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Front Page: Passan: Twins to Sign Catcher Alex Avila

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:21 PM
Jeff Passan of ESPN reported Friday morning that the Twins had an agreement with veteran catcher Alex Avila on a one-year, $4.25 million...
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Front Page: Report: Twins Nearing Multi-Year Deal with Mi...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:21 PM
According to Peirre Noujaim from Fox 9 News in Minneapolis, the Minnesota Twins have reached a deal to keep veteran Michael Pineda with t...
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Front Page: Wheeler’s Gone, But Bumgarner Would Give the...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:14 PM
With Zack Wheeler signing with the Philadelphia Phillies for $118 million over five years, Minnesota’s interest turns to Madison Bumgarne...
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Front Page: Local Uncle Eager to Blame Quiet Twins Offsea...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:08 PM
Bert Galligan, a divorced business machine salesman from West St. Paul, has begun blaming the Minnesota Twins’ slow start to free agency...
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Chasing Madison Bumgarner Thread

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 04:47 PM
Looks like the market is heating up for Bumgarner now, and the Twins are in. Post rumors and thoughts as they arise, please:  
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Potential Twins Bullpen Target: Francisco Liriano, LHP, Pirates

As the Minnesota Twins continue to build on their run to the postseason a bugaboo on the roster continues to be the relief corps. Although the group has held its own, there’s no denying an upgrade or two will be necessary for legitimacy in October. Wrapping up the series searching for relievers, we’ll go back to the well and look at a familiar face.
Image courtesy of © Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
Francisco Liriano, LHP, 35 years-old
Pittsburgh Pirates, NL Central (40-43)
Free Agent in 2020

What’s To Like

For 13 years Liriano worked as a major league starter. This was the guy who popped up for the Minnesota Twins as a 21 year-old in 2005, and became an All-Star during his rookie campaign in 2006. Looking incredible that season the Twins seemed to have a partner able to pair with Johan Santana in an annual chase for Cy Young awards. Then he blew out his elbow. Fast forward through roughly a decade of good-but-not-great years and the Pirates now employ Liriano solely as a reliever for the first time in his career.

Through 40.0 innings pitched this season for the Buccos, Liriano owns a dazzling 2.70 ERA. His 8.8 K/9 is a high water mark over the past three years and his surface numbers are better across the board. Statcast data doesn’t track back to Liriano’s debut but his velocity hit its peak at 94.5 mph during 2010. Since 2011 he’s lived between 92-93 mph and is still there today, so that consistency is a good thing.

Suggesting he was an average starter is about as definitive as it gets when looking at Liriano’s ERA+. The park adjusted metric has him at 98 from 2005-2018. Working solely as a reliever this season, that metric is all the way up to 163. Given that 100 represents league average, all parties involved have to be optimistic with the output.


Do some digging under the hood on Liriano and things can get dicey pretty quick. FIP is far from an analytically advanced metric, his 4.06 mark suggests a significant amount of regression could be coming. His xFIP mark, which is a more nuanced expected fielder independent pitching tally, is even worse at 5.05. It’s one thing for those numbers to be slightly above his ERA, but we’re dealing with very wide gaps here.

Of 174 qualified relievers Liriano’s .259 BABIP checks in 54th. Registering in the bottom third, inching up closer towards the mean is a definite possibility. He’s also generating infield fly balls 17% of the time, which checks in 25th out of the same group. Although his pitches aren’t being walloped (just a 30% hard hit rate), there’s more than enough wiggle room for batted ball events to turn less than ideal.

There’s no denying that the plate discipline profile works in his favor. Whiff rates are up, so to are chase rates, and contact rates are down. That’s a trifecta of goodness but can be adjusted to. Liriano has never thrown more changeups than he is right now, and relying on offspeed as he must, leaves less room for error.

At the end of his career, this is a remade starter that’s carved out a solid showing working in a glorified long man role. High leverage innings have resulted in the highest (.688) OPS against, while late and close scenarios have produced a .729 OPS against. A fine year for him to wind down on, the upside for Minnesota doesn’t look to be worth the squeeze.

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10 Relievers Minnesota Could Target

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Jul 02 2019 06:35 PM

There was a day when I drooled over Liriano... not anymore. Those FIP/xFIP numbers are concerning. I'd pass.


This team is a few pieces away from a deep run... go get elite pieces. Liriano isn't that anymore.

    • Jerr, Otwins and jud6312 like this
Jul 02 2019 07:34 PM
    • Jerr likes this
Jul 02 2019 08:05 PM
I'd rather drop a load for the Buc's other lefty.
Sorry, no. I'm still in on Tony Watson from the Giants for another LH who won't cost much, has had a nice career, and is still performing well. Then bring in a top RH arm to team with Rogers. HUGE improvement and depth with what we have. I'd be happy I think.
A cheap get for a LOOGY? If the price is right not a bad addition. Maybe a flyer on a 30-50 prospect.

Aim higher.

    • Jerr likes this
LA VIkes Fan
Jul 03 2019 10:21 AM

Only if we can't get Watson, Smith, Iglesias, Doolittle, Dyson, Yates, Kennedy, Greene, Giles, Givens, or Hernandez. Or Kelvin Herrera. 

Absolutely NO!

At this point, I will take anybody!

He's a lefty and still breathing, plus I still have my Liriano Twins jersey. I think that's a fairly complete list of positives.


A cheap get for a LOOGY? If the price is right not a bad addition. Maybe a flyer on a 30-50 prospect.

A LOOGY who walks 4.5/9 isn't going to come in and get a guy out often enough.


Might as well pick up Duke off waivers.

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