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Casey at the Bat (Metrics Version)

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Plan to reduce minor league teams

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2019 MLB (Non-Twins) Postseason Discussion Thread

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Here's thread for general (non-Twins) 2019 MLB postseason discussion!
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Now Entering Second Guess Season

Minnesota’s dreams of postseason glory were cut brutally short on Monday night. Target Field was poised to exploded at the first sign of life from the Twins, but that moment would never come. Instead, fans saw the Twins set many dubious records. Minnesota became the first 100-win team to be swept out of the first round of the playoffs and the club has lost an MLB record 16-straight postseason games.

As the dust starts to settle, where should the blame be placed? Fans begin to move from the postseason to a time of second-guessing choices made by the coaching staff and the front office.
Image courtesy of © David Berding-USA TODAY Sports
Starting Pitchers
After watching Jake Odorizzi on Monday night, plenty of fans were questioning the decision to hold him off until game three. As the series started, Minnesota’s logic was to use Odorizzi, a fly-ball pitcher, at Target Field, which is a less-prone fly-ball park than Yankee Stadium. Randy Dobnak had been a good story for the Twins, but he was a rookie with few MLB appearances.

Odorizzi had been named an All-Star and he might have been Minnesota’s best pitcher down the stretch. While Jose Berrios struggled in the second half (4.64 ERA, 1.38 WHIP), Odorizzi posted a 2.86 ERA in August and a 3.27 ERA in September. In a shorter five-game series, Odorizzi might have been the better choice in the second game of the series.

Kepler’s Injury
Minnesota, like a lot of teams, deal with injuries down the stretch. Luis Arraez suffered what looked like a season-ending injury in the Twins’ last series of the year as he had to be carted off the field. He came back to hit 5-for-11 against the Yankees and he became the first to record to record four doubles in an ALDS. Max Kepler also missed time at the end of the year, but he didn’t fare nearly as well against New York.

Kepler did not record a hit in 13 plate appearances and he officially finished the postseason going 0-for-10 with three strikeouts and three walks. Some might question if Kepler was healthy enough to play in the post-season, but the second guessing could come in the team’s decision not to play him in the season’s final series against Kansas City. It’s hard to know if Kepler was healthy enough to play. However, standing in for at-bats against the Royals might have helped him to get some of his timing back after being injured.

Taylor Rogers didn’t pitch until the third game of the ALDS and Trevor May was limited to one pitch in the entire series. Some might question whether Kyle Gibson should have even been on the roster. In Game 1, Minnesota turned to Zack Littell after only four innings out of Jose Berrios. From there the Twins turned to the likes of Cody Stashak and the aforementioned Gibson. This wasn’t exactly the power bullpen Minnesota had used the final weeks of the season.

The results from Game 2 weren’t much better as Dobnak recorded six outs before Duffey struggled in his 2/3 of an inning. By the middle of the second game of the series, Duffey was the lone key relief option to make multiple appearances and the team’s two best relievers (Sergio Romo and Taylor Rogers) had yet to appear. Rocco Baldelli made plenty of good decisions throughout the season, but his bullpen usage in October is something to be questioned.

If you are second guessing the Twins, what decision would you change? Leave a COMMENT and start the discussion.

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But I don’t think it needs to work that way. If the Twins convert that double play in game one, couldn’t you easily see a situation where the Twins lead 3-1 or 3-2 going into the 6th or 7th inning? That’s a good sniff at a win, no?

I guess. Game 1 would be the game where one could catch at least the hint of the odor of victory. I'm not one to buy into the "if they had only won game one" theory, they had time to show they were ready for this level/stage, but the outcomes speak for themselves.


Oh, well. Maybe Steven Tyler had it right back in the early 70's... 


I know nobody knows
Where it comes and where it goes
I know it's everybody sin
You got to lose (in 3 straight humiliating games to the Yankees) to know how to win


NEXT YEAR, baby!

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Old Twins Cap
Oct 09 2019 04:20 PM

1.Schoop ain't going to win us Game 1. Ever.


2.Waiting to pitch Odorizzi was, in retrospect, a bad decision.


3.Twins did not play well with a glove or a bat in their hand.


4.Twins did not pitch well.


5.Late season injuries to Kepler, Gonzales, Arraez, Cron, Buxton.


6.Pineda getting suspended.


7. Poor team play leading into the playoffs.


8.Yankees with the best home record in all of baseball.


Add it up and it's another horrible playoff appearance.


Which sucks and is mitigated, for sure, by a wonderful season that I enjoyed immensely.


Get 'em next year fellas.

enjoyed the comments. These are from fans who really care about the team.


I was leaning on wanting Berrios to pitch one more inning. Some of you sort of convinced me that may have not been wise. We just didn;t know our pen would stink the entire series (when it counted)

I also agree that if they wanted to put Kepler on the roster, he needed to play the final week, at least a little. His was a totally wasted roster spot. Wade or Astudillo should have taken his place. He wasn't ready to play.

Turtle should have been on the roster instead of Adrianza (or Kepler) Twins hitters struck out with reckless abandon. There were spots when they needed someone to put bat on ball. Turtle had the best chance of doing that. For me leaving him off was the biggest mistake of postseason. (i know some, maybe many here are now laughing their behinds off...but it wasn't at all funny watching pathetic AB's from Kepler, Garver and Sano, when it mattered.


Arraez earned his playing time. I don't think Schoop could have done any better. Arraez didn't cost us game one. Our pitching did. And our managers decisions on who to use in a game we might have been able to win.


Twins did nothing to change the direction of their horrible offense. No one tried to lay one down to get in a run. I know thats anathama to a 307 HR hitting team...but the HR's weren't coming...the k's were. Also no one tried to beat the god forsaken shift (which I wish they would somehow outlaw next year)


finally, I absolutely was disgusted with Rocco's post series interview. That wasn't the time to be 'happy' about anything. It was insulting. Best he said very little beyond, 'you saw the games, we were beaten all 3 games, the Yankees played well, we'll try again next year.' NOBODY cared to hear about the wonderful 101 regular season...at that time. It didn;t matter. It was bad enough watching us be the only team that couldn't win a game...but to listen to our manager making light of it....nope. Not a fan of that.


Do you remember game 1? We were up 2-0. The boys were hitting homeruns like that had all season. 


Bad stuff happened when our 1st baseman didn't catch a ball. Then it compounded when our manager made every bad decision possible when it came to handling the pitching staff. 


We should have won game 1, hands down. That happens, we are in a much different position. As it were, we lost a winnable game, got spanked in game 2(another game in which the pitching wasn't handled well) and then came home for game three knowing it was just a matter of time before or season was over. 


Yes, I remember game 1 ... games still have 9 innings, though, right?


5th to 7th inning, Yankees "crooked number, crooked number, crooked number."


We weren't competitive.That's my opinion ... and, as I understand it, people are allowed to have opinions around here.



You nailed it on the bullpen. If it's 2019 and Zack Littell is the first bullpen arm you bring in during the post season, you are not going to win the series. Perhaps he becomes a lock down guy, but that was not the spot (3-3 tie in Yankee Stadium, game one) for him. 


I question Arraez playing as well. He was hobbled and couldn't make the necessary plays. Sure, his bat is a big plus, but if it is such a positive why is he batting ninth? 


Finally, having Garver lead off in game one did not work. I don't know what the number said, prior to the game, but I know he struck out three times. 


Game one was also atrocious to watch from a batting perspective. There were no adjustments. I doubt Tanaka threw more than 3 fastballs for strikes, but at bat after at bat, our guys (especially Sano) were sitting fastball for some reason. There were no gifts, and we lost. 


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