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Article: Twins Sign Closer Rodney To One-Year Deal

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:11 AM
The Twins headed into the Winter Meetings with almost zero closing experience on their roster. They will exit with a wealth of it.On Thur...
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T-Wolves Regular Season Thread

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Let's get this mother started.    
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Would it be worth it to aquire Kemp for a C- prospect to be a DH if Los Angeles paid all but 2 or 3 million? They are rumored to release...
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What will it take to get Gerrit Cole?

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The NY Post reported the Yankees are working on a deal to acquire a Gerrit Cole. Players mentioned include Clint Frazier and Chance Adams...
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OOTP Baseball -- Who Plays?

Other Baseball Yesterday, 09:44 PM
Who plays out of the park baseaball?   Personally, I love it and found out about online leagues. Is anyone else interested in joinin...
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Pitcher And Catchers Report On Day 2

Attached Image: Ryan Eades LSU.jpg The Minnesota Twins went heavy on pitchers and catchers on Day 2 of the 2013 MLB Draft. In fact, through 10 rounds, the Twins have added only one player to their ranks who was not a pitcher or a catcher.

Of the eight picks on Day 2, three of them were catchers, two from college and one from the high school ranks. In addition, they chose four pitchers to add to the two they selected on Day 1. They also followed last year's trend of targeting college relievers in the middle rounds. Here are their profiles:
Some notes on the selections of the first 10 rounds:

*The Twins drafted three catchers today. While it's interesting, it should be noted that Navaretto is a high-upside pick while Garver is a senior (and will come in under slot) who was taken with Day 3 picks in mind. The Twins also felt that the "low level catching corps needed an upgrade."

*None of the first ten selections appear to have signability issues. Some will come in over slot, some will come in under, but all are on track to come to terms.

*Stewart will probably sign quickly for nearly the entire slot amount. I projected $4.25m last night and while I think the Twins will find a little savings when all is said and done, the final figure will probably come in a little higher.

*The Twins think Gonsalves has a good changeup and the arm strength and slot to develop a slider. For a lefty that you can still dream on a little bit, this could turn out to be a steal. He could also be a dud. But that's what makes the draft so intriguing.

Day 1

1st Round (4) - Kohl Stewart - RHP - Texas (High School)
2nd Round (43) - Ryan Eades - RHP - LSU (College)

Day 2

3rd Round (78) - Stuart Turner - C - U. of Mississippi

Turner is a typical Twins selection. It happens nearly every year that the Twins take a solid defensive catcher and Turner fits that description. With an athletic and powerful body at 6-3, 220, Turner also has shown improvement at the plate. A right-handed bat, Turner is a junior and will likely come in right around slot value.

4th Round (110) - Stephen Gonsalves - LHP - California (High School)

The Twins went with a high-upside pick in the 4th round with Gonsalves. Gonsalves was once in the first-round discussion, but struggled early this spring before being suspended in April for “violating a team rule”. At 6-5 and left-handed, Gonsalves typically throws in the high-80s, but needs work on his secondary stuff. A pick that is an extremely “high-reward”, the Twins don’t feel like getting him to sign will be too difficult.

5th Round (140) - Aaron Slegers - RHP - U of Indiana

Aaron Slegers has dealt with injuries, but not to his arm. This year, his redshirt-sophomore season is really his first extended look and he has been dominant. At 6-10, there are going to have some question marks (and we’ll let Parker break those down), but Slegers with his mid-90s fastball is going to offer upside that not many others in the organization have. Slegers is looking to lead his team to the College World Series after leading the Hoosiers to the Big 10 Title.

6th Round (170) - Brian Navarretto - C - Florida (High School)

He's an athletic high school catcher who was a favorite of Twins Daily's draft expert Jeremy Nygaard.

Navarreto is a pretty big dude (6’3, 220), but surprisingly athletic and, though raw, has all the stuff including agility and above-average arm strength to stay behind the plate. His big right-handed swing still has a ways to go, but, overall, Navarreto is a high-ceilling prospect.

You can find the full profile right here.

7th Round (200) - Brian Gilbert - RHP - Seton Hall University

A college reliever, Gilbert has a plus fastball. He was viewed as a future reliever in the majors, but it is not known if the Twins plan to try and convert him to a starter in the minors, as they did with several college relievers from last year's draft.

8th Round (230) - Dustin DeMuth - 3B - U of Indiana

Big Ten baseball fans will be familiar with DeMuth, a solid gap hitter. He has the size and arm for third base but hasn't shown the power numbers one would like from the position. There is some thought that with some adjustment that could be developed. The bat will play immediately in the low-minors, but there is a question about his long-term defensive home.

9th Round (260) - Mitchell Garver - C - U of New Mexico

This is the 3rd catcher in the first nine rounds the Twins have selected. He varies from the others in that he posted excellent offensive numbers and has only recently quieted concerns about his defense. Those offensive numbers could also be inflated due to playing in Albequerque's hitting enironment. Garver has earned comps to Matt Koch, another west coast catcher, who signed for only $60K. Expect something similar with Garver.

10th Round (290) - C.K. Irby - RHP - Samford Univesity

Another college reliever - only this one was moved to a starter by his college team this year. Irby's fastball ranges from 88-95 with late bore and sink. He has shown flashes of a tight 71-75 mph curveball and fades his changeup. A fierce competitor will get the chance to be a starter, but has the pitches and make-up to be a closer. I've been told that "fans will love" Irby, who comes from the same high school as Josh Willingham.

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