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Derek Falvey Urges Child to Pass on Bryce Harper Card

A young Eden Prairie boy plans to buy a Bryce Harper rookie card this weekend. One area baseball executive is hoping he can change his mind.

Jake Evenson, 10, got a $20 bill for his birthday. The young Eden Prairie baseball fanatic knows exactly what he wants, too: a Bryce Harper rookie card.
Image courtesy of © Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
“He’s my favorite player, and there’s one I can get for $15,” said Evenson. “Mom said we could buy it this weekend.”

Twins Executive Vice President and Chief Baseball Officer Derek Falvey wants him to reconsider.

“I think he should really take a wait-and-see approach to this purchase,” said Falvey. “He has a solid card collection right now. If it appreciates in value, that’s when he can strike.”

Evenson, who was pulled out of science class to take Falvey’s phone call, was confused.

“It was pretty weird. This man said I should hold onto that $20 if I needed it down the line. I’m 10. I don’t have bills. I like Bryce Harper and I can afford it.

“The last time someone got a call in my class it’s because their dad was in jail,” Evenson added.

Falvey, who said the phone call was part of the team’s new Community Outreach program, understands Evenson’s passion, but urged the youngster to take the long view.

“What if he really gets into Fortnite or comic books? At that age, your tastes are mercurial. All of a sudden, you have this Bryce Harper card that was cool at the time, but now you want to trade it in for some Claremont-era X-Men issues. Then the market isn’t there and all you can get is a cruddy Daredevil that smells like milk.”

Evenson remains adamant.

“I like Spiderman, but Mr. Falvey said he’s not an X Man. I want a Bryce Harper card because I have money and he’s awesome.”

Falvey remains convinced that he can sway the child to his way of thinking.

“Later today we’re sending T.C. Bear to Jake’s after-school program with a dozen pizzas and a personalized t-shirt cannon signed by Jonathan Schoop,” said Falvey. “If he’s still apprehensive, we’ll let him shoot the cannon at TC with whatever he wants: apples, staple guns, you name it. Don’t tell TC that.”

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Kelly Vance
Feb 07 2019 11:37 PM

So this is what Falvey has been doing with his time instead of finding more good players for theTwins. 

This is a really stupid story and Falvey sounds like a huge creeper in it.
    • notoriousgod71, mikelink45, PDX Twin and 1 other like this
OK. The off-season is now officially too long....
    • glunn, Cris E, gil4 and 4 others like this
less cowbell more neau
Feb 08 2019 01:41 AM

Welcome, Randball's!

    • Steve Lein, USAFChief, lecroy24fan and 8 others like this

Welcome Randball Stu, love love LOVE it.


    • Steve Lein, USAFChief, lecroy24fan and 5 others like this

Interesting seeing that Randball Stu also changed uniforms this winter!

    • Steve Lein, USAFChief, lecroy24fan and 4 others like this

Just for a point of clarification in case a few of you missed it ... the tag line on this article reads:


"Twins Daily is THRILLED to welcome Randball Stu as a weekly satirical contributor."


Welcome, Stu!

    • USAFChief, luckylager, lecroy24fan and 6 others like this
Great one!
    • USAFChief and Mike Frasier Law like this
John Bonnes
Feb 08 2019 08:24 AM

I always suspected that Falvey was an expert on his 80s era Marvel comic writers. If he has copies of Wolverine 1-4 stashed away somewhere, we may need to get an apartment together. 

    • USAFChief, lecroy24fan, Mike Frasier Law and 5 others like this

As long as Falvey doesn't give Harper himself the $20.00 to play for the Twins I will be happy.

I was always told that if you can't say something nice that you shouldn't say anything at all, but here...........geez.....

    • lecroy24fan, glunn, Riverbrian and 1 other like this

Welcome Stu, I was disappointed earlier this winter, but now thrilled to continue to read your work. 

    • Steve Lein, USAFChief, lecroy24fan and 2 others like this
Feb 08 2019 09:00 AM

I don't "get" this ... But, I also didn't "get" Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football.

    • Riverbrian and RandBalls Stu like this
Welcome Randball!!

More outstandingness for TD.

BTW, Falvey checked in on the Harper card himself, and told the card shop owner "if you have trouble finding a buyer...and the price drops...a lot...give me a call."
    • lecroy24fan, glunn, Cris E and 9 others like this
Brock Beauchamp
Feb 08 2019 09:17 AM
*slow clap*
    • USAFChief, lecroy24fan, glunn and 3 others like this
A MUCH needed addition to the site. Welcome aboard Stu!
    • Steve Lein, USAFChief, lecroy24fan and 4 others like this
Agreed. This site has gotten overly serious lately..... Not that my posts are funny.....
    • lecroy24fan and glunn like this

Welcome the fresh material - love it! Let's hope the Twins don't have a joke of a season and this will be the only type of laughs we need. 

    • USAFChief and glunn like this

An investigation probably will reveal that Thad Levine leaked the story to the press in order to get his boss fired, so that he can swoop in and take over. I never take this kind of stuff marked Satire seriously anyway.

    • USAFChief and glunn like this

I stumbled into twinsonion.com by accident.


Should be some interesting game thread intros coming from this.

    • SQUIRREL, glunn and Einheri like this
Feb 08 2019 10:16 AM
He could offer Evenson five of the Upper Deck Kent Hrbek 2013 Goodwin Champions series cards which would cost less than the price of one Bryce Harper. Hrbek isn't even wearing a tacky baseball uniform (suit and tie). If he still doesn't bite, Falvey could throw in an official Kent Hrbek Rapala fishing lure... now that would show some hometown spirit. Not too bad, eh?
    • glunn likes this

This read to me like an Onion article.

    • glunn likes this

I could come up with a 100 Upper Deck 1991 Scott Erickson rookie cards for him.


    • Seth Stohs and glunn like this

Like, is this supposed to be, like, funny or something?


Because it is.

    • SQUIRREL, Seth Stohs, Steve Lein and 3 others like this

Wait, is he from Eden Prairie, or White Bear Lake? Or is he a huge WBL fan who lives in EP?

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