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Article: 2018 Twins Highlights: Longest Home Runs

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:01 AM
Eddie Rosario led the Twins with 24 home runs, followed by Max Kepler with 20 and Brian Dozier with 16, but neither of those three are re...
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2018 MLB Postseason Discussion Thread

Other Baseball Today, 12:01 AM
How about a postseason game thread? Any MLB postseason discussion can just go here.
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Article: What if This is the Max for Kepler?

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 09:24 PM
At the end of the 2018 Major League Baseball season the Minnesota Twins had a trio of main narratives. First and foremost, this was a tea...
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Article: Offseason Primer: Who Needs a First Baseman Anyw...

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 05:56 PM
The Twins are still waiting for the official word from Joe Mauer on whether or not he’d like to continue his playing career, but anybody...
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Article: 2018 Twins Highlights: Top Pitching Performances

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 01:44 PM
One of the strange things about the 2018 season for the Twins was that the one thing that seems to be a constant organizational weakness...
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Offseason Handbook Available for Preorder

The Twins are facing the most pivotal offseason they've had in ... well, maybe ever. They have a team still young and on the verge of taking a next step, and they have unprecedented payroll room – maybe as much as $60 million – to help that team take that next step. The ninth annual Twins Daily Offseason Handbook will help you chart the decisions the team will be making to get ready for the 2019 season you can preorder now to get it first.
Last year over 1,000 readers downloaded the Handbook to get a jump on the offseason. This year, we'll release it following the last out of the World Series, and you'll be able to pay whatever you think is fair (including zero). HOWEVER, if you want a jump on things, you can preorder starting today ($10, or more if you're so inclined) and get yours by the first pitch of the World Series.

Only people who preorder will get it that early; everyone else waits until the last out. We also expect to be announcing some other perks for those who order ahead.


The Handbook includes everything you would need to know to rebuild the Twins into a championship contender. We'll break down the payroll and salaries, so you'll know how much you have to spend. We'll list free agent targets and trade options. We'll review the arbitration decisions you need to make. We'll give our opinions on blueprints the team could follow, and you'll have a place to show your own vision.

Still not sure? You can download last year's here. We're sure you're going to love it, so preorder it right now. At Twins Daily, the offseason can be as much fun as the regular season.

Preorder the 2019 Offseason Handbook

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Just ordered...now, how long until March 28th?



Just ordered...now, how long until March 28th?


178 days... 

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178 days... 

 I was more rhetorical than anything, but I appreciate not having to do the math.

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178 days... 

It's like a National Holiday. I even have a yearly calendar reminder on my phone :).


 I was more rhetorical than anything, but I appreciate not having to do the math.


I know, but i was curious. 

Oct 01 2018 04:15 PM

Thanks for all the hard work getting this ready. It's like Christmas in October when I receive my copy. I download and copy my issue, tell my receptionist to hold my calls and reschedule my afternoon appointments, because I have some serious legal research to do the rest of the afternoon. I pop a bag of popcorn, grab a cold Dr. Pepper, I turn Pandora to some soothing jazz, and close the door to my office Then the fun begins, reading it cover to cover. One of the best days of the year for this North Carolina Twins fan. Note to TD readers...I am not exaggerating here.

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