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Astros Consequences Thread

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It’s time to transition away from the reports of everything they did. We all had a feeling that players were going to take matters into...
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Spring Training Game Thread: Twins @ Rays 2/26/202020ad

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 03:53 PM
It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times. And TD had yet to jinx the Twins... Oh right. I need to find a line up...
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Severino shut down with forearm soreness

Other Baseball Today, 03:50 PM
According to mlb.com, Severino is being shut down and his opening day status is in question. That means NY may begin the season without b...
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2019/2020 Twins Minor League Signings

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This is a forum to update Twins minor league signings (and can be where we post Twins minor league free agents that signed elsewhere)....
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What Makes a Shortstop a Great Defender?

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When Statcast came out with infield defensive ratingsat the end of 2019, Jorge Polanco appeared at the bottom of the SS list. Using actua...
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The 5 Most Notable Twins Free Agents After the Season

The offseason is coming to an end so naturally I will be looking ahead to next offseason today. The Twins don't have too many players coming off the books, but three of the most expensive players will be. Come find out who could be leaving Minnesota after 2020.
Image courtesy of © Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports
Honorable mentions: Alex Avila, Ehire Adrianza, Tyler Clippard,

5. Trevor May, RP, Age 30

May has spent his entire major league career in Minnesota since he was called up in 2014. He began as a starter but once he became a reliever things started to click. 2019 was his first full season since 2016 after Tommy John surgery and it was a great year for May. He had a 2.94 ERA, 3.73 FIP, and 29.7 K% and he will play another big role in 2020. His contract expires after this season so this could be the last season Twins fans see May in Minnesota.

4. Rich Hill/Homer Bailey, SP, Age 41/33

I’m pairing these two together because they were both signed for just one season this offseason and we don’t know how much they will contribute. Rich Hill is 41 years old and Homer Bailey is 33 but he has been really bad for a while. The upside for Hill is ace level stuff for half a season and Bailey could contribute number two or three pitcher numbers if everything goes right. They could both also fall short of expectations due to injury with Hill or due to just not being good at baseball for Bailey. With both contracts expiring, I don’t expect either to be back next season.

3. Marwin Gonzalez: UTIL, Age 30

All the talk surrounding Gonzalez right now is about the cheating scandal when he was with the Astros. Luckily he was the first player to apologize that actually benefited from the cheating which will hopefully put it behind him so we can focus on 2020. He is still the ultimate utility man who will play every day but rarely plays the same position twice in a row. The bat dropped off a bit early last season but he was just fine most of the season. I wouldn’t expect the Twins to bring him back with guys like Nick Gordon pushing for an opportunity.

2. Nelson Cruz, DH, Age 39

Cruz has been rumored to be in extension talks with the Twins even though he is nearly 40 years old. The way this man ages will forever be a mystery to the rest of the baseball world, so I’m not complaining. I expect Cruz to have another very productive season in the middle of the best lineup in baseball. His impact off the field has been just as large as his impact on the field, so even if he drops off he still has a lot of value. I would bet on Cruz receiving an extension for another year or two.

1. Jake Odorizzi, SP, Age 29

Odorizzi is coming off his first all-star season in 2019 and the Twins have him back on the qualifying offer for 2020. It is probably a good thing he didn’t test the market after seeing the money everyone else got. Odorizzi could possibly get the most money out of any starting pitcher free agent next offseason without the qualifying offer attached so it will be tough for the Twins to bring him back. I’m not sure if I expect him to be back because it will depend completely on how he performs this season. Hopefully he can rack up a few playoff wins to add to his value.

The Twins overall won’t have too many impact players to bring back but hopefully they can lock up a couple of these guys. Who do you hope the Twins keep? Comment below!

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Feb 13 2020 07:42 PM

Would like Odo to come back.... 3 year deal for say 25 year per season ... 3rd year player option 4th year team option... I think would be pretty fair. 


Keep Cruz... extend one year with second year a team option.... 


Hill and Bailey is a wait and see... have no idea what we may get. Seems like a filler for just this year....


Gonzo is likely gone... Blankenhorn and or Gordan may be replacing the the utility guys... Blankenhorn steps up a bit he may get a look at a full time gig somewhere. 


Love to keep May around but will all depend on what he is wanting.. Have plenty of arms coming up that can possibly take his spot... and cheap.... 


If I was a betting man I would say Cruz and May likely stay and the rest are somewhere else next year....


It is a little early to have any idea who it makes the most sense to keep as this years performance will factor heavily into who is retained or not, but for the sake of guessing here goes.


If there is one player I would not bet against it is Cruz.If he stays healthy he will be productive.The key is to keep him healthy.Short of a major decline they will resign Cruz next year.


May is a tough call.If he has another really good year I am guessing they would try to keep him if the price is not outrageous.If he falters then I think they cut ties as there are cheaper options on the way and we will likely need the 40 man room.


I would love to have Odo back but at the 20M or more salary for 4 or 5 years not sure the Twins will take that bet.I think they let him walk and Hopefully Duran or a cheaper option is available for that spot.


I think no matter how good or bad Bailey is he is gone after this year.His age and the fact we have younger options available to fill that spot makes his return very unlikely.Same thing for Hill if he pitches well I think some other team will be willing to pay more than we will if he can't pitch then likely time to cut ties anyway.


I don't see them bringing Marwin back.His flexibility is nice to have but I think our roster is deep enough with several guys that can play multiple positions that I don't think he will be brought back.


There is no way the Twins will resign all those guys.I think they are most comfortable hanging around the 130M mark but stretched themselves this year with Odo and the Donaldson signing.Then they ran into the Maeda deal and looked to recoup some money to help cover the signing.They will likely need\want to drop down some next year.


I count up to 15 guys that might need to be added to the 40 man next year granted not all of them will play themselves into a 40 man spot but there is only room for about 6 guys tops that I can see right now so there will be some tough decisions to make next year.There are also tow players that the Twins could be tempted to add early in Larnach and Jeffers.So that will make bringing some of these players back even more difficult.Nice to have wave 2 hitting just as we are starting to contend but tough decision lie ahead.

Feb 14 2020 09:01 PM
Agree. Few thought we would fine ourselves in this position several years ago.