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BREAKING: Harper, Austin, Astudillo Make Opening Day Roster

Word came out of Twins camp today that Ryne Harper, Tyler Austin and Willians Astudillo will all be on the team's Opening Day roster. With that, the entire 25-man roster appears to be set. The only question mark seems to be whether Jorge Polanco will be healthy. He's nursing a sore shoulder.
Image courtesy of © Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
What a ride it's been for Harper this spring. If you've been following the Sire of Fort Myers race this year, you know his story by now. He turns 30 on Wednesday and has never pitched in the majors. Talk about a big week.

Speaking of big, the Twins bench is going to be huge. A five-man bench!? Wow. As of right now, it's expected to be Mitch Garver, Jake Cave, Ehire Adrianza, Astudillo and Austin.

Dan Hayes of The Athletic reported that Polanco "looks to be on track" to make the Opening Day roster, but if he's not available Ronald Torreyes will take his spot. Addison Reed, Matt Magill, Gabriel Moya and, of course, Miguel Sano are all already expected to open the year on the Injured List.

We also learned how the rotation is going to shake out. After Jose Berrios it'll be Jake Odorizzi and Michael Pineda with Kyle Gibson starting Tuesday in Kansas City. He was slightly behind schedule due to that battle with e. coli over the winter. Martin Perez will open the season pitching out of the bullpen.

So here's what appears to be the full Opening Day roster:

Rotation: Jose Berrios, Jake Odorizzi, Michael Pineda, Kyle Gibson

Bullpen: Martin Perez, Trevor May, Blake Parker, Taylor Rogers, Trevor Hildenberger, Adalberto Mejia, Ryne Harper

Catchers: Jason Castro, Mitch Garver, Willians Astudillo

Infield: C.J. Cron, Jonathan Schoop, Marwin Gonzalez, Polanco, Ehire Adrianza, Tyler Austin

Outfield: Eddie Rosario, Byron Buxton, Max Kepler, Jake Cave

DH: Nelson Cruz

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I know it's great that they keep Austin, but how much is he going to play? Especially with all the off days in the beginning of the season.
    • DocBauer, bighat and wabene like this
Austin will be good to have around to pinch hit in the NL ballparks they play in early.
    • Minfidel, dbminn and howieramone2 like this
Mar 25 2019 03:50 PM
Guess this means Magill is gone.
Mar 25 2019 04:25 PM

My kinda team, Charlie... My kinda team



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LA VIkes Fan
Mar 25 2019 04:26 PM

I think Magill has shoulder issues and will probably be on the IL. Same with Addison Reed. 

    • caninatl04 likes this

I'm impressed if they are going with 11 pitchers. Even with all the off-days early in the season, the default seems to have become 12, going to 13 when the games begin to bunch up. This is lean and mean, allowing a chance for a more productive bench. It means no pitcher gets a long leash, if not ready to produce right out of the gate. I like this.

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LA VIkes Fan
Mar 25 2019 04:39 PM

This means a nice 4-6 week tryout for Austin, Astudillo and Harper. Sano will be back in about 6 weeks after healing and a rehab assignment and we'll need another reliever about mid- May. Great way to find out how these guys do as bench bats and Harper in relief. We may have some injuries along the way so it's great that we were able to keep these guys at least for the short term. 


Any word on what happens to Morin and Guilmet?I think Guilmet is on a minor league contract so we can just send him to Rochester, not so sure about Morin vis a vis the 40 man roster. We are gong to need some Bullpen help so I'd hate to lose anyone who can even pitch to a 4 ERA out there. 

    • glunn, DocBauer, ChrisKnutson and 5 others like this
Mar 25 2019 04:41 PM
Is Reed truly injured or are they stashing him?
    • bighat likes this
Halsey Hall
Mar 25 2019 04:50 PM

I like it.It's got to be a sigh of relief for guys like May and Hildenberger who wore Red Wings uniforms today and pitched for them. 


Is Reed truly injured or are they stashing him?


From what I've read it sounds like a sore thumb on his non-throwing hand. Basically he's sucked in spring training and rather than cut a guy making $8.5M they put him on the IR to see if with more time he can get back to being a serviceable major league pitcher.

    • blindeke, howieramone2, Dozier's Glorious Hair and 1 other like this

Yeah, I don't have much hope for Reed; but, at $8.5MM, you have to give him more chances than you might like.

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Congrats to Ryne Harper.  Do everything you can to hold that roster spot.

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stringer bell
Mar 25 2019 05:12 PM

The guys that competed for the last spots mostly did well--Harper of the relievers, plus Austudillo, Austin and Cave. I'm glad they're all going north. I wonder if Adrianza is 100%. Can he hit right handed? 


We'll probably forget about these decisions by June, but rewarding those who've played well with their jobs on the line is a good thing. 

    • glunn, nicksaviking, PseudoSABR and 7 others like this
I’m sure it’ll play out soon, but with Pineda and Odorizzi being expected to be 5 inning starts, are we going to see the stacker concept with Perez and Mejia?
    • wabene likes this
Mar 25 2019 05:28 PM
I guess I had forgotten about Gibby being a little behind when I posted a theoretical rotation in the roster prediction thread. But I am glad that Falvine decided to be “bold” and go with “only” 11 pitchers to start the year. I remember when going with 11 was considered having an “extra” pitcher...
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I’m sure it’ll play out soon, but with Pineda and Odorizzi being expected to be 5 inning starts, are we going to see the stacker concept with Perez and Mejia?

Possibly, but probably not this early in the year. Perez is going to be the 5th starter when we need one.

I had a feeling the Twins were going to fit Austin onto the roster somehow, but they're not going to go with a 5 man bench for very long, which might be bad news for Astudillo, who's got options. I'm not sure if they'll be able to go with Cron, Cruz, and Austin all on the team for very long.


We could probably use some bullpen depth with 3 guys on the DL now... perhaps we'll see a waiver claim soon. 

Today it's about the bench guys.Congtats.Come Thursday it will be about the starting 9.We'll see how April plays out.

    • blindeke likes this


Is Reed truly injured or are they stashing him?


He's "injured" - aka: can't hit the broad side of a barn and has been going downhill since July of 2018. It looks like he's just out of gas and unfortunately hasn't been a good signing for the Twins. I wouldn't be surprised if they released him or put him on the 60-day IL. It's pretty clear to me that management and the front office don't want him anywhere near the bullpen as things stand.


Great for Astudillo! And Austin! And we still get Adrianza, Cave, and Garver. What a story Harper has been this year - I really feel he can contribute.

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It’s a on nice to actually have bench options instead of 13 pitchers

The Lumber Company: the Sequel.

    • big dog and DocBauer like this

Congrats to Harper. As the only bullpen arm with options (I think), I'm guessing he'll ride the shuttle this year.

This is new territory for us. I know some of it is because the schedule is so odd but to me they are taking advantage of it. In the past I think they would've sent out Reed regardless of the games that were lost. I like to see every game treated as important. This would be the first time I can remember agreeing with all these decisions. With the fact that starters usually take awhile to ramp up the innings this is bold and it will be fun to watch how they mange the bench and the pen
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Mar 25 2019 06:26 PM

Congrats to Harper. As the only bullpen arm with options (I think), I'm guessing he'll ride the shuttle this year.

Hildenberger and Rogers have options. Les hope all three pitch so well that they stay in the majors.
    • glunn, Thrylos, Danchat and 2 others like this

I think that Cave (he has options and the Twins have also) and Hildenberger (he has options and had the worst WPA in the majors last season) are probably the first men out when people start to get healthy

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