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GAME THREAD: Seattle Mariners @ Minnesota Twins, 11 Apr 2...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:35 PM
Greetings all, and welcome!   For today's game thread intro I'm going to use the time-honoured (Canadian spelling to acknowledge Twi...
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Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:13 PM
I thought he was was really good last year. Maybe I'm on an opening day high (Not high) but he is so good.Who would have thought he would...
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The 5 Rule Draft

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 12:19 PM
This year's Rule 5 draft we lost Akil Baddo and Tyler Wells. So I thought I'd check to see how they were doing. 1st I checked on Baddo, h...
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Ex Twins in 2021: Where Are They Now?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:48 AM
One of my favorite annual threads on the site. Let’s stay updated on ex-Twins in the news... This is a start of a list, and feel free to...
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Why isn't Buxton on MLB OPS leaders list?

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 04:36 PM
Buxton is listed only on the MLB HR leaders list. Not on OPS or AVG or SLG or OBP. He should be the leader in several of these. He has as...
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Notebook: Would Kris Bryant Have Fun in Minnesota?

The Twins were quiet today but Kris Bryant made headlines while the Astros were busy for the second consecutive day signing a former Twin.
Image courtesy of © Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports
Former Minnesota Twins catcher, Jason Castro, back in Houston

This gives the Astros a possible platoon option with Martin Maldando as both hitters have traditional splits against lefty and righty pitchers. Castro is coming off of his worst offensive season since 2013 with .179/.233/.375 splits in 92 at-bats over 27 games played. Per Baseball Prospectus Catching Leaders, Castro is going to be a huge improvement defensively over any of their catching options, Maldanado included, from the 2020 season.

Kris Bryant: “... is this even fun anymore?”

On an episode of Barstool Sports podcast “Red Line Radio” that was released today, Bryant rhetorically questioned if he was having fun playing baseball anymore. The former MVP is coming off of his worst season as a pro and enters the final year of his contract amid another offseason of trade rumors. The Cubs seem to be in sell mode after unloading Yu Darvish to the San Diego Padres and the Twins would be an ideal fit for the three-time all star who could theoretically play any of the four corner infield or outfield spots.

Blue Jays designate Anthony Castro

Castro signed as an international free agent in 2012 with the Detroit Tigers, has just one Major League inning under his belt, and is only 25-years-old. The righty has had moderate success in the Minors as a high strikeout rate but has issues with his control as that’s coupled with a very high walk rate. In his “Top 39 Prospects: Blue Jays” analysis, Eric Longenhagen scouting report reads “his heater has natural cut; his slider lacks depth”.

It’s that last part that might pique my interest for the Twins. We have a franchise that loves pitcher development and sliders ... doesn’t Castro fit the bill? And at only 25-years-old with room on the roster, he could make for an interesting project.

Reds are interested in Andrelton Simmons

The free agent shortstop hasn’t been tied to the Twins but the Twins have been tied to needing a shortstop or utility infielder. Simmons is arguably the best shortstop available on the market and, if the Twins were to be interested, it appears they would have added competition in the Reds. If you are overly concerned with Polanco’s defense, then Simmons is right up your alley as one of baseball’s best defensive shortstops.

Tim Anderson to star on the cover of RBI 21

MLB announced that Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson would be the cover player for RBI 2021. This is now the seventh year this game has been released since its reboot in 2015, and Anderson is the second American League Central shortstop to be featured after Francisco Lindor donned the cover in 2018. Anderson has inarguably been charismatic and productive in his last three Major League seasons, but how do you snub Fernando Tatis Jr or one of the players from baseball's most trending team? Just another gaff for a marketing department that struggles in advertising the games most polarizing stars. Calm down, @ChiSoxFanMike, this is less of a shot at Anderson and more of a recognition of the coast-to-coash star that Tatis Jr has become.

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The management loves sliders. Castro’s lacks depth. Another organization couldn’t fix it in years, why would the Twins be able to.


Bryant may be mentally damaged goods at this point. He had the brightest manager in all of baseball, the genius of all geniuses in baseball operations and only 1 trip to the World Series. Now it is not fun. Unmet expectations when you are the big star would not be any fun here, either

Bryant played with a bad wrist and back last year, with an IL stint in the middle of the season. If he's healthy, he's still an all-star caliber player. There are two problems with a Bryant trade: His current health and the Cubs asking price. If the cost is Rooker and a couple of lower-ranked prospects, I'd do it. 


A bigger trade with the Cubs might be fun too. Add in Javier Baez, who also had a down year last year. A year with Berrios might get him back on track. With both of them, the Twins would upgrade their defense and have a ton of flexibility. 


I'd only make this trade if it didn't include any of the top 6 or 7 Twins prospects. That's reasonable since the Twins would only get one season of each of them. Maybe Rooker, Urbina, Sands/Enlow and Rortvedt? (The Cubs might want Canterino instead of Sands or Enlow.)


The Cubs farm system is near empty right now. Urbina gives them upside and Rooker provides some power. Losing Canterino would hurt but still might be worth it. The AL doesn't look that strong for 2021. Baez and Bryant would give the Twins a chance.

    • whosafraidofluigirussolo, specialiststeve, Vanimal46 and 1 other like this
Jan 22 2021 08:27 AM

Cubs would have to take on some of the Salary for the Twins to bite. I would be fine with it.... Could mix and match at 1st, 3rd, OF.... or Put Sano in the DH and call it a day. Would only be a one year deal but have always liked Bryant so would be good with it.... Would Love Baez also but that would take a few top end prospects... not sure that would be worth the cost...

Doctor Gast
Jan 22 2021 10:43 AM
I like Bryant but our only real need for him is being a great platoon with Donaldson, that would be expensive and not fair to him. Baez makes much more sense, with his talent and ties to Berrios, I'd like to get extentions with both of them.
This should be top priority for FO. Cubs are motivated to trim the budget and gain prospects, they'd lose out if they keep him.
FO needs to be aggressive in open communications and be creative to get the deal done. Meaning if we don't have all the Cubs want, go to a 3rd party. We can't let another one slip away. Baez will be cheap since it's his last year and poor 2020. No top prospects, probably a couple of low ones. Please get it done

Winning is fun. He'd have fun in MN if the FO would decide to actually take a risk and cut some splashy deals so the Twins can actually win a playoff game. 

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Jan 22 2021 11:07 AM

I'm sure the number of baseball players who thought last year was fun is pretty low.


If Bryant ends up going to the AL Central, the most likely landing spot is to the other team in Chicago. Of the teams that would feel comfortable paying his salary, the Sox would be the most "fun."


If the Twins got rid of Rosario, who would have been owed about half as much money and whose ability is about half of a Bryant -- yes including striking out about half as often as Bryant -- do not expect the Twins to be looking at Bryant. We have to look at players who are less valuable than Rosario to get a good gauge as to what the Twins are looking for. Expect a couple of $5M-$7M deals for lottery tickets or replacement-level material.

Jan 22 2021 12:36 PM


The management loves sliders. Castro’s lacks depth. Another organization couldn’t fix it in years, why would the Twins be able to.


Bryant may be mentally damaged goods at this point. He had the brightest manager in all of baseball, the genius of all geniuses in baseball operations and only 1 trip to the World Series. Now it is not fun. Unmet expectations when you are the big star would not be any fun here, either


The Twins may not be able to fix Castro, or anybody else for that matter. But considering how terrible Detroit and Toronto have been at developing their own pitchers the last decade, those seem like good places to look for guys who could click somewhere else.


As for Bryant, doesn't going on Barstool Sports count as a medical diagnosis for being mentally damaged? I didn't realize that was still a thing.