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Kim Ng - First Woman to be Hired as GM in Baseball History

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Monumental hire by the Marlins. Congrats to them and good luck to HER!
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The Next Dance: 4 Twins-Related Docuseries That Would Be Must-Watch Television

Last Sunday marked the end of the wildly successful docuseries, The Last Dance, which chronicled the career of Michael Jordan. Earlier today, ESPN announced a new docuseries coming in 2021 highlighting the career of Tom Brady. The Minnesota Twins have several subjects of their own that would make for intriguing docuseries.
Image courtesy of © Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
Below are four ideas for Twins-related docuseries that would be must-watch television every week:

Minnesota Made: The Career of Joe Mauer

Minnesota born turned Minnesota star, Joe Mauer embodies everything there is about the land of 10,000 lakes. There would be so much to chronicle in a docuseries about Joe Mauer. As a high school athlete at Cretin-Derham Hall, Joe was the only athlete ever selected by USA Today as the High School Player of the Year in two sports. He famously only struck out once in high school, and turned down a Florida State University scholarship to play quarterback in order to be selected first overall by his hometown team, the Minnesota Twins. The docuseries would then highlight the incredible career of Mauer, the six all-star seasons, the 3 batting titles and the MVP. It would detail Mauer’s struggle with injuries, his switch to first base, and end with his touching farewell to Target Field in 2018. The docuseries could lay the foundation for Mauer’s Hall of Fame hopes and talk about the legacy that Mauer will leave behind as one of the greatest Twins players of all time.

Mauer is definitely not the most exciting interview or the most infectious personality, but he was in the lives of Minnesotans for so long, that a detail of his life would certainly be a must watch.

Katching Kirby: Chronicling the life, death and career of a Twins legend

The life and career of Kirby Puckett is one of the most curious of any sports figure that we have ever seen. Standing at just 5-foot-8, Kirby Puckett captured the hearts of Twins fans with his outstanding play, infectious personality and his fearlessness in the big moments. A docuseries about Kirby Puckett would go into detail on his playing career with the Twins. It would detail his ten consecutive all-star appearances, his leadership prowess, and of course his jaw dropping postseason moments. A Kirby docuseries would dive into his glaucoma diagnosis and sudden retirement. Also discussed would be Kirby’s unfortunate domestic assault allegations and his tragic death. The life and career of Kirby Puckett was filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, which would make a docuseries so enthralling.

Coming to Minnesota: The Story of the Twins in the 60s

Many Minnesota Twins fans today weren’t around for the Minnesota Twins teams of the 1960s, so a docuseries diving into the Minnesota Twins teams of the 1960s would definitely be one that would pique the interest of fans. The docuseries would certainly highlight the franchise moving from Washington to Minnesota and the first season at Metropolitan Stadium. The Minnesota Twins boasted some of the best teams in their history in the 1960s, with the 1965 team making the World Series, the 1967 team adding Rod Carew, and the 1969 team winning 97 games. The docuseries would explore the lives of hall of farmers Harmon Killebrew, Tony Oliva and Rod Carew, as well as explore the MVP race of 1965 between Tony Oliva and Zoilo Versalles.

While many people weren’t around to watch them live, the 1960s Twins were full of exciting moments, and a docuseries of that decade would be must-see TV.

Seven Days in October: A Seven Part Series on the Seven Game ‘91 Classic

A few weeks ago I wrote about the top 10 moments of the 1991 World Series, and it truly brought to light just how incredible of a series that was. For my money, the 1991 World Series was the greatest World Series ever played. The ‘91 classic featured three games going into extra innings, three walk off wins, and five games decided by a single run. Similar to how ESPN produced a 30 for 30 called “Four Days in October”, about the Red Sox and Yankees 2004 ALCS matchup, I can envision a seven-part docuseries with each episode documenting a game of the epic Series. An episode about Hrbek pulling Gant off the bag, an episode about Kirby’s catch, an episode about Morris’s 10 inning classic. The series practically writes itself, and I know I would be there for every episode.

Which of the docuseries described above would you enjoy watching the most? Which other Twins-related docuseries would be intriguing? Leave a comment below and start the conversation.

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May 22 2020 06:36 AM

Another one that I would enjoy watching would probably be one about the 2019 squad and how they broke so many records in such an unexpected season.

Matthew Taylor
May 22 2020 07:26 AM


Another one that I would enjoy watching would probably be one about the 2019 squad and how they broke so many records in such an unexpected season.

Another great one that I considered!

"Mauer is definitely not the most exciting interview or the most infectious personality, but he was in the lives of Minnesotans for so long, that a detail of his life would certainly be a must watch."That is an understatement.For as good as he was, he was about as boring as it got.  


There has been a documentary on Kirby, it was done in 1996, had it in VHS.An updated one would be great through.I was not even born when he debuted, and was so young when he was prime so barely remember it, but the more I read the more I am convinced he was at a point the best player in the game.I wonder if he would even be considered a top prospect this day in age just based on his height and lack of power as a kid.Most likely not a first round pick, twice like he was nor a top 10 prospect at all.


The 91 season would be cool, maybe not 7 part, but the worst to first series and historic moments would be great.ESPN ranked game 7 of that series like number 2 of all time WS games.Game 6 was pretty high too.  

May 22 2020 08:56 AM

From reading reviews of Carew's new book, I think at least a three-part series focusing on 1) his childhood; 2) the 1977 season; and 3) his transplant would be a winner.


And Oliva's journey from Cuba to a lifetime with the Twins, including the what-coulda-been injury, would get me tuned in.


Depending on what happens with MiLB, nearly a half-century with the Elizabethton Twins.  

How about this one? 


'The 2002 Minnesota Twins: From Contraction to Contention."


    • Matthew Taylor likes this
Matthew Taylor
May 22 2020 09:47 AM


How about this one? 


'The 2002 Minnesota Twins: From Contraction to Contention."


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Ebby Calvin Laloosh
May 22 2020 09:49 AM

I'd watch a series about the Contraction Kids. If Brad Pitt can be in a movie about the A's, why not a series about the team who ended their streak and season?

    • Matthew Taylor likes this
I'd watch Kirby for sure, I think Mauer would be boring, he was great, but not very interesting other than being a really good baseball player. Plus they never won the big one with Joe, whereas Kirby was a part of and a leader in a team that won it twice.

What would be the name of the documentary chronicling the Twins playoff experiences in the 2000s??

“An Exercise in Futility”?

”The Last Dance (with your mom)”?

”Kissing Your Sister”?

”The Glass is Always Half-empty”?