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2020 MLB (non-Twins) Postseason Discussion Thread

Other Baseball Today, 06:56 PM
Feel free to chime in here about any of the (non-Twins) 2020 MLB postseason games!
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Not to add more doom and gloom

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:31 PM
This is interesting and sort of concerning. Article snippet comes from the incomparable Jayson Stark of The Athletic (Which is must read...
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Wolfson: Twins Scouting Yoshinobu Yamamoto

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:01 PM
  Doogie Wolfson tweeted that the Twins are going to be scouting 22-year-old RHP Yoshinobu Yamamoto, "one of the premier young pitc...
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White Sox make changes

Other Baseball Yesterday, 10:44 AM
Both Manager Rick Rentaria and pitching coach Don Cooper were let go.     Was a bit surprised by this, because the White S...
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Minnesota Twins


Josh Donaldson Continues to Call Out Umpires, Is He Right?

Josh Donaldson is sick and tired of poor umpiring and he doesn’t care who knows it. In one of the team’s most memorable moments this season, Donaldson was ejected after hitting a home run and kicking dirt on the plate as he touched home. It might not have been the best way to respond, but he was unhappy about a bad strike call. Now, the Twins third baseman is calling out umpires during the MLB Postseason and he might be right about how poor balls and strikes have been called in recent years.


Be the Victor: The Philosophy of Corey Koskie

From nine seasons in the MLB to running his own business, early 2000's Twins staple Corey Koskie has seen it all. Those lessons have translated to his life off the field and in the dugout as a coach.


Twins' Payroll Points to Six Big Decisions

The Twins’ projected payroll is almost always the closest thing we have to a crystal ball. For the last fifteen years, it has been the lens through which we can understand offseason possibilities, and how aggressive or passive the team is likely to be. The same thing is true this year, but uff-da – that lens is sure covered with a bunch of gunk.


Twins Daily 2020 Awards: Most Improved Player

This week at Twins Daily, we will be handing out our 2020 Twins Awards. Yesterday, we handed out the award for the Twins Top Rookie in 2020 (Ryan Jeffers). Today, we announce the Twins Most Improved Player during the 2020 season.

Upon completion of the season, our panel of 23 Twins Daily writers voted on the four annual Twins Daily Awards. Asked to rank their top three most improved players, ten Twins received votes. However, the choice was clear. The 2020 Twins Most Improved Player is relief pitcher Matt Wisler.


Minnesota Should Plunder Another Pirates Pitcher

The Pittsburgh Pirates have done a pretty solid job in the Postseason this year. No, the organization is not participating, but Gerrit Cole and Tyler Glasnow are certainly representing them well. The Minnesota Twins should look to swing a deal for the next Pennsylvanian mistake. Enter Joe Musgrove.


AL Central Aftermath: What’s Next?

Three AL Central teams qualified for MLB’s expanded playoffs and all three were bounced out of the Wild Card Series. After beating up on each other, the future of the division is up in the air. What went right and what went wrong for all three teams in October?


Twins Daily 2020 Awards: Rookie of the Year

It was a shortened season, but an official one nonetheless. And so, our panel of 23 Twins Daily writers came together to vote on the annual TD Awards: Rookie of the Year, Most Improved, Best Pitcher, and MVP.

Today we look at the first category, where Ryan Jeffers narrowly edges Randy Dobnak in the balloting.


The Year That Never Was

It is now the first day of the Championship Series and Fall has officially nestled itself deep into our bloodstreams. Maybe it’s the quaintness of the familiar cool breeze running through the hairs on our skin once again or maybe it’s the warm fortress that our homes have now morphed into, but something has created a sentimental mood that can’t be shaken.


3 Promising Stats from the Twins Top 3 Returning Starters

For the first time in memory, the Minnesota Twins are heading into the offseason without a glaring need at the front of the rotation. With Kenta Maeda, José Berríos and Michael Pineda all set to return, the team already boasts a viable playoff stable.

Here's one stat from each this season that reinforces my confidence heading into 2021.


The 2020 All-AL Central Team

Each year in college football, conferences release their “All-Conference” teams, recognizing the best player at each position from their conference. Now that the 2020 regular season has wrapped up, let’s see who made the 2020 All-AL Central Team.


The Twins Should Pursue Starting Pitching Aggressively in the Trade Market This Offseason

If the Minnesota Twins had a calling card during the abbreviated 2020 season it was pitching. But as the old adage goes: You can never have too much pitching, particularly starting pitching.


Most Valuable Non-Prospect Offensive Trade Pieces

Despite having one of baseball's best offenses, the Twins are averaging less than two runs per postseason game over the last two seasons. In 2020 a few players took a turn for the worse and with prospects waiting in the wings, now might be the time to move on from some of their big league regulars.