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2015 Projections and Rankings: Trevor Plouffe

After discussing Kurt Suzuki, Joe Mauer and Brian Dozier on Tuesday, today we’ll consider Trevor Plouffe and the other third basemen in the American League Central. Be sure to check back later when we finish up the infield with the shortstops.

As the week goes on, we will continue through this series. Next up will be the outfielders We’ll continue to make projections and compare the Twins players to the rest of the American League Central.
Image courtesy of Jonathan Dyer, USA TODAY

2014 was a big season for Trevor Plouffe. With uber-prospect Miguel Sano looming, Plouffe put together his most productive season. He set career highs in most offensive categories. As important to Plouffe and the Twins, his defense at the hot corner was markedly improved. Plouffe considers his job with the Twins to be a run producer, and his 80 RBIs led the team in that category. Unfortunately his season ended a couple of games early with a fractured left forearm.

Sano is healthy again and still seems to be part of the Twins future, but unlike a year ago, it does feel as though there is a good chance that Plouffe will remain in the Twins plans as well. What kind of numbers can be expected from Plouffe in 2015? One key for him is, and has been, his health. 2015 is a big year for Trevor Plouffe on the field, but also off the field. He and his wife are excited to welcome their first child this summer.

Here are the projections of our Twins Daily writers:

Seth – .267/.337/.443 (.780) with 37 doubles and 19 HR.
Nick – .250/.335/.410 (.745) with 25 doubles and 15 HR
Parker – .260/.330/.420 (.750) with 20 doubles and 20 HR
John –


Opponent – Player – 2015 Age – 2014 Statistics
Chicago – Conor Gillaspie – 27 - .282/.336/.416 (.752) with 31 doubles, 7 HR
Cleveland – Lonnie Chisenhall – 26 - .280/.343/.427 (.770) with 29 doubles, 13 HR
Detroit – Nick Castellanos – 23 - .259/.306/.394 (.700) with 31 doubles, 11 HR
Kansas City – Mike Moustakas – 26 - .212/.271/.361 (.632) with 21 doubles, 15 HR


#1 – Trevor Plouffe - Minnesota
#2 – Conor Gillaspie - Chicago
#3 – Lonnie Chisenhall – Cleveland
#4 – Mike Moustakas – Kansas City
#5 – Nick Castellanos - Detroit


Give it some thought and then go to the comments section below and post two things. First, make your statistical projection for Trevor Plouffe in 2015. Second, how would you rank the AL Central third basemen? Of course, then discuss with the rest of the Twins Daily community. Finally, check back throughout this next week as we’ll do these same things for each of the positions.

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.257/.311/.43130 doubles, 18 HR's.This is based on a decline in Plate Appearances and At Bats because I am assuming Sano will debut during the Summer and take away some time from Plouffe at 3rd base.

Yup, #1 3B in the division.


.260/.335/.430. wRC+ 115.

.257/.330/.420 (.750) with 27 doubles and 14 homers.

stringer bell
Apr 01 2015 12:09 PM

Where's Halsey?The trap has been baited.

    • SQUIRREL, ashbury, birdwatcher and 1 other like this
Apr 01 2015 12:38 PM
Plouffe hits 20 home runs in a torrid April and finishes the season with 65 :)
    • SQUIRREL, ashbury and lecroy24fan like this

I don't know that Plouffe's ceiling is much higher than what he did last year, which is pretty good but if Sano can play 3B at the MLB level I would sell high on Plouffe in a heartbeat.  Moustakas is the worst 3B in the division and the other 4 you could probably pick out of a hat, but Plouffe is the oldest.

    • GoGonzoJournal likes this

Plouffe hits 20 home runs in a torrid April and finishes the season with 26 :)

    • SQUIRREL and diehardtwinsfan like this
Halsey Hall
Apr 01 2015 02:15 PM

May 15th Poof is hitting .189 with 3 doubles and a dinger.He rides off in the sunset never to be heard from again. 

    • ashbury and birdwatcher like this

Plouffe has developed into a solid third baseman, and is not among the Twins problems.


Given health, he'll likely continue to perform at that level.

    • lecroy24fan and jimmer like this

Agree about the ranking of the teams.The Twins will have the best third baseman in the AL Central before all is said and done, but his name will be Miguel Sano.


As far as Plouffe goes, I am thinking a .280/.350/.450 line and replacing Hunter (who would be platooning with Arcia at LF) as the Twins' every day Rightfielder. 

    • Sconnie, GoGonzoJournal and jlknapp like this
Paul Pleiss
Apr 01 2015 05:51 PM

Lonnie is better than Conner. I know Lonnie has underperformed the last couple seasons, but I think 2015 will be his coming out party.

Apr 01 2015 06:36 PM

I think it would be informational to list FanGraphs.com's ZiPS and Steamer predictions on these pieces.



ZiPS - .255/.319/.426, 30 2B, 17 HR, 61 R, 71 RBI in 134 games

Steamer - .248/.314/.409, 24 2B, 15 HR, 52 R, 55 RBI in 117 games



Apr 01 2015 06:44 PM


.257/.311/.43130 doubles, 18 HR's.This is based on a decline in Plate Appearances and At Bats because I am assuming Sano will debut during the Summer and take away some time from Plouffe at 3rd base.

But Plouffe shouldn't have any problem finding at-bats playing left field. He'd be an upgrade defensively, too. Even if he has no experience in left, he'll be better than Arcia. Or he could be traded.

A few of us have commented that trevor is one of the most under-appreciated players in the game. This ranking further validates that. This Is a very weak position in baseball so to be penciling a guy in for 750 is no small feat.
    • lecroy24fan and jimmer like this
Apr 02 2015 06:51 AM

I would love for ole Fanatic Jack from Twitter to see your rankings.  His hate for Plouffe is comical, but he disappeared from Twitter last season. I hope he comes back for some entertainment.  


I am sure any of you that are on Twitter have seen a rant or two from him followed by some nice A** kissing of players like Suzuki

240 32 20  He will swing for power and take down his average.  He is the best of the worst.  This is not the strongest position in our division which is good because Trevor has trade value. Learn from Bean - trade while there is a little upside to maximize your return. 

Fan and supporter of Plouffe, but still 100% certain who he ultimately is as a ballplayer. The former top pick and top prospect has endured a lot, and put in the work and growing pains, to make himself in to a quality ML player/3B. Based on his defense as well as offense last season, top third in the league. Now improvement, or just sustainability even...that's the question. I don't doubt he can cash in doubles to crank out more homers. But what might that due to his Avg and OB? I believe he is the player he showed last season with slight improvement. And that's a good thing: .265-.272 Avg with and OB in the .330's with 32-35 doubles and 16-18 HR's. Yes, he is capable of more and I wouldn't be shocked. If the Twins won't bat Vargas in the 4 hole, would you rather see Hunter or Plouffe there?

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