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Cleveland MLB team reportedly considering name change

Other Baseball Today, 11:11 PM
This is an AP article I lifted from the StarTribune web site.   https://www.startrib...sure/571623572/
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I think I miss baseball

Other Baseball Today, 11:11 PM
So I just picked up OOTP 21 on the Steam Summer Sale, and I played my first game.   It was a 21 inning game.I played it pitch by pit...
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Twins remove Calvin Griffith statue

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:31 PM
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LG Twins Thread

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Baseball is coming back to ESPN. Tonight. Come tomorrow, there will be Twins baseball. Live and on the air. Since we are all, by some tra...
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Watch the Live Play-by-Play of the Virtual Twins Playoffs

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:40 PM
With the real Twins around the corner, I have elected to sim to the playoffs to try and tease how the real club will do this fall, and as...
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Get To Know: Anthony Slama, RHP and Entrepreneur

In this Get to Know 'Em podcast, I chatted with former Twins right-handed pitcher Anthony Slama. The reliever put up some of the most impressive numbers in the Twins system for years and finally got the big-league call in 2010. He pitched in seven games for the Twins. Find out what he's up to these days and all about his career.
Image courtesy of Richard Marshall, Pioneer Press
Anthony Slama grew up in southern California and attended Mater Dei High School. He went to UC-Riverside before spending his junior season at the University of San Diego.

The Twins made Slama their 39th round draft pick in 2006. He didn't immediately sign. Instead, he signed before the 2007 draft, one of the final players to be a draft-and-follow. Upon signing, he started putting up remarkable statistics.

2007: Elizabethton/Beloit: 14 saves, 1.71 ERA, 31.2 IP, 49 strikeouts.
2008: Ft. Myers: 25 saves, 1.01 ERA, 71.0 IP, 110 strikeouts
2009: New Britain/Rochester: 29 saves, 2.67 ERA, 81.0 IP, 112 strikeouts.
2010: Rochester: 17 saves, 2.20 ERA, 65.1 IP, 74 strikeouts.

In mid-July, he received The Call. His big league career lasted just seven games over two seasons. He fought some injuries.He spent some time in independent leagues, in Mexico and in the Dodgers organization.

He hung up the cleats, but he has kept himself busy the last few years. He and his wife have welcomed two children into the world. He has worked in and owned a couple of businesses.

His new venture is really exciting. He began 3 Week Beast, an online strength and conditioning training program. It is designed for boys and girls from ages 11 to 18, though if you're older, it is still a great workout program. Slama used his history and lessons learned from coaches and trainers from his past, along with his own research and learning, to develop the program.

Website: Just $9.99

Instagram: 3weekbeast

YouTube Channel: 3weekbeast

It was a lot of fun catching up with Anthony Slama for this 40ish minute podcast interview, and I really think that you will enjoy it as well.

If you haven't listened to a previous Get to Know 'Em podcast, this is the one to listen to.


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And did you know that you can listen to the Get To Know 'Em podcast by asking Alexa to "Listen to the Get To Know 'Em Podcast."


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There is a name from the past! Watching him come up through the minors, I thought he was going to be a bank end stud for years to come.
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There is a name from the past! Watching him come up through the minors, I thought he was going to be a bank end stud for years to come.

I remember there was always skepticism of his stuff, despite the results. It's a shame he got hurt (a popular refrain for pitching prospects) and didn't really have the opportunity to prove the skeptics wrong.

I'm glad he's doing well after his playing career - he's still part of the Twins family.