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Molitor is a mediocre manager

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:33 PM
Yet another extra innings loss where Perkins doesn't throw one pitch. Unacceptable. Bullpen usage has been a big fat F from him this year...
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Game Thread, Twins@Royals, 7/3, 7:10 PM CDT

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:04 PM
The Twins look to carry momentum from last night's win into tonight. Tommy Milone (4-1, 3.19) faces Jeremy Guthrie (6-5, 5.68) first pitc...
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2015 mid season look at Twins '16 OF........

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:33 PM
......and possibly Torii Hunter. ToriiHunter? For 2016? Hold on. We'll come back around to this again. This is the kind of thread that wi...
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Joba Chamberlain, Tom Gorzelanny DFAed

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:33 PM
Just saw this on ESPN. If they failed in Detroit, they probably will have a hard time finding work, but given the Twins BP, maybe one or...
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Rule 5 Redux: Graham in, Gilmartin out

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:40 PM
MLBTradeRumors had an article yesterday providing an update on 2014 Rule 5 Draft picks across MLB.   The two to highlight:...
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Around the Bases All-Star Edition

Attached Image: perkins_suzuki_Hi5_US_720.jpg Single: The Single Award came from Idina Menzel at the opening ceremony for the All-Star Game. Not one, but two amazing performances. First, Menzel sang "Forever Young" for the thirty amazing teachers who were nominated by their respective teams. Then she sang a beautiful "Star-Spangled Banner" with a breath-taking flyby. The Minnesota Twins and MLB chose a great artist to sing the National Anthem and Menzel nailed it.

Double: Mike Trout took home the MVP for the Double Award. Trout hit a triple that scored Derek Jeter in his first at-bat. His second at-bat he made an out, but on his third at-bat he hit an RBI double that scored the winning run. Mike Trout is a very young and talented baseball player, he respects the game and I know he will see many All-Star appearances and hopefully a World Series title.

Triple: Derek Jeter earns theTriple Award tonight for his farewell. As a Minnesota Twins fan I have always disliked the Yankees but I have to say that Jeter's farewell was unbelievable. He got a standing ovation when he was introduced in the starting lineup. He also received a standing ovation in the bottom of the first before his at-bat. Adam Wainwright and Jonathan Lucroy should be commended for letting Jeter have his moment. After the game, Jeter told the media that he had never faced Wainwright and his stepping off the rubber showed Wainwright's character.

The biggest moment came at the top of the fourth when Chicago White Sox shortstop Alexi Ramirez came in to replace him. Jeter had another moment to thank the fans, players, coaches and baseball in general for his great years. The ovation was big enough for Jeter come out from the dugout and tip his cap. Derek Jeter is the most respected player in baseball and even though he's a Yankee he deserves a standing ovation. He knows how to play the game right and respects all the players past, present and future.

Home Run: Glen Perkins and Kurt Suzuki, the hometown heroes, receive the Home Run Award for their finishing of the All-Star Game. The American League was up five to three against the National League in the top of the ninth and guess who comes out of the bullpen? Glen Perkins! And guess who's waiting at the pitchers mound for Perkins? His teammate, Kurt Suzuki!

John Farrell couldn't have scripted this any better for Twins fan at Target Field. Being a Minnesota Twins fan for 18 years it was a great way to see the All-Star Game end. Overall, the Minnesota Twins and MLB did a great job with the 2014 All-Star Game in Minneapolis.

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