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Hopefully Simmons "issues" are not like Romero...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:31 AM
Per multiple sources, new Minnesota Twins shortstop Andrelton Simmons has been delayed to the team's camp by visa issues. The exact detai...
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Timeline for Top Prospects: 2021 Edition

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 10:49 PM
The Minnesota Twins will enter 2021 as one of the best teams in baseball, and whether they’re projected to win the AL Central or not, a f...
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Cord cutters dilema 2021

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 06:21 PM
So I hate to be this guy every year, but once again the MLB makes it a huge pain to watch the Twins if you're in a blackout market. In 20...
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Spring Training Games Thread 2021

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 03:03 PM
One thread to rule them all...   Er. Sorry. Got a bit ahead of myself. (Power does tend to go to one's head.)   Anyway, seein'...
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Reusse: Modern Game Unkind to Dozier, Plouffe

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 12:03 PM
I thought thatPatrick Reusse wrote an interesting article, something I know I have been thinking for the last few years.    htt...
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4 Corey Kluber Alternatives for the Twins

Corey Kluber may have ended up in Pinstripes, but there are more decorated free agent starters the Twins could help return to form.
Image courtesy of © John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
All the variables pointed to the Minnesota Twins being a very likely destination for Corey Kuber in 2021. The Cleveland connection with President Derek Falvey, the stated interest, and the Twins need to add quality depth behind their top three starters made it seem very possible. While Kluber has had a rough couple of seasons, the glimmer of upside made him an interesting option.

All that meant nothing once Kluber agreed to sign on the dotted line with the Yankees for $11 million. Kluber not coming to the Twins seemed to cut deep for the fanbase. The reasons are likely many. Ranging from the continuation of a slow offseason, that it feels like yet another loss at the hands of the Yankees, or Kluber was viewed as someone who could really bolster this staff.

If the reasoning is the final of those, the good news is there are other starters similar to Kluber still available in this season's market. Kluber isn’t the only one with accolades (two Cy-Young Awards, three All-Star appearances) and has sat around a matchable 26-28% K-rate and a 5-8% BB-rate for most of his career.

What probably made those of us rooting for the Twins most excited about Kluber is we remember his second Cy-Young award winning season in 2017 when he turned in a 34.1% K-rate and a 4.6% BB-rate. Outside of that season, his performances are much more reachable by some other free agent starters looking to bounce back.

James Paxton

At 32, Paxton is one of many injury question marks that line the starting pitching free agent market. His performances when healthy were good enough to land him in New York via trade, but the injuries have prevented him from gaining the hardware like Kluber who now replaces him in the Bronx.

Paxton generally sits at 92 mph with his fastball and has sat around 28-29% K-rate for his career and a 7-8% BB-rate. He is more of a flyball pitcher and can as evidenced in his K-rate get swings and misses with his four-seam fastball.

Aside from injury concerns, it is worth wondering if the Twins want to add a struggling lefty into a league that is home to some of the best lineups at hitting left-handed pitching. If they chose too, he could be even more than a #4 in their rotation.

Chris Archer

Just how long now have we tried to match the two-time All Star Archer to the Twins? Out of all the names that will run in this list, Archer feels like the biggest lottery ticket. First, he is coming off of thoracic outlet syndrome surgery. Secondly, while he has put together some great statistical seasons back to his time with the Rays, his peripherals just haven’t told the same story.

I personally am not a huge fan of Archer and you would know that if you want to subject yourself to my Twitter account. Archer has gotten hit harder as his career has gone on and has lost velocity as well. Two bad trends for a one time Cy-Young candidate. He still throws the hardest out of all the pitchers on this list at 94 mph and his fastball-slider mix makes him seem almost like a perfect match for the Twins and Wes Johnson.

While I personally don’t like him, he does sort of seem like a match in Minnesota.

Jake Arrieta

Arrieta joins Kluber as the Cy-Young award winners mentioned in this post. Since arriving in Philadelphia in 2018, Arrieta hasn’t been the same pitcher that he was in Chicago. HIs K-rate dropped significantly and his HR/9 took a jump. Maybe a move to Minnesota could work some magic like his move from Baltimore to Chicago.

This is all about reclamation, and if the Twins could help Arrieta return to a 23% K-rate (his best was two seasons of around 27% right after joining the Cubs) and like Kenta Maeda bring his BB% rate down. That would make Arrieta a much more respectable starter once again. And as Lucas Seehafer highlighted, there are some positive signs when exploring his spin rate.

Cole Hamels

After being a reliable starter through age 35, Hamels and age 36 did not get along well. Shoulder issues led to tricep tendonitis and ruined his chances to help the Atlanta Braves in their postseason run. Now looking at an age 37 season, Hamels is the oldest of this bunch but if he returns healthy is a strong bounce back candidate for 2021.

Hamels is a 4-time All-Star and has the postseason experience with a World Series MVP to show for it. He doesn’t throw as hard as he once did and as of 2019 was settling into the 91-92 mph range. His K-rate has sat around 23-24 for his career and his BB-rate in the 7-9% range.

Each of these starters first and foremost will battle health. If they hit the mound, they have the chance to help out their teams. If the Twins can help any of them improve like they did Maeda last season, even greater are the possibilities. If you would like an idea of where each of these pitchers sit when compared to the entirety of the starting pitching market check this out.

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Aw yeah!
So reports are that Kluber's rehab trainer works for the Yankees, so that might have nudged him further that direction as well.

Paxton yes, though I think I still prefer Odorizzi and a better track record of health, 2020 not withstanding.

Everyone else here would be on my list for "cheap" 5th rotation fliers. Not so sure a couple of these guys might not end up being ST invites with incentives and early outs.
Jan 19 2021 06:16 AM
All recently injured or ineffective. Not the type of starting pitcher I would be seeking. If this is the best, go young or go bullpen

Of the list Paxton would be my preferred route.Not sold on any of the four, but Arch is a hard no. 

    • mikelink45 likes this

Paxton is the list, the others are fillers.Get better or use the rookies.

    • yeahyabetcha likes this

Odorizzi and Paxton would be my choices.

    • Twins33 likes this

I had my hopes set on signing Kluber for his upside. I have no interest in anyone else on the list. Might as well bring back Odorizzi now. 

I'd like to submit Masahiro Tanaka for 1 year at $15mil. That is reportedly what he is looking for (https://sny.tv/artic...ankees-rotation)

Not sure if the Twins would be on his list of potential destinations, but it could be. Would certainly be preferred over anyone on this list, and maybe even over Odo, if that reported contract price and length are accurate.

Besides Paxton, rest are only provide depth for pitching, would not want any to be #4 starter.

Meh.I'm all in on Odo.


However, wouldn't it be just like Trevor Bauer to sign randomly the Twins?Dude's unpredictable.I'm excited to see where he lands.If he's really going to take on a 1-year contract every year.

Prefer Odo.


Intrigued by Paxton and Tanaka.