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Official Rule 5 Draft Day Thread

The Winter Meetings in Las Vegas have been fairly quiet against in 2018. Certainly there are meetings, but there haven't been a lot of signings or trades. Thursday is the final day of the Winter Meetings.

The highlight of the final day of the Winter Meetings is the Rule 5 draft (11:00 central time). The Twins have stated publicly that it is unlikely that they will make a Rule 5 selection, but could they lose players? What will happen in the minor league portion of the Rule 5 draft. Check back to this article throughout the morning for more updates.

This article will be update throughout the Rule 5 draft.
Image courtesy of Seth Stohs, Twins Daily (photo of Tyler Jay)
Morning Updates (The Rule 5 draft just started. Players selected by the Twins or from the Twins will be mentioned here):

Only 14 total players were selected in the MLB portion of the Rule 5 draft. The Twins did not lose any players.

In the AAA portion, the Twins selected RHP Dusten Knight from the Giants. The team lost no one in the AAA portion.


Stop by this article throughout the morning on Thursday for any updates regarding the Rule 5 draft.

Again, reports from the Twins beat writers on hand in Las Vegas noted that Derek Falvey said the Twins are not likely to make a selection in the Rule 5 draft. The roster is currently at 40, so potentially they could remove a player before the draft to make a pick.

The other side of that is that the Twins could lose players in the Major League Rule 5 draft. Who are players that have a chance to be selected? Here's a quick list:

Tyler Jay - LH RP

Jay is one of several former first-round picks, ,and a few top 10 picks, who went unprotected and are eligible. The Twins top pick in 2015 out of Illinois has had several injuries and struggled in his roles (starter and then reliever). The potential is still there for him to be a quality late-inning reliever if he can be healthy.

Jake Reed - RH RP

Jake Reed was incredible over the final three months of the 2018 season, so it was very surprising (disappointing) that he didn't receive a September call up. He was left unprotected from the Rule 5 draft for the third straight year. His stuff is still really good, and he put up the strong numbers to back it. He's done everything he can in AAA. If I was a team with a spot, I'd strongly consider him. But I said the same thing the last two years.

Johan Quezada - RH RP

Definitely the sleeper of the group since he has less than ten innings in his professional career above the rookie leagues, and that was late last season in Cedar Rapids. He missed all of 2017 with a shoulder injury. However, he was hitting 98 late last year. Would he be able to stick on a big league roster all year? Seems unlikely, but there are teams that might be willing to take a shot on the flame thrower.

Hector Lujan - RH RP

Lujan has been really good the last couple of seasons. He led the organization (minor leagues) in saves in 2017 in Cedar Rapids. He finished very strong for Ft. Myers in 2018 and then pitched in the Arizona Fall League. Lujan played in college at UC-Santa Barbara and then at Westmont College with Andrew Vasquez. He throws hard, 94-96 mph, and he's been great in the community.

Lewin Diaz - 1B

Diaz was coming off of a strong season in Cedar Rapids in 2017, hitting doubles and home runs. He went undrafted in the Rule 5 draft. 2018 was not a good year for the Dominican slugger. He didn't hit well, and then he broke his wrist and missed the rest of the season. It's probably less likely that he gets drafted, but not out of the realm of possibility. He was a big, big man when he was signed, but he has worked really hard. He is now down to 220 pounds and when he gets out of the Florida State League, his power could really start to show.

Other Twins Players Potentially Selected: RH SP Andro Cutura, OF/1B Zander Wiel, RH RP Ryan Eades, C Brian Navarreto, OF Jaylin Davis, RH RP Cody Stashak, 3B Brian Schales, IF Randy Cesar, RHP Preston Guilmet and RHP Zack Weiss.

JJ Cooper of Baseball America posted a list of many of the players who are available in the MLB Rule 5 draft on Thursday. Check out his list and see if there are any players that the Twins should be interested in.

As you know, it costs $100,000 to make a Rule 5 selection. Then that player must remain on the draft team's active roster all year or be offered back to the original team for $50,000. Trades can be worked out as well

Minor League Rule 5 Draft

While we can spend hours going over a list of which players are eligible for the MLB Rule 5 draft, there is no way to prepare for the minor league portion. Those rosters aren't made public.

Unlike the MLB portion, players selected in the minor league Rule 5 draft go to the other team. They can be placed anywhere in the system and do not have to be offered back. The Twins selected Yancarlos Baez last year in the minor league portion. He didn't pitch after having Tommy John surgery, but he should return to the mound in 2019.

Feel free to discuss the Rule 5 draft here as it happens or rumors before and after. The article will be updated after the MLB portion of the Rule 5 and after the Minor League portion of the Rule 5.

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If the Twins like someone that is available, who do you think would get removed from the 40 man?
    • glunn likes this

I used to eagerly follow the Rule 5 draft, hoping the Twins could snag another Santana-like sleeper. But, after reading other posts about the way rosters are now constructed, I'm not so keen on the idea any longer. And even if we lose guys like Jay and/or Diaz, I won't be too crushed.

    • Sconnie and ChrisKnutson like this

After everything that went on the last couple years, am glad there isn't room to make a pick this year.  


Don't know what to think about Jay, other than disappointment.Puzzling is the word that comes to mind when thinking about Reed, both in how the Twins handled him and why he wasn't previously drafted.The other two pitchers you discuss, Seth, aren't on the same page as the first two...at least for me.As for Diaz, will add him to the list of those who have been disappointing.Understand not adding Wiel to the 40-man, but he is someone I am concerned could be lost.


I do look for the Twins to add to their minor league talent pool by taking one or two players later this morning.Hopefully, they will find a good one.

Tom Froemming
Dec 13 2018 08:13 AM

I'm actually rooting for somebody to take Jake Reed. He deserves a shot.

    • Seth Stohs, Steve Lein, lecroy24fan and 13 others like this
Dec 13 2018 08:20 AM
Looking at the list of guys available, obviously Richie Martin is gonna stand out as the best player available, but looking closer I’ve found that there are a several quality arms available in this draft. If we want to add to our bullpen we could draft either Riley Ferrell or Art Warren as they both are pretty much ML ready (like Jake Reed). Guys that could give us innings and make a couple starts are Spencer Adams, Jordan Romano, and Roniel Raudes. And If we’re by chance we’re still looking for the next Johan, then Carlos Herrera, Domingo Robles, and Breiling Eusebio (recovering from TJ) are the guys with the most upside/projection.

Relief pitchers and pitchers in general seem to be the positions that most teams choose.Seems rare for teams to keep position players unless they have a talent that can used from the bench (i.e great speed, excellent defense).


I think Reed could get picked and maybe Navaretto as his a MLB ready defensive catcher.Unlikely but possible would Wiel and Davis they both have good power but haven't proven themselves at AAA yet so fairlyhigh risk selections. Other than that if were other teams I would pass on the rest.

I think Reed will be gone, Jay is possible to be drafted.I don't think the rest are that high risk, but it only takes one team to believe in someone.

I'd bet that Jay is picked by someone. Not sure about Reed. He has an Anthony Slama feel to him. No one took him last year either.

    • birdwatcher and beckmt like this

Well... That was that :) 

    • rdehring likes this

FWIW here are the results:


1. Orioles — Richie Martin, SS (from Athletics)
2. Royals — Sam McWilliams, RHP (from Rays)
3. White Sox — Jordan Romano, RHP (from Blue Jays)
4. Marlins — Riley Ferrell, RHP (from Astros)
5. Tigers — Reed Garrett, RHP (from Rangers)
7. Reds — Connor Joe, C (from Dodgers)
8. Rangers — Chris Ellis, RHP (from Cardinals)
9. Giants — Travis Bergen, LHP (from Blue Jays)
10. Blue Jays — Elvis Luciano, RHP (from Royals)
11. Mets — Kyle Dowdy, RHP (from Indians)
13. Phillies — Drew Jackson, SS (from Dodgers)
15. Diamondbacks — Nick Green, RHP (from Yankees)
19. Mariners — Brandon Brennan, RHP (from Rockies)

39. Giants — Drew Ferguson, OF (from Astros)

    • glunn, gunnarthor, tarheeltwinsfan and 2 others like this

It's not over. We still have the minor league portion!

Looks like the front office knew who to add to the 40 man this year.

    • ashbury, glunn, birdwatcher and 9 others like this

Looks like the front office knew who to add to the 40 man this year.

Yeah, fair's fair, and I've expressed my qualms over some moves by this FO so they deserve credit here.

    • gunnarthor, Dman and Original Whizzinator like this
Winston Smith
Dec 13 2018 12:45 PM


Looks like the front office knew who to add to the 40 man this year.

Or the players left off just aren't that good?

    • mikelink45 and ChrisKnutson like this


Looks like the front office knew who to add to the 40 man this year.

No. They whiffed on Nick Anderson

Or the players left off just aren't that good?

This. Diaz was a mistake from day one.

I thought someone might take a flyer on Tyler Jay, which wouldn't have been the worst result in the world, other than confirming he was a failed draft pick. but it's good that with as deep a system as we have that no one got picked up, shows that the FO is making some pretty sharp evaluations on guys.


Wonder if getting passed over under rule 5 will light a fire under any of these guys?

    • Original Whizzinator likes this

Twins lukced out. Got to keep guys no one wanted but was better than anyone they might've chosen.


My fear was that someone would take Jay and he would blossom into an excellent rookie reliever for someone else next summer.Now lets hope he proves the Twins and the other 29 teams wrong, and becomes that big surprise for the hometown Twins.We can dream, can't we?

    • gunnarthor, tarheeltwinsfan, MN_ExPat and 2 others like this


I thought someone might take a flyer on Tyler Jay, which wouldn't have been the worst result in the world, other than confirming he was a failed draft pick. but it's good that with as deep a system as we have that no one got picked up, shows that the FO is making some pretty sharp evaluations on guys.


Wonder if getting passed over under rule 5 will light a fire under any of these guys?

I think what it proves is there were no eligibles in the Twins system even worth a AAA shot.


Jay will likely be out of baseball within 1.5 yrs.

    • Vanimal46 and Tomj14 like this

I would have taken a flyer on Jay if I was a really bad team. Why not?

    • Seth Stohs, Twins33, 70charger and 3 others like this

Still a chance for Cruz?When was the last real DH we had?Thome?

    • GP830 likes this

I've kind of been asking myself since the end of the draft why no one was taken from the minor league portion. Didn't really think anyone would from the MLB portion... and those that would have been even considered are certainly on the Triple-A roster.


Guys who are eligible for the MLB Rule 5 next year would be on the AAA roster this year. So guys like Jorge Alcala, Brusdar Graterol and Wander Javier are certainly on the roster. Guys like Kirlloff and Lewis don't need to be protected yet. Since any high upside guys will be protected on the rosters, you're' really just talking about fillers and then it's' more of a who saw who on what day kind of thing. I mean, the Twins drafted a 28-year-oldwho spent most of this year in AA. So, I'm' good with no one being taken in the minor league portion and I don't think it says anything negative about the organization... I don't think... but maybe.


Next year might be different because there will be some tough choices. 

    • glunn likes this

If you read that linked BA article, Jay's name is mentioned in a list of "other notables."A long list.When you take it in that context, I'm not surprised he wasn't picked.He's a long ways from being the only "notable" prospect who hasn't panned out.

    • birdwatcher and Original Whizzinator like this

In the AAA portion, the Twins selected RHP Dustin Knight from the Giants.

To possibly save anyone else from a bit of searching when trying to look him up, his name is spelled with an 'e'. Dusten Knight.

    • jkcarew likes this

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