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Article: MIN 6, TB 4: Cruz Bails Out Another Bunting Blunder

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:00 PM
Messages from the team’s marketing department are apparently being lost in translation on their way to the club’s manager. Instead of the...
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What was Tampa Bay Thinking

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:51 PM
When they waived CJ Cron? He hit 30 home runs with a .816 OPS in 2018.He wasn't making a lot of money int he grand scheme of things....
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Article: Luis Arráez: Hitting Machine

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:50 PM
Luis Arráez, the guy that knows how to hit a baseball.He is just 22 years old but already made his MLB debut more than a month ago, when...
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Game Thread: Twins vs. Tampa Bay 6/26/19 @ 7:10pm CST

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:48 PM
  Good afternoon to all of you wonderful Twins Daily Game Thread participants!  Beautiful day here in Minneapolis to watch a b...
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Juiced Baseball Update

Other Baseball Today, 09:44 PM
This should be a giant red flag that something isn't right with the baseballs.
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MIN 6, SEA 5: Comeback Victory Capped By Trevor May Save

The Twins were able to use a late inning push to improve to 44-21 and retake their lead as baseball's best. The Twins score three runs in the bottom of the eighth to take a one-run lead. Taylor Rogers was unavailable due to a stiff back, so it was Trevor May who was given the ninth tonight. He passed the test.
Image courtesy of © Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports
Box Score
Perez: 5.0 IP, 6 H, 4 ER, 3 BB, 7 K, 62.1% strikes (59 of 95 pitches)
Bullpen: 4.0 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 3 K

Home Runs: Schoop (12), Castro (8)
Multi-Hit Games: Polanco (3-for-3, 2 2B)

WPA of +0.1: Polanco .398, Gonzalez .190, Schoop .111
WPA of -0.1: Sano -.172, Perez -.205
Attached Image: Win611.png
(chart via FanGraphs)

Twins Pounce on Bullpen
See Twins fans, our bullpen isn’t the only one to blow leads late in the game. In fact, entering tonight, the Twins are tied for fifth fewest blown saves with only four. The Mariners, on the other hand, picked up their 12th blown save, which is tied for third-most in the league.

Though the Twins don’t have that many blown saves, that doesn’t mean our bullpen isn’t bad. That was shown tonight when Trevor May almost gave Twins’ Twitter another reason to talk about how not getting Craig Kimbrel was a mistake.

The ninth inning opened with a pair of singles, but May managed to protect the one-run lead. Rogers was unavailable due to a sore back.

The Twins were able to pick up their first lead of the game in the eighth inning with the first three batters getting on, which included back-to-back doubles to bring them within one, followed by a walk.

Austin Adams came in, no not the Twins’ reliever, but the reliever for the Mariners, and tied the game up on a wild pitch which scored Jorge Polanco. Two batters later Marwin Gonzalez gave the Twins the lead with his first hit of the game.

Leake Deals
Prior to that late comeback, it was a bit of a frustrating evening for the Twins. Mike Leake was able to hold them to only three runs through seven innings. He got a lot of help from the Twins being very aggressive in the later innings, but nonetheless, had a very solid outing. He had 16 at-bats where he threw four or fewer pitches, including 10 at-bats that were two pitches or fewer.
Leake gave up back-to-back home runs in the fourth, but settled in after that. Other than his two home runs, in his seven innings Leake gave up only four hits, zero runs, and struck out six.

Perez Continues to Struggle
This start by Martin Perez marks his third straight giving up more than two runs. Perez had a 7-2 record with a 3.72 ERA coming into this game, but it’s been rising for the past three outings and tonight didn’t help. Over the last three games, he had posted a 7.44 ERA and 2.15 WHIP.

Perez’s struggles started right away with his first-pitch strikes. In the first three innings he was only able to get five first pitch strikes out of 13 batters. He was able to keep his struggles irrelevant in the first 2 2/3 innings, but with a two-out rally in the third, things went downhill.

Perez was limited to just five innings in tonight’s game which makes it four straight starts where he has failed to go more than five innings. He was only able to throw a first pitch strike to 11 out of 24 batters he faced tonight. His ERA has risen a full run in his last four starts to bring it to 3.97, but thanks to a late inning push, he picked up a no-decision.

Record-Breaking Powerhouse
Every few games it feels like the Twins are breaking a new record whether it’s their own franchise record, or a MLB record. After their first home run of the game bringing them to 126 on the season, they had already set a new club record and MLB record. They passed their previous record of home runs before the All-Star game from 1964, with 24 games until the break, and set the MLB record for most home runs in their first 65 games of the season. They finished the night with 127 home runs.

Postgame With Baldelli

Bullpen Usage
Here’s a quick look at the number of pitches thrown by the bullpen over the past five days:
Attached Image: Pen611.png
Next Game
Wed vs. SEA, 7:10 pm CT (Berrios-Milone)

Last Game
MIN 12, DET 2: No Motown Blues for the Minnesota Twins

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As EE sauntered to the plate, I turned to my wife and said, "I don't like this. He knows he's going yard." And so did Perez and every Twins player and every fan in the stands and at home watching telly. Let's be clear: Like Chuck Norris, EE grinds his coffee with his teeth and boils the water with his own rage.


I'd walk him every time there's men on base.

    • Han Joelo, Riverbrian, DocBauer and 1 other like this


 Is it okay to hope for our third 8-homer game of the season? Or is that asking too much?

Hope?I'd say expect or demand.

    • Riverbrian likes this


About a year ago, I was a passenger in a friends car. We were driving through a parking lot, we were laughing and joking about something. Without warning, a car started to back out into his path. The backing car nosed out maybe a foot but must have saw us, because the car stopped and waited for him to go by.

Of course, the backing car did start to back out and this made my friend kinda apply the brakes a little and maybe slightly adjust the wheel to the left before straightening out and continuing on as normal.

When this happened... my friend went from mid-sentence in the middle of an uncompleted joke to screaming, cussing, out of his mind angry at the idiot driver who started to back out.

Twinsdaily can be that way sometimes. :)


Count me in as one of those people. When Sano struck out in the 8th....grrrr....when May put 2 on in the 9th...grrr...


But man. Think about how many teams out there are hovering around .500 and watching their guys just blow games left and right. Think about how last year at this time we were still holding out hope as we watched Dozier and Mauer and Robbie Grossman and Fernando Rodney every night. Man....last year, a bad game would or a bad week from a player would just kill this team. These days, a bad week from a player doesn't even matter because this team is so deep. Weird getting used to this.

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Hope?I'd say expect or demand.

They will hit x home runs tonight. I don't think our hope, expectations or demands will change the x to y or z.


Yesterday was Tuesday, June 11 and it was the 65th game of the year.The Twins are now 40%of the way through the season.Out of 59 years, the current team ranks 33rd on the all-time list of Twins' home runs in one season and are on a pace to hit 317 home runs this season..


I just wanted to mention that I appreciate your consistency of these posts. 

    • USAFChief and Circus Boy like this


Yes, this is a remarkable thing! A dozen position players with a 1 WAR or better (a LOT better in most cases). 


It seems to be this team's year. Sit two guys down and watch their replacements be run producers.


This is how a team becomes bulletproof. The Dodgers and Cubs have been doing it this way for awhile now. I am so pleased that the Twins have followed that path and are doing even better with it at the moment. 


Now if the Twins can take the same approach on the mound... We might end up being used to this contention thing for a long long time. 

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he's certainly auditioning for someone.


EE auditioning for another team would be like you auditioning for a bowling team.


You've rolled a ball or two in front of others.  



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Jun 12 2019 01:13 PM

They will hit x home runs tonight. I don't think our hope, expectations or demands will change the x to y or z.

I demand they hit at least y homeruns but z would be best.
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You're probably right about that although it's a statistic that can be impacted by short starts or the use of an opener where your starter only goes and inning or two. We've been fortunate in that we haven't had a lot of short stats and haven't used any (?) openers. As another poster pointed out, the Twins are also impacted by what appears to be a pretty hard 100-105 pitch limit that Baldelli uses. 


This all points out to me that (1) we have to have an 8 man BP if we're going to use this system (means no Arreaz, Astudillo or Cave), and that(2) we either need 2 BP arms by the deadline or 1 BP and 1 quality starter. Absent that, this BP will be running on fumes by mid to late August. Also, God help us if we lose Berrios or Rogers for any extended period. 


The very second we have an injury to the rotation, or end up with a larger number of short starts... the bullpen will have to pick up the slack. It works that way. 


This team is playoff bound, offensively this team is World Series possible. The front office HAS TO add depth on the mound... this means finding either starters or a complete bullpen full of talent to make up any quality innings loss from our current rotation.


Plus, we have 3 free agents in our midst. I fully expect the front office to make a trade for a starter with at least another year of control and I expect a couple of high impact bullpen arms in addition. 


If the front office doesn't support this team with mound acquisitions... they should have their drivers license suspended. 


    • Mike Sixel, Circus Boy, ChrisKnutson and 2 others like this


it’s a good thing he’s high velocity cuz he misses his location really badly on a lot of pitches. That popout by Seager to end the game was supposed to be outside & he put it middle-in happy zone.

The velocity is the only reason he's effective and when you think of it both seattle players, that popped out to end the game, stepped into the box looking dead red fastball the whole way. Both players got those fastballs in the hitting zone, but neither guy could do anything with it because of the velocity. If he could spot his curveball or incorporate the occasional change up he could be downright filthy. 

    • stringer bell and DocBauer like this
Jun 12 2019 03:15 PM

I demand they hit at least y homeruns but z would be best.

Bombas. Bombas.
Jun 12 2019 03:16 PM

I just wanted to mention that I appreciate your consistency of these posts.

There is nothing consistent about these posts at all. They keep changing. The bombas just keep on coming.
    • USAFChief and Riverbrian like this
Jun 12 2019 03:42 PM

I just wanted to mention that I appreciate your consistency of these posts.

I appreciate your comment but I have to credit the consistency to my computer. Once I got the tables set up and the formulas in place, all I have to do is remember to get out of bed each morning and update the spreadsheet (although, at my age, that is a challenge).
    • USAFChief and Riverbrian like this
Jun 12 2019 04:47 PM

I'll say what I've said a few other times, I think Perez is (as of now unless he can make adjustments) the guy I'd feel more comfortable with in the pen. We might be able to upgrade two spots by trading for an ace. 


I appreciate your comment but I have to credit the consistency to my computer. Once I got the tables set up and the formulas in place, all I have to do is remember to get out of bed each morning and update the spreadsheet (although, at my age, that is a challenge).


Thank You for getting out of bed each morning.:)

I considered that but have two counterpoints. If the pen was as bad as folks here believe then the runs given up by the relievers would offset the large leads creating more save opportunities but instead as you have pointed out there are fewer save opportunities. Further, the Twins are also number three in save percentage which is a mostly independent stat from opportunities. None of those teams listed above crack the top 10. I really just want to point out that it is very rare for a fan base to be happy with their bullpen. I remember when Jesse Crain went 23 appearances without giving up a run and it seemed like no one noticed. He then gave up a home run and fans immediately went back to calling him Crain wreck.

Smart post.

Great game, but Perez is starting to become a problem. He doesn't give us enough innings, even for a 5th starter. The rotation has been pretty solid, BUT..

(1) We have two guys who go 5 innings at best and rarely more in Pineda and Perez,
(2) Two guys who rarely go beyond 6 innings in Odorizzi and Gibson, and
(3) Only ONE starter who you feel like is likely to/might go 7 innings or more in Berrios.

My thinking is that while yes, we need another BP arm or two, another starter who can at least consistently go 6 plus innings might help the BP almost as much by limiting their innings. Is that Smeltzer? Who knows? Another 5 innings or less start or two by Pineda or Perez and I would seriously think about giving Smeltzer a 2-3 game run to see if he's as good as he looked last time. And, I'd do it before the trade deadline because it might impact some thinking.

Already been pointed out our ranking of IP by the rotation. But I'd just like to address Perez directly.

I am still in mild shock for what he has done thus far. As a result, I am now of the mind that he is going through a mini slump. It happens. Last night he still struck out 7. Tells me the stuff is still there. A 3 run bomb to one of the better hitters in the league is unfortunate, but is not unexpected. It happens.

IMO, I never felt Perez was one of our top 3 SP, even with his great start to the season. I remain of the opinion, despite a weird start to his year, that Perez was behind Gibson. I think that will turn out to be true when all is said and done.

In other words, barring injury or collapse by Perez, I think the rotation is solid as is.


Hope?I'd say expect or demand.

Well I don't want to seem ungrateful

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