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DaveW: Dodgers trade for Dozier to be completed within th...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:50 AM
Have a source within one of the two teams listed above. I was just texted that the deal is all but done, just a couple questions on the 4...
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Sale to the Red Sox

Other Baseball Today, 12:23 AM
While this could be discussed in today's Winter Meetings thread, I think that the Chris Sale trade warrants its own thread.   Chris...
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Article: Haley Trade Carries Shades Of Old And New

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:47 PM
Carrying the No. 1 pick in Thursday's Rule 5 draft, the Minnesota Twins got creative, selecting coveted flamethrower Miguel Diaz and imme...
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Article: Less Is More?

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:47 PM
During this week's Winter Meetings we've seen the Chicago White Sox trade two of their premier players, Chris Sale and Adam Eaton, for a...
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Why no chatter on Ervin Santana?

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:31 PM
Is anyone else baffled by the fact that Ervin Santana's name never came up once this week in trade rumors?   Lets look at the reason...
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Shortstop Pecking Order

Attached Image: Escobar_Eduardo_Shortstop_US_720.jpg Right now, the Twins have a wealth of shortstop candidates. Conventional wisdom is that shortstops aren't platooned because working with the keystone partner is so important. Here is a short tutorial of the shortstop options and my best guess as to what will happen. I invite anyone else to comment and offer his opinion.

Eduardo Escobar
Escobar is starting most games right now and why not? He's hitting over .340 and he's pretty good in the field. News flash: he won't hit .340 and he's not going to get 50 doubles. When his bat cools, we'll see how manager Ron Gardenhire feels about playing him every day. For whatever reason, Escobar has been tabbed as a utility guy and he is a versatile player.

Defensively, Escobar is a solid shortstop with good hands and a strong arm. He doesn't have great range. He has earned this shot and I think there's a chance he may succeed. Regardless, he has proven he is a capable utility player.

Danny Santana
Sanatana has the range Escobar lacks - it's the routine plays that are a challenge. Since his promotion, Santana has played short and center field and demonstrated his blazing speed and strong arm. So far, he has also hit the ball. Santana isn't going to hit .400 any more than Escobar will hit .340. In fact, if he gets a couple hundred plate appearances, it is doubtful he will be above average as a hitter, or at least that's what his minor league record suggests.

In his very short trial with the Twins, he hasn't shown he's ready to be a regular major leaguer, but he also has shown he has major league tools. A trip back to Rochester is nearly certain. Maybe he can develop into a big league regular with quite a bit more sizzle than Escobar offers.

Eduardo Nuñez
He is the most established hitter of the group, but that isn't saying much. He currently has taken on the utility role that Escobar vacated. If Escobar slumps, I wouldn't be surprised if Nuñez gets a shot to prove that his poor defensive rep is overstated. I can't see Gardy going with one of the worst defensive shortstops for long, but then again we saw Plouffe and Nishi playing the position.

Pedro Florimon
The manager is reportedly already missing his magic glove, but Florimon just didn't hit at all this year, either with the Twins or not at AAA. (He has also already committed five errors in Rochester. Those minor league fields must be rough!)

Florimon is 27 years old, and we likely saw his peak as a hitter in the first half of last year and that was barely passable. He needs to put up some kind of offense to justify his recall.

Down the road there are others but they are years away. I hope someone separates himself. Some are predicting the Twins will draft a shortstop with their high first round pick. Maybe that will be the solution to the shortstop problem.

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