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Nelson Cruz wants 2 years

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:12 AM
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MLB.com report on instructional league prospects

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 07:30 AM
In case you haven't seen it, mlb.com has published an article on the prospects at instructional league camp and their progress.   ht...
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MLB Sees Local TV And Streaming Viewership Up Over 4% For...

Other Baseball Yesterday, 09:08 PM
Twins local viewership up 9%.   Link to the article at Forbes:   https://www.forbes.c...0/#36bd03b33dac
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Re-Load vs. Re-Tool vs. Re-Build for 2021

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 08:14 AM
The Twins certainly have options this winter now that the core has been here long enough to make some tough calls. Which is the best rout...
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2020 MLB (non-Twins) Postseason Discussion Thread

Other Baseball Yesterday, 09:24 PM
Feel free to chime in here about any of the (non-Twins) 2020 MLB postseason games!
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Reviewing MLBTR’s Top 75 Trade Candidates

Every year MLB Trade Rumors makes a list of the top 75 trade candidates in the days and weeks leading up to the July 31st trade deadline. They update the list multiple times as the deadline approaches and their final list was posted earlier today. As they alluded to in the post, “Essentially, we’re ordering players based upon our assessment of both their trade value and likelihood of being dealt.”

How many of the top 75 trade candidates will be dealt before Wednesday? Could any of them end up in Minnesota
Image courtesy of © Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports
Minnesota’s needs are almost exclusively related to adding pitching and that means a good portion of the top-75 are position players and not viable trade options. According to MLBTR, Zack Wheeler (Mets) is ranked as the number one trade candidate. He’s a free agent at season’s end and the Mets aren’t going anywhere this season. Rumors swirling on Tuesday have the Astros as the favorite to land Wheeler.

The Twins might be more interested in adding a non-rental pitcher to their starting rotation. Out of Minnesota’s current rotation, Kyle Gibson, Jake Odorizzi and Michael Pineda can all be free agents this off-season. This leaves players in MLBTR’s 5-7 range like Noah Syndergaard (Mets), Mike Minor (Rangers) and Robbie Ray (Diamondbacks). Would you trade Byron Buxton to get Syndergaard? All these teams have a chance to be in contention next year so it will likely take a high offer to pry these starters away from their current organizations.

MLBTR’s finishes out their top-10 with controllable relievers like Shane Greene (Tigers), Edwin Diaz (Mets) and Felipe Vazquez (Pirates). It doesn’t seem likely for the Twins to be interested in these types of relievers because they will come with a hefty price tag. Relief pitching can be fickle so it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of prospect capital on players that might not produce in the coming years.

Two intriguing relief options fall into the 14-15 range. Mychal Givens (Orioles) and Raisel Iglesias (Reds) have seen some struggles this year but the have shown some success in the past. Could Wes Johnson waive his magic wand and fix either of these two?

Other rental relief arms come in at 19-25 in the rankings. Craig Stammen (Padres), Daniel Hudson (Blue Jays), Greg Holland (Diamondbacks), Francisco Liriano (Pirates), Chris Martin (Rangers), David Hernandez (Reds) and Jared Hughes (Reds) could all add something to Minnesota’s bullpen. Adding Liriano back to the Twins could be a fun reunion, especially if he can help the team win in October. His arm injury back in 2006 might have cost the Twins a long playoff run.

Here are some of the other possible Twins targets:
30. Roenis Elias (Mariners): Has some closing experience in Seattle and could serve as another late inning relief option.
32. Zack Greinke (Diamondbacks): Twins are on his no trade list and he is owed a lot of money in the years ahead. If he waived his no-trade clause, he could cost fewer prospects because of the money left on his deal.
43. Kirby Yates (Padres): San Diego hasn’t had his name out in the rumor mill and there has even been talk of the Padres adding players at the deadline. Yates is one of the best relievers that could be available.
44. Andrew Chafin (Diamondbacks): His 11.1 SO/9 is his highest total since 2016 and his 3.2 BB/9 is a career best. Minnesota needs another lefty in the ‘pen and Chafin might make sense.

There are plenty of other possible Twins additions on the top 75 list. What name(s) stand out to you? Could the Twins end up with multiple players on this list? Leave a COMMENT and start the discussion.

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Tom Froemming
Jul 30 2019 12:57 PM

I like that take on Chafin. He fits into the same bucket as another one of my under the radar favorites, Scott Oberg from the Rockies. Both those guys could boost the Twins bullpen not just for this year, but they actually both have multiple years of team control. Of course, that also means they won't exactly come cheap.


Getting a bullpen ace/savior would be great, but if they could even just come up with two more guys in addition to Romo to raise the floor of the pen I think that would be massive. 

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LA VIkes Fan
Jul 30 2019 01:15 PM

I like Roenis Elias. Seattle is in a dealing mood and he would help the BP. Shouldn't break the prospect bank, although it would require one or two quality guys, maybe Cave or Rooker and Gordon?.  

If you could get a decent reliever for Cave it is another spot open on the 40 man. I would be all on board if we could find someone to take that deal on.  

If you could get a decent reliever for Cave it is another spot open on the 40 man. I would be all on board if we could find someone to take that deal on.

Do note that we currently have 3 spots open on the 40 man. There’s plenty of room for more additions.


Do note that we currently have 3 spots open on the 40 man. There’s plenty of room for more additions.


Danchat, the 40 man crunch isn't this year, its after this season when we have potentially 11 players that are going to be rule 5 eligible or need to be added. 

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