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Romo, Clippard Will Provide Strong Veteran Leadership to Twins Bullpen

When a team acquires a pitcher, via free agency or trade, it is because they believe that pitcher can get batters out with regularity. However, when the team signed Tyler Clippard and re-signed Sergio Romo this offseason, they were getting two pitchers with a ton of experience. Experience that can help develop the Twins young, talented bullpen arms.
Image courtesy of David Berding, USA TODAY Sports
37-year-old Sergio Romo has pitched in 708 major-league games over the past 12 seasons. He has once been an All Star. He was an important piece in three Giants World Series championships (2010, 2012, 2014).

Tyler Clippard is 35 years old. He has pitched in 751 games over his 13 seasons in the big leagues. He is a two-time All Star, and has been a part of two World Series teams.

Only side-winding Joe Smith has pitched more games than Clippard among active players. Romo is fourth among active players in games pitched.

Active MLB Leaders in Games Pitched

782 - Joe Smith
751 - Tyler Clippard
710 - Joakim Soria
708 - Sergio Romo

705 - Combined MLB games pitched by Taylor Rogers (258), Trevor May (191), Tyler Duffey (169), Zack Littell (37), Cody Stashak (18), Lewis Thorpe (12), Devin Smeltzer (11), Randy Dobnak (9).

Sure, you can add Matt Wisler’s 129 MLB games to the list, but then the list above doesn’t look quite as cool. That said, the point is certainly clear. The Twins have two relievers who come with a ton of major-league experience. The 2020 Twins bullpen should be strong, but these two have many experiences and tips and tricks that they can share with the younger pitchers to help them improve.

Some of it is simply accepting and thriving in the reality that they are now at a different phase in their careers.

Tyler Clippard credited lefty Ron Villone and right-hander Brad Lidge for being guys that he looked up to and learned a lot from when he was new to the league. Now he is taking on that role as veteran leader, and happy to do so.

He said, “That perspective that I had as a younger player, looking up to those veteran guys and knowing that I’m on that side of it now. Respecting that and recognizing that is very important to me and something I enjoy the heck out of every day. Hopefully they get something out of it, but I truly enjoy it. ”

In his career, Sergio Romo has had some great experiences. For instance, he was the closer for a World Series championship team. He’s been a great set up man too. And he clearly sees the talent in the guys that the Twins are projected to pitch in those late innings.

We know that Taylor Rogers would love to be the guy on the mound if and when the Twins win the World Series, as Romo was when he struck out Miguel Cabrera to end the 2012 World Series. It’s something that he and the other Twins pitchers can talk to Romo about. To hear a guy with Romo’s track record acknowledge how great Rogers is has to be meaningful.

But Romo and Clippard aren’t just there to lead those late-inning relievers. They are there to get outs, and some big outs in key situations. They can also instill confidence in the rest of the bullpen too

Romo said, “There are guys that haven’t had their coming out party yet, and I think this short spring could be something of that sort for a couple of guys in our bullpen.”

He specifically mentioned Cody Stashak and Zack Littell.

“These guys are going to come out with a bang, and they’re going to be so consistent in this short sprint that it’s going to be so dang hard to not talk about them in the long run.”

Littell has appreciated the leadership shown by Romo and Clippard. He said recently, “I think the biggest thing they bring to the table aside from the obvious experience they have, is the ability to show that everybody needs to just be themselves. Sergio and Clippard are two very different personality guys, but each of them is able to go out and get outs everyday and have both been doing it a long time. And there’s something to be said for being comfortable in your own skin especially when you get into these big moments in games and they both are just examples of that.”

Littell had transitioned from being a starting pitcher prospect into the bullpen and was such a key cog in the bullpen’s resurgence over the final two months of the season. In 29 games on the season, he went 6-0 with a 2.68 ERA. But with Romo on the roster in August and September, Littell must have felt much more comfortable. He gave up just one earned run over 18 2/3 innings covering 15 games.

Stashak made his debut in late July last year. The cool, calm right-hander walked just one batter and struck out 25 batters over 25 innings (18 games).

Stashak rejoined the Twins “Summer Camp” a little bit late as he was with his wife when she gave birth to the couple’s first child. He told Twins Daily recently that he hasn’t had as much time with Clippard, but he was a locker mate with Romo throughout his time in the big leagues last August and September.

Of Romo, Stashak said, “He is a guy that will answer any question even if it is not about baseball. We talked a lot during my time up there. He was more of a mentor for me as I was still trying to get comfortable up in the big leagues. He is funny, energetic and everyone loves the guy. It’s hard not to like a guy like Serg.”

But Stashak was quick to compliment other veterans on the Twins roster such as Nelson Cruz, Josh Donaldson and Alex Avila.

He added, “The atmosphere around the clubhouse is great and everyone gets along which makes it such a fun group to be around. From a pitching side there are two guys who you mentioned who have experienced it all, like being a World Series contender and even a champion. Hopefully they can help guide us to a World Series and help us win it!”

While Romo is the more boisterous of the two veteran relievers, he points out that Clippard not only has experience, but that he is able to communicate well with his teammates.

“The experience that he has... The communication skills that he has that I’ve already seen... Being able to share his experiences and share his thoughts, and thought-process on the mound, and when what he’s trying to accomplish in his practice, in his bullpen sessions, his flat grounds, and even his normal play-catch sessions. It’s awesome how he can simplify it all.”

Clippard has relished the opportunity to lead and be an ear and an example for younger pitchers.

“That’s been one of the coolest parts of my career over the last three or four years, has been being a veteran guy and being a guy that (younger) guys look to for answers, whether it be it baseball-related, off the field stuff, anything or everything. I love talking to the younger guys. I love talking about pitching. I learn a lot of the times as much from them as they might learn from me.”

I have talked to several former Twins recently for some upcoming stories, and each has taken time to point out how much ‘character’ has mattered when drafting, signing or otherwise acquiring players. It is clear that trait is still very important as Sergio Romo and Tyler Clippard have not only had tremendous, long-laster careers on the mound, but they clearly have had a very positive effect on younger players and teammates as well.

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Jul 14 2020 04:03 PM
Having guys like Cruz, Donaldson, Gonzalez, Romo, Clippard, and Hill around is a brilliant move by the F.O.
    • Seth Stohs, DocBauer and JoshDungan1 like this
One of these days, Romo and Clippard are going to hit a wall due to age. But nothing we saw last year shows that wall is dead ahead for either of these guys. I absolutely love having these 2 as quality, experienced arms for performance as well as leadership. As stated, it's not like the other relievers are exactly long in the tooth at this point. Having guys like this is going to mean so much, IMO, as a valuable resource for all these young arms.
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Jul 14 2020 07:19 PM

One of these days, Romo and Clippard are going to hit a wall due to age. But nothing we saw last year shows that wall is dead ahead for either of these guys. I absolutely love having these 2 as quality, experienced arms for performance as well as leadership. As stated, it's not like the other relievers are exactly long in the tooth at this point. Having guys like this is going to mean so much, IMO, as a valuable resource for all these young arms.

True that Doc....I have always said the teams that win it all are the teams with at least a couple guys who have either won it before or got so close that they know what it takes to do it.
    • DocBauer and JoshDungan1 like this

For many years I was hard-pressed to choose a favorite Twin ... and now I'm hard-pressed to choose one that isn't! Love Romo ... he's just got a great spirit. 

    • diehardtwinsfan and DocBauer like this

Sergio is pretty special... Sitting in on this yesterday afternoon... I couldn't help but laught so often. 



    • SQUIRREL likes this

I love that Falvine has brought in accomplished, willing, and still viable veteran leaders.Cruz/ Romo/ Donaldson have and will shape this clubhouse.


Gardy era teams lacked a lot of stuff, but applicable now is they lacked leadership from accomplished vets that didn't grow up "the twins way". 



Winners teach winning! Strong believer that you need the attitude to go along with the talent
    • SQUIRREL likes this

Great read, Seth, thanks.


Now if they can get May signed to a nice extension, all will be good.


Sergio is pretty special... Sitting in on this yesterday afternoon... I couldn't help but laught so often. 



Love this guy even more! Heh ... 'You will hear me during games' ... lol ... 'I'm the hairiest I've ever been' ... he's a jokester and prankster, but when it comes to pitching, he's all serious and focussed. I hope we get to see and hear all the antics, if games are actually played.

I have always been huge on character and chemistry when it comes to baseball.It plays some in other sports, but feel baseball is much larger.You basically spend just about every day with the same people from end of February, to hopefully end of October.No work place are you expected to do that.In other sports the season length may be as long, but there are more off days.  


I also feel the character of teaching the younger players is always important.Some older guys will not do it, in fear it will cost them jobs down the line, or they just do not like doing it.Some guys just cannot teach very well.However, when you can get a guy that can and does it is great.Coaches can only see so much, and sometimes they may not connect to the player like another player can.I believe the Twins staff do a good job of connecting to players because they do not seem them as a one size fits all and fit our plan or leave kind of approach.They see each player as an individual and understands what works for player A may not work for player B. 

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1500 games combined.


That's it. That's the post.

The one thing I enjoyed reading, but didn't previously comment on, was Romo's opinion of Stashak and Littell about to have a coming out party. When someone with his experience says something positive about a couple young arms, I pay attention. And there's more on their way; Alcala, Poppen, Colina perhaps, etc.

I made a comment some months ago as to the depth and ability of our pen after such a strong 2019 that they were undervalued mainly because they were too young to have NAME value and recognition as a result. 2020 could be a fun "coming out party".
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