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Episode 16: Get to Know the 1970s Twins (with Patrick Reusse)

Last week, we focused on the 1960s Minnesota Twins. This week, I shared my choices for the Twins All-Decade Team of the 1970s. First, I wrote about the top hitters and then the pitchers yesterday. Today, I'm excited to share a fun conversation about the 1970s Twins with the one and only Patrick Reusse.
The Twins had some solid-to-mediocre seasons in the 1970s, generally within a few games of .500 in either direction. However, there were several really great players, members of the Twins Hall of Fame and even members of baseball's Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. In addition, they had several players that had some really great seasons.

You all know Patrick Reusse. His writing career began in the Twin Cities in 1968, covering the Twins starting in 1970, and he was a Twins beat reporter from 1974 to 1978. He became a columnist and has continued to cover the Twins ever since.

He continues to be a columnist for the Star Tribune. He also is a key contributor at SKOR North where he has a weekly (Monday's) Reusse on Baseballpodcast and also Reusse Unchained.

Whether writing or talking, Reusse tells some great stories and fortunately, he was willing to spend an hour talking about those 1970s Minnesota Twins stories. Within the podcast, we hear his stories about Rod Carew, Gene Mauch, Lyman Bostock and many others from the decade. You won't want to miss his story on Bobby Darwin.

For my money, there isn't a person around who is more knowledgeable on the Twins history (though you can probably make a strong case for Clyde Doepner, I'm sure).

I enjoyed the conversation and all the stories, and I think you will as well. Please listen and let me know what you think. (Note - there are several places where the audio isn't real great. It's the beauty of recording with cell phones)

You can subscribe to the Get to Know 'Em podcast on iTunes. or follow Libsyn for new episodes here as well. Please leave ratings or feedback.

And did you know that you can listen to the Get To Know 'Em podcast by asking Alexa to "Listen to the Get To Know 'Em Podcast."


Episode 1: Get to know Niko Guardado (Actor and son of Eddie Guardado)
Episode 2: Get to know Pat Dean, Brent Rooker
Episode 3: Get to know Royce Lewis, AJ Achter
Episode 4: Get to know Devin Smeltzer
Episode 5: Get to know Jaylin Davis, Tyler Wells
Episode 6: Get to know: Travis Blankenhorn, LaMonte Wade
Episode 7: Get to know: Matt Wallner (and Ten Minutes with Tyler Wells)
Episode 8: Get to know: Caleb Hamilton, Austin Schulfer, Nick Anderson
Episode 9: Get to know: Andy Young, Billy Boyer (and Ten Minutes with Tyler)
Episode 10: Get to know: Wesley Wright (Twins Pro Scout)
Episode 11: Get to know: John Manuel(Twins Pro Scout)
Episode 12: Get to know: Marshall Kelner(Mighty Mussels broadcaster)
Episode 13: Get to know: Dick Bremer (Twins broadcaster, author)
Episode 14: Get to know: Anthony Slama (former Twins pitcher, entrepreneur)
Episode 15: Get to Know the 1960s Twins (with Dave Mona)

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Another great interview - fun to hear the stories - and Reusse is not an easy interview.He had so much he wanted to say.loved it. 

An attempt at an all decade team for the 1970’s 

LF Bostock

CF Hisle

RF S Braun

3B Cubbage

SS Smalley

2B Carew

1B Killebrew

C Mitterwald

DH Oliva


Starter: Goltz, Blyleven, Perry, J Hughes, Kaat

Reliever: Bill Campbell, Tom Burgmeier, T Johnson (1977)


Bench Danny Thompson, D Ford, B Randall, Wilfong

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Another great interview - fun to hear the stories - and Reusse is not an easy interview.He had so much he wanted to say.loved it. 


Yeah, it wasn't easy, and there were some spots that there was tough audio, but overall, I think it's fun. He's got so much knowledge, and he's so good and has great stories. 


An attempt at an all decade team for the 1970’s 

LF Bostock

CF Hisle

RF Oliva 

SS Smalley

2B Wilfong

1B Carew

C Roof

DH Oliva


Starter: Goltz, Perry

Reliever: Bill Campbell, Tom Burgmeier, T Johnson (1977)


Bench Darwin Danny Thompson, D Ford


No Blyleven?

Good get, Seth.  Pat Reusse is THE absolute icon in MN Sports - not that homer Sid - and I love to listen to his stories.


I would have hated being a Twins fan in the 70s, watching all of the greats either get old and retire, get traded or leave via the new free agency, but there were a few good moments alright.  My first game attended was in 1976, I’m pretty sure it was against Boston and Luis Tiant.

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Patrick is a character.I am originally a Fulda kid like him.He was a classmate of my Uncle.Class of '63.Patrick went back for the 50th reunion and wrote a column about it.He is great about remembering his roots.He is certainly a HUGE baseball guy.Was great on the Townball documentary last year.I believe he moved to Prior Lake in the 9th grade.I emailed him about his column the experience of a 50th class reunion and my Uncle. He was killed in Vietnam in Oct of '68.He was a helicopter pilot.Patrick was gracious with his time and memories of going to school in Fulda and with my Uncle Ronnie.   

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The 70s, as a Twins fan, was a lo-o-o-o-o-ong decade.


There were bright spots, here and there, 76, 79, but for the most part, it was just as you said.Killer, Tony O, others got old, and Calvin let all the stars go for a pittance.


But still, we never gave up!

James Rivah Twins Fan
Apr 19 2020 08:26 AM

I thought the summer of '77 was a lot of fun because of Carew's race for .400. I recalculated his batting average after every at bat when I got to watch the game. I believe that is a big reason why I now teach Statistics. What a season for Rodney.


Another connection with him is that I used to take the train in Panama to see my girlfriend on the Atlantic side when I lived on the Pacific side. Rod was born on that train, on the Atlantic side. Loved watching #29 (and #6 and #3 and #28).

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