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Twins Pass at a Discount

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I did the Twins Pass last season, and if you go a lot and don't necessarily need a seat, I think it's a good value.It isn't for everyone,...
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HAYES: Twins to Hire Wes Johnson as Pitching Coach

Dan Hayes of The Athletic is reporting that the Twins will hire Wes Johnson to fill their pitching coach opening. Johnson has been the pitching coach for the University of Arkansas for the past two seasons.
Prior to joining the Razorbacks, Johnson was the pitching coach at Mississippi State for a season and before that he filled the same role at Dallas Baptist for four seasons. His profile at Arkansas' official site has a wealth of additional information. Additionally, Hayes' report over at The Athletic also has some interesting details on Johnson's skills with modern technology, specifically TrackMan.

Arkansas advanced all the way to the College World Series championship this season before losing to Trevor Larnach and the Oregon State Beavers. That should make for a fun reunion at spring training.

UPDATE: John Shipley of the Pioneer Press is reporting that Jeremy Hefner will be transferred from being a member of the team's analytics group to bullpen coach.

Stephen Sullivan of KATV Little Rock detailed some of Johnson's climb up to the college ranks, which included a decade coaching high school teams. A quick search of Johnson's name on YouTube brings up a wealth of interviews as well as instructional segments. Here's a good profile on him that goes into his use of TrackMan at around the 2:00 mark.

Here's an interesting video that shows Johnson addressing his players on his first day of work at Mississippi State back in 2015.

To say this is an under the radar hire might be an understatement, as you don't see coaches make the jump from college ball to the majors all too often. This is a move that further establishes the Twins as a forward-thinking organization that's open to going outside the box.

Johnson takes over a role Garvin Alston held for just one season. The Twins ranked 22nd in ERA in 2018.

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Mar 06 2019 04:41 AM

Seems like an excellent choice. He was scouted by a couple of mlb teams.


“Johnson is known for developing power pitchers. His two Arkansas staffs finished with a combined 1,238 strikeouts in 133 games, and several Razorbacks saw significant increases to the velocity of their pitches as a result of Johnson's emphasis on lower-body workouts and pitch-mechanic analytics.

“At Johnson's urging, prior to the 2017 season Arkansas installed a radar system called TrackMan that records and analyzes 46 data points for pitchers on every pitch.

“If you get into biomechanics, you find out really fast that a pitcher cannot repeat his delivery," Johnson told WholeHogSports in 2017. "You’ve got over 600 muscles in the body. To think that the roughly 240 that we use in pitching are going to fire at the same time - you’ve got a better chance at winning the lottery. TrackMan gives me a chance to show guys a consistent release height and some things we can repeat."

Bumping this thread up so that people can read up more on Wes Johnson’s background. When they hired him, I posted a number of stat lines from his time with several college programs, noting the rapid, remarkable improvements.

(Any one else wondering if the Twins will wind up trading for Dakota Hudson or Brandon Koch?)
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May 11 2019 04:07 AM

It will be interesting to see how the veteran pitchers on the roster respond to someone with no pro coaching experience.

When do we think it is safe to render a verdict on this?
May 11 2019 04:09 AM

Just not sure about this. This is not college ball...

It’s mindsets like this that result in Ron Gardenhire and Rick Anderson leading the Tigers. I’m glad Falvey and Levine zagged when most others zigged.
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