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Game Thread: Twins at Rangers, 4/26@7:05pm CT

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:43 PM
And…. Welcome back to the nightly game threads this is your host diehard... er... Vanimal reporting live from Corpus Christi Texas where...
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2017 MLB draft thread

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 06:42 PM
Baring some sort of scenario where the Twins manage to win the next 8, the Braves lose the next 8, and win the tie breaker, we'll be pick...
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Santiago to Bereavement List?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:38 PM
Tweet from LEN3:     Looks like the Twins will get a free arm (or bat) for a couple days. Who is even worth calling up at this...
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Hicks for Murphy trade: 14 months later

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:42 PM
Murphy: nowhere to be found Hicks: .318 Ba, 3 HR, 1.100 OPS Oops!
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Errors: What's the Point?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:14 PM
Seriously, what's with the protection of the defender at the expense of the pitcher? Both Sano and Dozier had balls hit right at them tha...
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Loss Leaders (Twins at Rays - Games 85-88)

Attached Image: creek-bridge.jpg Lots of Hits, No Crossovers (Twins 4 Rays 7 - Game 85)

Crossed through the radio broadcast of the game like going over the same creek, again and again, driving down a country highway. Things were peaceful enough until I crossed paths with the game one more time to find the Twins down three runs. As I listened, a fourth Rays run crossed the plate.
There was still hope before I got home. Aaron Hicks got his fourth hit of the game and then scored a run. I got home and hurried through a few chores, but I knew it didn’t matter. The text announcing the loss arrived on my phone before my body hit my favorite spot on the couch.

It does ease the pain to see Hicks getting it right. He and Arcia show promise for the future. Still, I’d like for the Twins coaching staff to sit Hicks and Arcia down for the “Don’t be Danny Valencia after the 2010 season” talk. This whole team has a long way to go.

What’s Blogger for “The Wave” (Twins 1 Rays 4 - Game 86)

The Twins losses keep mounting, and I decided, as punishment, to let the team spend a day without me caring about them. I’m a rational man, but somehow I really do believe the team can feel apathy and spite through the airwaves. Just a normal, everyday craziness, I guess.

A dip into the Twitter pool led me to believe lots of bloggers gave up along with me. If there was a way to bounce a beach ball from one tweet of suffering to the next, I think lots of people would’ve kept things bouncing.

All these losses share the same lack of energy. It’s like the Twins identified some perfect exemplar of loss and have set themselves about replicating it in every game.

I’ll be back tomorrow. Pouting is great, but it doesn’t make up for a world without baseball. Guess I do need this team more than they need me, even when they’re losing.

Then Miss Jackson It Is (Twins 3 Rays 4 - Game 87)

Didn’t realize I was lying in yesterday’s recap when I said I’d care about the Twins game tonight, but I was. Forgot it was even happening until the Internet told me. It scares me how much I wait for the Internet to keep me posted these days.

Internet brought me good news with a two run Florimon homer that gave the Twins the lead. I felt no thrill. Past history has taught me a one run Twins lead had the same chances of survival as the last jelly donut at a boring meeting.

So the boys in the out-of-town jerseys made it a two-run lead, and I thought that was something. But the Twins continued to do the same thing they’ve done for me lately and found a way to lose the game.

This time, they managed to stretch the game’s death throes into extra innings. When they finally lost the game as my head hit the pillow, I don’t know if it was more or less sad.

Passengers (Twins 3 Rays 4 - Game 88)

There was under an inning to celebrate the Twins avoiding a no-hitter before the home runs came screaming through the air. Two of them, back to back, like an execution to end the series.

What happens to all of Gardy’s commercials after the Twins let him go?

I don’t know if Gardy’s going to get fired or not, but all the fingers tapping on keypads has turned into the loud clanging of a bell tolling for the end of his tenure as Twins manager. Hard to have any feelings about that potential loss when every Twins’ loss numbs me like Novocain.

Now it’s off to New York. What beatings await the team there?

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