelling too.
My own echoing side note: May asked to go to the pen at Rochester as part of his rehab. As I recall, he felt he could more effective in shorter stints as he got his legs under him and shook off rust. I believe he really enjoys relieving now and I think that's where he's going to end up in 2019 and beyond.

Despite a few poor appearances here and there, I think he's done very well. Imagine much better he could be going forward with surgery and rehab now behind him.
Sep 28 2018 07:59 PM
Win = more noise. Minnesota fans are notorious bandwagon jumpers.

If y'all care to find the '87 and '91 World Series in a supported format for your devices of preference, you'd get what May wants.


It is not the "loud" part.It is the engaged part.And if you are engaged in the game, you better be loud.If you are going for the "experience" and a baseball game happened in the middle, you won't.


Simple:Bring back baseball to baseball games.

    • brvama likes this

If this gets the powers that be at TF to put the mute button on most of the racket coming out of the speakers during the game,I'm all for it.  /grumpy old man/

Old Twins Cap
Sep 30 2018 07:52 AM

Agreed, anything but the ridiculously irritating noise they shoot at fans from the techno-speakers ringing the stadium.


A guy and a drum is nothing compared to the corporate blather blasted down at the plebes who they hope to control and separate from their cash.


Hate that, and the super-sized scoreboard.


Fakey crap is not a winning play at a stadium.

If I had the energy I would be a one-man band, with the base drum on my back, a trumpet, an accordion, and cymbals on my knees. Would go to different sections and do my thing. But you also have to stay within baseball rules, at time, for audience involvement.


Too much wear and tear on my old body.


Always wanted to be an ushertainer for the Saints, but didn't like the idea of wearing tights and a tutu in 100-degree weather on the field!

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