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Take Landis Name off the MVP Award

Other Baseball Today, 07:32 PM
Barry Larkin, former MVP, has been calling for removing the Kenesaw Mountain Landis name from MVP awards.Personally, until I read the art...
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The #5 pitcher on the 1965 Twins

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:23 PM
Tim Flattery had a conversation with Dwight Siebler, who was the 5th start on the 1965 Twins World Series team (the Sandy Koufax series)....
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Twins Take to Target Field's Concourses

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:32 PM
Dan Hayes of The Athletic wrote an article about and included some pictures of how the Twins are trying to take advantage of Target Field...
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And then there is the case of the Blue Jays to consider

Other Baseball Today, 06:20 PM
https://www.sportsne...measures-place/ Here we are, theoretically two weeks away from Opening Day. The Blue Jays aren’t yet certain where...
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LG Twins Thread

Other Baseball Today, 06:32 PM
Baseball is coming back to ESPN. Tonight. Come tomorrow, there will be Twins baseball. Live and on the air. Since we are all, by some tra...
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Get to Know: Dick Bremer, Twins Broadcaster, Author

On Tuesday (March 17), Dick Bremer's Game Used: My Life in Stitches with the Minnesota Twins will be released. It will be available at bookstores around the Midwest. At Hammond Stadium in Ft. Myers, I had the privilege to interview Bremer on the book, and his life as a Twins fan, and nearly 40 years as the voice of the Twins on TV.
Image courtesy of Seth Stohs, Twins Daily (book cover by Triumph Books)
The 2020 season will be Dick Bremer's 37th season covering the Minnesota Twins on TV. It also marks the 60th season that the Twins will be play in Minnesota.

To mark the occasion, Bremer has been working with Triumph Books on an autobiography of sorts. In his typical self-deprecating way, he wrote about his life with 108 "Stitches" or short stories, most of which somehow tie back to the game of baseball.

I truly enjoyed chatting with Dick Bremer in the press box at Hammond Stadium earlier this month. His passion for the Twins comes through very clearly. His passion for the history of this organization overflows. His pride in working with some of the great players in Twins history over his career behind the mic, from Harmon Killebrew, to Tommy John, to Bert Blyelven, Roy Smalley and now Justin Morneau.

If you are a fan of the Minnesota Twins and watch them on TV regularly, and if you enjoy the history of the organization, the book is a Must Read, and I think that this podcast is a Must Listen.

Earlier this month, Bremer celebrated his birthday. He was born just a couple of years before the Twins moved to Minnesota. He grew up admiring Bob Allison. He wrote about growing up in west-central Minnesota and getting to a couple of games each year. Even when his family moved to Missouri, he was able to listen to Twins games late at night on the radio and remained a Twins fan even though the talented Cardinals were much closer.

His family returned to Minnesota. He went to St. Cloud State. There are some fun stories from his years in Cedar Rapids that Kernels fans will certainly enjoy.

He's got a bunch of stories about the team in the Metrodome. There are stories of the 1987 and 1991 Twins and the players we all remember so fondly. Sure, there were some lean years too, but there were still some fun stories. There are also some emotional stories from Bremer's life that he shared.

The book is comprised of 108 short stories, making it great for the coffee table, or for a bathroom reader.

So again, on Tuesday, March 17, Dick Bremer's Game Used: My Life in Stitches with the Minnesota Twins will be available at bookstores around the Upper Midwest as well as wherever you get your books online (where they are already available for pre-order).

Join me in this fun, recent conversation with Dick Bremer about the book and about his life with the Minnesota Twins. We even talked about the 2020 Twins, though please note that this conversation took place just over a week before news came out about the delayed started to the season.

If you haven't listened to a previous Get to Know 'Em podcast, this is the one to listen to.

You can subscribe to the Get to Know 'Em podcast on iTunes. or follow Libsyn for new episodes here as well. Please leave ratings or feedback.

And did you know that you can listen to the Get To Know 'Em podcast by asking Alexa to "Listen to the Get To Know 'Em Podcast."


Episode 1: Get to know Niko Guardado (Actor and son of Eddie Guardado)
Episode 2: Get to know Pat Dean, Brent Rooker
Episode 3: Get to know Royce Lewis, AJ Achter
Episode 4: Get to know Devin Smeltzer
Episode 5: Get to know Jaylin Davis, Tyler Wells
Episode 6: Get to know: Travis Blankenhorn, LaMonte Wade
Episode 7: Get to know: Matt Wallner (and Ten Minutes with Tyler Wells)
Episode 8: Get to know: Caleb Hamilton, Austin Schulfer, Nick Anderson
Episode 9: Get to know: Andy Young, Billy Boyer (and Ten Minutes with Tyler)
Episode 10: Get to know: Wesley Wright (Twins Pro Scout)
Episode 11: Get to know: John Manuel(Twins Pro Scout)
Episode 12: Get to know: Marshall Kelner(Mighty Mussels broadcaster)

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I think Dick Bremer has been a very steady and overall good play by play announcer for the Twins. If only he had a better pairing of color commenters over the years. Bert was fine, but his shtick got old a loooooong time ago.

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Watching many games on MLB.tv has allowed me to watch and listen to different announcers. Dick is one of my favorites. I'll look for his new book. Thanks for the tip.

Just got his book yesterday, read a bit last night. already loving it. Great story about breaking a church stained-glass window when he was a kid. nest part about it, in my head I hear his voice as I read it. which is nice, since I wont hear it during twins games for a while this year. go get the book if you havent already.

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