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5 things to think about... 1. I got a friend who closed on a house earlier this week. So please forgive me if i have a one track mind. 2....
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Magic Number Thread

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Why no magic number thread?     Why can't I post pictures?      BYTO was fun.    
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Team of Destiny

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I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but the signs are pointing to the Minnesota Twins heading to the World Series this year.The Twin...
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Okay, so let's poll the postseason

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Personally, I'd prefer to face the... I hate to say it... Yankees...   Yes, I know they're unbeatable. But they're not. They're basi...
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Front Page: Randy Dobnak Should Be the Twins Game 2 Starter

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I know what you are probably thinking “Whoa whoa whoa, hold on, if there is one thing that is set about the Minnesota Twins starting rota...
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Mauer's Farewell Letter To Fans

Late Friday afternoon, rumors began to trickle in that Joe Mauer had made his decision on retirement. Soon after, the Star Tribune announced that Joe Mauer was indeed retiring. He has taken out a full page ad in the newspaper on Sunday.

The Twins later shared a letter that Joe Mauer had written to fans which explained his decision to retire, the timing and some of the reasons. Injuries and family were the reasons for this retirement at 35 years old.
Image courtesy of Brad Rempel, USA Today
A foul tip off of the bat of the Mets Ike Davis in a game that was made up on what should have been an off day hit Joe Mauer's face mask and altered the trajectory of his career. In a letter to fans, Mauer said that it changed him professionally and personally.

When Mauer dove into foul territory in an attempt to catch a pop up earlier this season, another concussion cost him over 30 games. It was at that point really where Mauer started to know what would happen following the season as his historic Twins contract came to an end.

Joe Mauer wrote an emotional, heartfelt letter to fans. In it, he discussed why he needed to take this month after the season to feel at peace with his decision. He also opened up about the reason for his decision to retire, family. Mauer is the father of twin girls, and his wife Maddie is soon to have the couple's third child. They factored into this decision.
Here is the full transcript of Mauer's Letter to Fans.

Dear Twins Territory,

After much consideration, I have decided to retire from playing baseball. This decision did not come easily as baseball always has been, and always will be, one of my greatest passions. The last few months of this season were very emotional for me and I wanted to take time to separate some of those emotions and think with a clear frame of mind.

The decision came down to my health and my family. The risk of concussion is always there, and I was reminded of that this season after missing over 30 games as a result of diving for a foul ball. That’s all it took this time around and it was all I needed to bring me back to the struggles I faced in 2013. The concussion I experienced that season not only changed my life professionally with a move to first base but changed me personally as well. I am soon to be a father of three and I find myself thinking about my future health and its impact on my family more than I had years ago. People always told me how much things change when you become a parent, and they were right. After my concussion this season I found myself wondering about “what if” situations. If I were to continue playing this game I would want to do so without reservation and I no longer feel that is possible. There is a part of me that will always want to compete, but I have reached a point where my desire to play is outweighed by the possibility of another injury. Experiencing a concussion looks different for everyone, but my personal experience forced me to look beyond baseball at what is best for me as a husband and father.

As each day of this season passed and the end of my contract became more of a reality, I began to reflect on all that has happened over the years as well as what the future might look like. The thought of retiring, even with my health related concerns, was still a very difficult and emotional subject for me. Leading up to the last day of the season, I talked with several people who I respect in this game and in my life and thought about all angles of this decision. I also turned to God and prayed for clarity and direction. The answer I was searching for came into sharper focus during my last game, a game I will never forget and a day where I felt like everything I was questioning started to become clear. As I stood on the field in my catcher’s gear, something I never thought would be possible again, I realized in that moment that this is how I wanted to finish my career. I wanted to finish on my home field in front of our amazing fans, my family, my friends, my teammates, and the organization that means so much to me. Being able to do that for a brief moment as a catcher, made that day even more incredible than I could have imagined. That day also had me reflecting on how baseball is about so much more than winning or losing. It’s about so much more than stats and personal accolades. For me it’s about the life lessons I have learned along the way. It’s about the struggles and triumphs that put things into perspective, and about all of the people I have met who have helped mold me into the person I am today.

I left the stadium after that game with 18 years worth of amazing memories playing for a team and organization that has become family, and to me that is worth more than I can express. I will always be grateful to the Twins and to the fans for their love and support all these years. I walked into the clubhouse every day with pride and never once took for granted the opportunity to put on that uniform. I have never wavered that playing for this team was exactly where I wanted to be.

Thank you Minnesota Twins, and thank you fans, for making my career as special and memorable as it was. Because of you I can leave the game I love with a full and grateful heart.

All the best,

Joe Mauer

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Followed TwinsDaily for years..glad to join the community!

Thought occurred to me today after reflecting on Joe Maurer's retirement announcement.

Minnesota Twins have a vacancy at the First Base coaching position.

How cool would it be if they were to hire Joe to fill that spot in 2019?

Not rocket science...Joe knows how it works...would command incredible respect from both the Twins young studs and MLB opponents? Bonus: get to see Mr. # 7 for many more years in uniform!


Do it FalVine!






Great handle. Welcome to the site.

    • snepp likes this

Very much in Joe Mauer's character to wait until the end of the 2018 season to formally announce his retirement. No official final game other than the donning of the "tools of ignorance" for the last time which was the biggest hint ever. It was obvious through his entire career that Joe Mauer is not a "limelight" person and would not have enjoyed playing for a team such as the Yankees. I do hope he is able to remain in the game in some capacity and I think he would be great working with younger players.

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