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Some Mauer numbers worth remembering/considering

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Game Thread: Tigers@Twins 8/22 7:10pm

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Can the Twins help keep Detroit out of first place and the playoffs? As Twins fans, do we even care who makes the playoffs? Tonight, the...
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Minnesota Twins at the All Star Game

Joe Mauer is the Twins lone All Star representative tonight in Kansas City. In over 52 seasons in Minnesota, the Twins have had many All Stars, obviously at least one each year. There are the greats of the game, like Killebrew, Carew and Puckett who went to many All Star games. And there are the Coomer's and Engel's. Below, I'll post all of the Twins All Star representative by years, with some notes to follow. Feel free to discuss the best and the worst, and any other notes you find interesting:

1961 - Harmon Killebrew, Camilo Pascual
1962 - Earl Battey, Jim Kaat, Camilo Pascual, Rich Rollins
1963 - Bob Allison, Earl Battey, Harmon Killebrew, Zoilo Versailles[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]
1964 - Bob Allison, Jimmie Hall, Harmon Killebrew, Tony Oliva, Camilo Pascual
1965 - Earl Battey, Jim "Mudcat" Grant, Jimmie Hall, Harmon Killebrew, Tony Oliva, Zoilo Versailles
1966 - Earl Battey, Jim Kaat, Harmon Killebrew, Tony Oliva
1967 - Rod Carew, Dean Chance, Harmon Killebrew, Tony Oliva
1968 - Rod Carew, Harmon Killebrew, Tony Oliva
1969 - Rod Carew, Harmon Killebrew, Tony Oliva, John Roseboro
1970 - Rod Carew, Harmon Killebrew, Tony Oliva, Jim Perry
1971 - Leo Cardenas, Rod Carew, Harmon Killebrew, Tony Oliva, Jim Perry
1972 - Rod Carew
1973 - Bert Blyleven, Rod Carew
1974 - Rod Carew
1975 - Rod Carew
1976 - Rod Carew, Butch Wynegar
1977 - Rod Carew, Larry Hisle, Butch Wynegar
1978 - Rod Carew
1979 - Roy Smalley
1980 - Ken Landreaux
1981 - Doug Corbett
1982 - Kent Hrbek
1983 - Gary Ward
1984 - Dave Engle
1985 - Tom Brunansky
1986 - Kirby Puckett
1987 - Kirby Puckett
1988 - Gary Gaetti, Tim Laudner, Kirby Puckett, Jeff Reardon, Frank Viola
1989 - Gary Gaetti, Kirby Puckett
1990 - Kirby Puckett
1991 - Rick Aguilera, Jack Morris, Kirby Puckett
1992 - Rick Aguilera, Chuck Knoblauch, Kirby Puckett
1993 - Rick Aguilera, Kirby Puckett
1994 - Chuck Knoblauch, Kirby Puckett
1995 - Kirby Puckett
1996 - Chuck Knoblauch
1997 - Chuck Knoblauch
1998 - Brad Radke
1999 - Ron Coomer
2000 - Matt Lawton
2001 - Cristian Guzman, Joe Mays, Eric Milton
2002 - Eddie Guardado, Torii Hunter, AJ Pierzynski
2003 - Eddie Guardado
2004 - Joe Nathan
2005 - Joe Nathan, Johan Santana
2006 - Francisco Liriano, Joe Mauer, Johan Santana
2007 - Torii Hunter, Justin Morneau, Johan Santana
2008 - Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Joe Nathan
2009 - Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Joe Nathan
2010 - Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau
2011 - Michael Cuddyer
2012 - Joe Mauer

It is a lot of fun for me to look back at the Twins All-Star history. Here are some more notes:

  • Kirby Puckett was the All Star game MVP in 1993.
  • In 1961 and 1962, there were two All Star games. In 1961, Harmon Killebrew was selected to play in both. In 1962, Earl Battey, Camilo Pascual and Rich Rollins played in both.
  • Joe Mauer is representing the Twins for the 5th year in the All-Star game. That puts him in 5th place on the Twins list, moving ahead of Earl Battey, Joe Nathan and Chuck Knoblauch who each represented the Twins four times.
  • Rod Carew is tops on that list with 12 consecutive All Star appearances with the Twins from 1967-1978. Harmon Killebrew represented the Twins ten years between 1961 and 1971 (only missing 1962). Kirby Puckett went to ten consecutive All Star games from 1986-1995 (and probably would have gone a few more times). Tony Oliva went to eight straight from 1964-1971.
  • The 1987 World Series champion Twins only had one representative at the All Star game that season. The following year (when they actually had a better regular season record), they had five representatives.
  • From 1967-1971, Rod Carew, Harmon Killebrew and Tony Oliva went to all five All Star games.
  • Oliva and Killebrew teamed at the All Star game each season from 1964-1971. Following that duo on the list are Rick Aguilera and Kirby Puckett who were All Stars together from 1991 through 1993, and Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau who both went in 2008, 2009 and 2010.
  • The Twins hosted the All Star game in 1965 and 1985.

What else do you enjoy about the All Star game? For me, it's about the player introductions and then to see how well the Twins players do in their opportunities. It should not be a game to determine Home Field Advantage in the World Series. It is an exhibition of MLBs players and teams and I wish that's what it was about.

Fill free to share you All Star game memories or favorite moments below.

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