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The Perfect Length of a Baseball Season?

Other Baseball Today, 06:01 AM
So Twitter got me thinking... What's the perfect length of baseball season? And then what's the perfect playoffs to be paired with that s...
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Game Thread: Twins vs Reds 6:10pm cdt 9/26/2020 ad

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:47 PM
You know, that C the Reds use as their logo looks strangely familiar... I confess, amongst the t-shirts i remember wearing as a kid was b...
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A (pretty accurate) look at the seedings

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 09:18 PM
Going into the final weekend of the season, the eight-team AL field is nearly set, though no team is locked into its seed. Here's what I...
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2020 Twins Transactions

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 04:58 PM
There haven't been many yet, but I'll start this today...   The Twins just announced that Zack Littell (hamstring) has been placed o...
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Playoff tiebreaks

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:37 AM
With three teams fighting for the division title, it seems quite possible there will be a tie for the division winner this year in the AL...
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2018 Twins Daily Top 30 Most-Viewed Articles: Part 3 (1-10)

This week, we have reviewed the Top 30 most-viewed Twins Daily articles in 2018. There have been a lot of articles on prospects and the draft, on the Twins trades and offseason speculation. Check out Part 1 (21-30) and Part 2 (11-20)if you haven’t already, and then today enjoy the Top 10 stories of the year.
Image courtesy of Seth Stohs, Twins Daily
As you would expect in a season that was disappointing and July gave us four trades, those would be some pretty important and discussed articles on the site, so let’s jump into it.

10. Report Ryan Pressly traded to Houston - July 27

Ryan Pressly was arguably the Twins player who received the most interest from other teams. He had a terrific career with the Twins when you recall that he came to the Twins as a Rule 5 draft pick. The last year or so he put up some very good numbers. As important in today’s game, front offices were able to look at his peripheral numbers and other things, like spin rate, to determine that he could be even better. Houston acquired Pressly for two high-ceiling prospects.

9. Minnesota Twins 2018 trade deadline report card - August 1

A day after the trade, Tom Froemming took a look at the 12 players that the Twins acquired in the various late-July trades, specifically the ten minor league prospects. He also gave grades to each trade and provided reasons why. For me, it’s fun to look back to see what our thoughts were on the players acquired before we got to see them play in the minor leagues for a month (or some in the big leagues for a second month).

8. Offseason Blueprint Hey Big Spenders - November 4

Following the release of the Twins Daily Offseason Handbook, we decided to write up a few blueprints with varying schedules. Tom wrote about a trade-based offseason. I wrote about a build-from-within focused offseason. Nick was tasked with writing about what an offseason of Big Spending might look like. Probably no surprise to anyone which one our readers enjoyed the most.

7. Top 20 Minnesota Twins assets Part 4 (1-5) - January 2

Nick’s annual rankings of the Twins most valuable assets has been a big hit. He just posted his 2019 choices for Top 5 Twins assets. Last year’s version was a success as well, ranking this high. Three of the five in the Top 5 are the same. It’s fun to look back at this series to be reminded of how much can change in one year, one season.

6. Deadline Deal Twins Trade Brian Dozier to Dodgers - July 31

We all knew it was happening. He knew it was happening. Right at the trade deadline, the Twins finally worked out a deal with the Dodgers, sending Brian Dozier in exchange for Logan Forsythe, Luke Raley and Devin Smeltzer. Dozier provided the Twins with a ton of power production over his six seasons with the Twins. He was an All-Star and clearly a leader.

5. Twins Acquire Jake Odorizzi for Jermaine Palacios - February 17

A day after signing Anibal Sanchez, the Twins made a trade with the Rays. They acquired RHP Jake Odorizzi in exchange for talented shortstop Jermaine Palacios. Palacios was coming off of a strong rebound season, split between Cedar Rapids and Ft. Myers. Odorizzi had been a quality, mid-rotation starting pitcher in the AL East for several seasons. While Twins fans acknowledged that Palacios does have a chance to be a big league shortstop, most were happy with receiving two years of a solid, mid-rotation starting pitcher in return.

4. Report Twins to Trade Eduardo Escobar to Arizona - July 27

The first trade chip to be dealt was Eduardo Escobar. Escobar rarely was handed a full-time job over his time with the Twins. But every season, it didn’t take long for a spot to open up and with the playing time, he proved worthy of being in the lineup every day. He was the team’s best hitter (or right there with Eddie Rosario) during most of the first half. The Twins acquired three prospects in return, hard-throwing Jhoan Duran and outfielders Gabriel Maciel and Ernie de la Trinidad.

3. The Rise and Fall of Miguel Sano - June 26

Miguel Sano played in the 2017 All-Star Game a night after finishing runner-up to Aaron Judge in the home run derby. Since then, it’s been one issue or another and few were good. He had a major injury late in the 2017 season and had a titanium rod put in his leg. He wasn’t able to work out a lot in the offseason. He has had a couple of off-the-field issues as well. Early in the 2018 season, the issue was a very poor approach at the plate. Things got bad enough that the Twins felt their best option was to send Sano all the way down to Ft. Myers for a reboot. Nick Nelson did a great job of providing a great insight into the situation.

2. :Nelson Cruz agrees to deal with Twins - December 27

Most experts predicted that the Twins would land Nelson Cruz this offseason. Around the Winter Meetings, there were rumors that it was between the Twins and the Rays. Before Christmas, it became known that the Astros were also interested in the 38-year-old DH. But just last week, the reports came out that the Twins and Nelson Cruz had agreed to terms on a one-year deal with a club option for 2020. The move became official this year.Maybe a little anticlimactic, but as we have discussed in the previous installments, Twins Daily fans love the draft. Following the draft’s completion, we started an article showing which players had signed and kept updating it as players signed or there were other updates on the drafted players. The deadline for signing was July 15th.

So now you have seen the Top 30 most-viewed articles on Twins Daily in 2018. What do you think? What were your highlights and favorite Twins stories of 2018?

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Hmmm ... the "most viewed articles" has zero comments.


"Yeah, I don't really like talking about my flair".

I'm always surprised there aren't more highly viewed articles during spring training or opening day (save for the Ryan LaMarre piece, I guess). 


On the other hand, NOT surprised that any type of countdown (minor league prospects, etc...) draws a lot of hits. 

    • Seth Stohs likes this

Be fun to see the "most commented on articles". Plenty of time before Spring Training to make that happen.


Jan 05 2019 05:57 PM
I guess this posting will suffice to express my sincere gratitude for the brain trust at Twins Daily version 2018. I appreciate the yeoman's effort to offer up interesting opinions,relevant articles and fact-filled profiles of players throughout the Twins organization. Although I'm still a greenhorn on this list, I think I've gained a ton of insight from the blog, so thank you for 2018 and here's looking forward with anticipation to 2019.
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