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Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 03:14 AM
Please pass along to other Vikings fans who are making the trek:   Info below: Right next to the stadium, let's try to get a healthy...
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Article: Can Addison Reed Become Minnesota's Bullpen...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:16 AM
It was a surprising move to the say the least. Despite already having signed two relievers to MLB deals, leading to a crowded bullpen pic...
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Article: Twins Official Scorer Stew Thornley Joins Meltdo...

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:42 PM
Twins Daily's Winter Meltdown is down to the last 20 tickets, and today is your last day to get them. Besides special guest Joe Nathan an...
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Vikings humor

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 10:12 PM
A Bears fan, a Packers fan and a Vikings fan are climbing up a mountain and get into an argument about who is the most loyal to their tea...
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Most disappointing playoff losses by team

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 10:00 PM
https://www.cbssport...g-playoff-loss/   For the Vikings I bet you can guess which year is listed.     However, the V...
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Looking Back: Twins Draft Kirby Puckett

***This article was written several years ago on Twins Daily. It has been edited minimally.

36 years ago today, January 12, 1982, the Minnesota Twins made a decision that altered the trajectory and the history of the organization. On that date, the Twins used the third overall pick in the January portion of the MLB Draft on an outfielder from Triton Junior College named Kirby Puckett.

As you know, in June, players out of high school, junior college and those having finished three years at a four-year college are selected. However, from 1965 through 1986, there was also a draft in January for high school and college players who graduated in the Winter. Kirby Puckett fit into that category.


The Time For A Buxton Extension Is Now

This has been an unpredictable saga to say the least. Here in the middle of January, almost every major free agent remains unsigned. Like most other clubs in the league, the Twins are still waiting to make their first truly significant move.

The unfamiliar landscape of this offseason is clearly flummoxing both teams and players. The Twins can't control that. But they can control their own house.

Which leads me to wonder about the biggest mystery of this mysterious winter: The Twins haven't signed Byron Buxton to a long-term contract extension. In fact, if they've even been discussing it, the secret has been well kept.


Minnesota’s Base Running Resurgence

When it comes to baseball, there are plenty of parts of the game that are underappreciated. A nicely turned double-play, an assist from the outfield, or a play at the plate can all be exciting moments that make a difference in a game. Base running can be another very important part of the game for a team built like the Minnesota Twins.

With a young core and some savvy veterans, the Twins might have been the best base running team in 2017. Can they continue this in 2018 or perhaps they will be able to get even better?


2018 Minnesota Twins Roster Projections - The Catchers

Today I’ll start a series in which I am going to try to (somewhat) predict which players will start the season at which levels, which affiliates, starting with the catchers. It’s a fun exercise to try to predict who will go where to start the season. I’m going to include everyone who is currently in the organization. Of course, this is subject to change as the Twins sign more major or minor league players.. As you know, an unfortunate side of the business is that some players will not be in the organization following spring training. Hopefully this list will spur some interesting discussion and questions.

Is this category a position of strength for the organization, or is it a position that needs to be strengthened? That could be through signings, but it could be something they focus on in the draft, or while watching the waiver wire throughout the season.


Justin Morneau To Retire, Join Twins Front Office

Justin Morneau hasn’t appeared in a big league game since 2016 and it sounds like he is officially ready to hang up his cleats. His 14-year MLB career seemed destined for greatness before multiple concussions limited near the end of his career. There was some talk of Morneau joining a club last season but that never came to fruition.

Now it appears, the Canadian slugger is ready to move on to his next chapter in the baseball.


Why I Believe The Twins Are Going To Sign Yu Darvish

Call it a hot take. I'm fine with that. It's been cold out, and the frozen state of affairs this offseason is only deepening the chill.

But I've become convinced that the Twins are destined to sign Yu Darvish. And while it's very possible that my desperation for something – anything – to happen this winter is driving me into delirium, I really don't think it's a totally baseless prognostication.

When hundreds of Minnesota baseball diehards congregate at the Winter Meltdown in a couple of weeks, I think we'll all be celebrating the biggest free agency splash in Twins franchise history.


Projecting The 2021 Twins Line-Up

One of the best parts of putting together the Twins Prospect Handbook is taking a deep dive into the players who will populate Target Field in the years to come. Projecting the future is one of the hardest parts of being a professional scout or being part of a baseball operations department. A look into the crystal ball can be a little cloudy but it can be a fun exercise to look at what is to come.

Roughly a year ago, I took a stab at projecting the 2020 Twins Line-Up. Some things have certainly changed since that point with one player no longer in the organization and another dropping on prospect lists. During a recent mailbag, I took another stab at the 2020 line-up including a handful of the team’s recent top picks.

Let’s look one year further into the future. Who will compromise the 2021 Minnesota Twins?


Twins Weekly: Monitoring the Pulse of Twins Daily

Welcome to the first edition of Twins Weekly. This feature intends to help readers discover anything they may have missed, encourage prospective writers to get active and provide readers an opportunity to offer up requests for content. And let’s have some fun, too. Here goes nothin’ ...


Three-Bagger: Darvish Meeting, Sano Fallout, Ice Cold Stove

It’s hard to believe that spring training is around the corner with icy cold weather throughout chunks of the United States. The Twins Caravan will soon be starting their routes and Twins Fest will follow shortly afterwards. You also have the opportunity to join Twins Daily at the 2018 Diamond Awards. Baseball is close to being back and with it comes the hope of a new season where anything is possible.

There have been a few Twins stories swirling around this week. Here are a few updates on meeting with Darvish, the fallout from Sano, and a look at the “Hot Stove” that has been pretty cold.


The Top 20 Minnesota Twins Assets: Part 4 (1-5)

We've reached the top five.

Over the past week we have run through our choices for 6-through-10, 11-through-15, and 16-through-20. Now, it's time to round out our rankings of the 20 most valuable Minnesota Twins assets. Looking beyond performance to account for age, contract, and future impact, the idea is to determine which players will be most vital to the team's ongoing success (or, most useful as trade chips).

Scroll past the break to learn who we view as the franchise's five most absolutely indispensable players, and why.


Will Max Kepler Take the Next Step in 2018?

Max Kepler would be the most exciting young player on a lot of other teams, but in terms of up and coming Twins, he was somewhat left behind in 2017. It was a great bounce-back season for the team, but for the most part Kepler stayed stagnant. What’s been holding him back?


Eddie Rosario And The Battle For Plate Discipline

Eddie Rosario has always been a polarizing player for me. In his first extended stint with the Twins in 2015, he showed flashes of a really exciting all-round game. He was a good base runner (4.7 runs above average), a solid defender (2.2 runs above average), and clobbered 13 home runs in his age 23 season. Rosario had excelled throughout five minor league destinations, and was noted for having an exceptionally quick bat and hands. There were a few major problems. Rosario struck out a lot (25% in 2015, compared to a league average 21%) and he rarely walked. Like, ever. In 2015 Rosario walked just 15 times in 474 plate appearances, good for a BB% of just 3.2%, well below the league average of 8.1%. Taken together, Rosario’s strikeouts and inability to take a walk amounted to cripplingly poor plate discipline.