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The Twins Are Always Interesting

One of my favorite shows of all-time is Family Guy. At least, the first five seasons of Family Guy are some of my favorite. There are so many quotes from those seasons that I still instill in my everyday conversations, even if those I'm having a conversation with don't know where the quote is hailing from.

One of the staples of these shows is the flashbacks that show a time in life the character references. One of my favorite is when Stewie describes his time in Nebraska.

Stewie is at a diner in the state and is trying to strike up a conversation with several of the other patrons. All the topics he bring up fall on deaf ears. Until, that is, he brings up corn. Corn, being the state's calling card, brings out several reactions from those around him. The reactions, all positive, blend together, minus the last statement.
That is when you hear a patron finish with, "Corn is always interesting."
Image courtesy of Betsy Bissen (photo of Jose Berrios)
This is exactly how I feel about Minnesota Twins baseball. That feeling is never stronger for a team than when pitchers and catchers report.

The latter took place on February 13th for the Twin Cities nine. While those who make up the pitchers and catchers are particularly exciting, unless you're a Jason Castro fan, it is still a great feeling whenever the group arrives in Fort Myers, Florida.

Optimism will likely be hard to come by for the fan base. A record-setting 103 losses will do that.

That'll also happen when last season's biggest off-season signing had a slash line of .191/.275/.409.

What exactly could be interesting about the Twins this year? Especially something so interesting that I should start paying attention to the team in mid-February?

For starters, the making of the roster. A large part of who will make up the 25-man roster on Opening Day is decided in February and March. We know that Brian Dozier and Miguel Sano each have a spot. We're not entirely sure who will back up catch Jason Castro.

We also want to know if Kennys Vargas will beat out Byung Ho Park for the DH spot.

There's the filling out of the starting rotation and the bullpen. For me, I want to see if Jose Berrios will show up as a mainstay of the rotation. (Twins Daily's Cody Christie breaks down the early headlines brilliantly.)

That's the biggest spring training story line I'll be watching as the Twins roster gets shaped and ready for April 3. Opening Day for the Twins.

That would be 50 more days. Fifty more days that will be filled with intrigue for Twins fans.

This team may not always be good but they are, at the very least, interesting.

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Feb 14 2017 02:38 AM

I'm still not all that sure which Twins team I want to believe in: the 2015, 83 win team or last year's 59 win team. 


But what I do believe in is the change last year to let young people play and get experience:in both positional players and relievers.Now, if only we can get that same spark from the starters.Another year, maybe??


p.s.:Family Guy 'Fart Montage'.

Feb 14 2017 03:27 PM
The Twins are always interesting just as Jesus Christ and reading the scriptures is always interesting. There are no boring moments, only boring people.
    • Lee-The-Twins-Fan likes this

I got nothing after that.

Feb 14 2017 04:36 PM



The Twins are like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get!

The Twins are not always interesting. Few people followed in them in the late 70s, fewer still in the early 80s. Later, the team almost folded because people were not interested in them yet again.


Last year, after a surprisingly disappointing start, was the most predictable chain of events in history.

yawn...that's how interesting this is. :)


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