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Game Thread: TWINS at Yankees -- September 19, 2017 7pm...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:30 PM
Minnesota Twins (78-72) at New York Yankees (83-67) -- Yankee Stadium   Season Series -- Tied at 2   Last time out -- Yankees 2...
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Let's remember some "Twins guys" thread

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:16 PM
Best Minnesota trip in a long time for me, Vikes win, and Twins win (both big time!) in the midst of tonight's ass kicking started talkin...
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Haters of bunts unite!

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Can we all please rise up against all this bunting business?     It's time to take a stand.  Social media has proven itsel...
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Let's talk about Castro....

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This signing was lauded by a lot this off season, but at this point it looks like a disaster that we are going to be stuck with for anoth...
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Let's see how successful football is in Los Angeles

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 07:24 PM
STAND UP AND SHOUT LOS ANGELES FANS! WOO!!!!!   Here's pics of the LA Rams and LA Chargers opening game.       ...
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MLB Draft - Day 3 Rapid Fire

On Saturday, MLB held its third day of the draft. It covered rounds 11 through 40 and lasted over six hours to complete. However, at the end of the day, the Minnesota Twins had made 40 picks this year.

Day 3 was filled with a pitching-led theme again. The Twins drafted a bunch of power arms, looking to accumulate pitchers with velocity that they can work with on command and control. They took a couple of high-potential pitchers in Florida prep Taylor Blatch and Logan Shore [PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]although both are likely to go to college instead of signing. The Twins also accumulated plenty of talent to help fill their GCL and Elizabethton rosters. Below, you will find each of the Twins draft picks, and on many of them, Twins Daily's draft expert Jeremy Nygaard added some brief comments.

It's taken two days to get through ten rounds of the MLB Draft. On Saturday, a conference call of 30 teams, each making 30 picks, will complete the 2013 draft. It'll be rapid fire throughout the day. As soon as one team makes a selection, the next will get about 5 seconds to make their pick. It's actually quite something to listen to.

As Twins picks are made, we will continue to update the Twins selections below. Please comment throughout the day with your thoughts.

The Twins have made ten picks through the first ten rounds. They have chosen six pitchers (4 college, 2 high school), three catchers (2 college, 1 high school) and a college third baseman.

What will they do with their final 30 picks? Well, we can be assured that they will continue to find more pitching, but will they be able to find any hidden gems in the late rounds? Of course, only time will tell.

Day 3

40th Round (1190) - Kelly Starnes - OF - Los Medanos College (CA)

39th Round (1160) - Seth Wagner - LHP - Mifflin County HS (PA)

38th Round (1130) - Javier Salas - RHP - U of Miami

37th Round (1100) - Julien Service - OF - Northeast Texas CC

36th Round (1070) - Joe Greenfield - RHP - Eastern Illinois U

35th Round (1040) - Nick Lemoncelli - LHP - Lower Columbia College (WA)

34th Round (1010) - Ivory Thomas - CF - Cal St. Dominguez Hills

33rd Round (980) - Stephen Stensley - OF - University HS (Louisiana)

32nd Round (950) - Carlos Avila - SS - Cal St. Dominguez Hills

31st Round (920) - AJ Bogucki - RHP - Boyertown HS (PA)

30th Round (890) - Tanner Vavra - 2B - Valporaiso (3B Coach Joe's son)

29th Round (860) - Logan Shore - RHP - Coon Rapids HS (MN)

28th Round (830) - Chris Erwin - LHP - Grayson HS (GA)

27th Round (800) - Tyler Blatch - RHP - Jensen Beach HS (FL)

Blatch, who doesn't even check in at six feet, is going to tough to sign with his 95 mph fastball and two solid off-speed offerings.

26th Round (770) - Ryan Halstead - P - Indiana

25th Round (740) - Chad Christianson - OF - Nebraska

Christianson started at SS for two years before moving to the outfield for his last two years. Showed more strength as a junior than he did as a senior.

24th Round (710) - Brandon Easton - LHP - Lakeland CC

Easton is also a high-K pitcher (78 in 59.2 IP) and big (6-6). Easton was the OCCAC Pitcher of the Year. (Easton is in MLB's database as a 1B, but he's a pitcher.)

23rd Round (680) - Zach Hayden - RHP - South Carolina - Aiken

Hayden struck out 41 in 21 innings for the Pacers this year. He also walked 23.

22nd Round (650) - Alex Swim - C - Elon University

Swim is a senior who stole 15-of-18 bases and started all 64 games.

21st Round (620) - Tyler Stirewalt - RHP - Fresno State

Stirewalt is a project. He walked-on the Fresno State football team for three years before switching over to baseball in 2012. Obviously athletic, Stirewalt can hit 94.

20th Round (590) - Jason Kanzler - CF - Buffalo
Fifth-year senior, batting .330 with some power (12 HRs) and speed (21 SBs).

19th Round (560) - Jared Wilson - RHP - UC Santa Barbara

A fifth-year senior with big arm strength and a lack of control. Good fastball and curve, but any success will depend on figuring out how to make it goes where he wants it to.

18th Round (530) - Ryan Walker - SS - Texas-Arlington

Walker will be a solid shortstop for the E-town Twins, batted .304 in 58 games for the Mavericks.

17th Round (500) - Tanner Mendonca - RHP - Sacremento State

Good body with a fastball up to 94 and a decent breaking ball.

16th Round (470) - Brandon Bixler - LHP - Florida Gulf Coast

Bixler offers two pretty significant pieces: first, his ability to miss bats - a good fastball with two solid secondary pitches (curveball and change-up). Secondly, he doesn't always throw it in - or near - the strike zone. Bixler is also about 5-10, 160.

15th Round (440) - Derrick Penilla - LHP - Mt San Antonio College

Not a lot of info out there on Penilla, a lefty. Started for MSAC and averaged over a strikeout per inning.

14th Round (410) - Zack Granite - CF - Seton Hall

Three-year starter and leadoff centerfielder for the Pirates. Granite is small, but gets on base and has good speed.

13th Round (380) - Brandon Peterson - PHP - Wichita State

Stop me if you've heard this: A college reliever who should get a shot to start in pro ball. Features a low-90s fastball and a slider. Was successful as Wichita State's closer with a ceiling as a set-up man if the starter thing doesn't work.

12th Round (350) - Ethan Mildren - RHP - Pittsburgh

A tall, groundball pitcher who throws four pitches, including a low-90s fastball.

11th Round (320) – Nelson Molina - SS - Puerto Rico HS

6-3, 170, skinny and weak but very projectable. A scout's dream that could stick at shortstop with soft hands, quick release, but lacks the cannon arm.

Day 2

10th Round (290) - C.K. Irby - RHP - Samford University
9th Round (260) - Mitchell Garver - C - U of New Mexico
8th Round (230) - Dustin DeMuth - 3B - U of Indiana
7th Round (200) - Brian Gilbert - RHP - Seton Hall University
6th Round (170) - Brian Navarretto - C - Florida (High School)
5th Round (140) - Aaron Slegers - RHP - U of Indiana
4th Round (110) - Stephen Gonsalves - LHP - California (High School)
3rd Round (78) - Stuart Turner - C - U. of Mississippi

Day 1

2nd Round (43) - Ryan Eades - RHP - LSU (College)
1st Round (4) - Kohl Stewart - RHP - Texas (High School)

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